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Alert: Volunteers Needed to Protect Trump Supporters at NM Trump Rally

ALERT: Security volunteers needed!

Oath Keepers, veterans, bikers, three percenters, and other capable patriots, we need your help.

Leftists are looking to “shut down” the upcoming Sept 16, 2019 Trump Rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Oath Keepers and our allies will be there to help provide volunteer security escorts for rally attendees to protect them from potential leftist violence (see below examples of violence at 2016 Trump rallies).

We have full confidence that the venue itself will be safe, but our concern is for the safety of rally attendees as they walk from their vehicles to the venue, and then as they exit the venue and return to their vehicles afterward.  There have been numerous examples of Trump supporters being attacked under those circumstances, especially as they leave a rally (see below).  Leftists have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to shut down the free speech and assembly of other Americans.  Nor do they have a right to assault people because they don’t like their politics.  We have a duty to protect our fellow Americans against such terrorism, and we will.

If you are within driving range of the Albuquerque, NM area, and you are capable of assisting with security, we need your help in keeping the rally attendees safe.  NOTE:  you do NOT have to be a member of Oath Keepers to volunteer.

To volunteer, email us at: 

Put “NM Trump Rally Security Volunteer” in the subject line.  Please provide your full name, phone number, zip code, and tell us about your prior service, training, or experience that is relevant to a security mission.  If you are a member of Oath Keepers, please include your membership number.  Please also include links to any social media profiles.   Expect to be heavily vetted.  As always, we will not accept anyone who advocates, or belongs to any group that advocates, the overthrow of the U.S. government or that discriminates along racial lines.  We also cannot use anyone who is a convicted felon.

We are looking for calm, physically capable men who can effectively protect others, while also keeping their cool under pressure.

We will be working closely with other awesome patriot groups in New Mexico, such as APIII%NM, Sons of Liberty Riders (SOLR), and Bikers for Trump of New Mexico, among others.  If you are the leader of a motorcycle club, riding club, association, or group that is interested in helping with security, please email us at the same email, but please add “Security Leader” in the subject line and tell us who you are with (we will trust you to vet your own men).

NOTE:  If you want to help, or if you simply want to attend the rally, please reserve a rally ticket ASAP by going here.   There is a distinct possibility that only rally ticket holders will be allowed inside a large event security perimeter, so please get a ticket.  Leftists are grabbing tickets as well, so they can infiltrate and disrupt the rally from within, so don’t presume you can grab a ticket last minute.

If you can’t make it in person to help, please consider making a donation to support our work.   You can donate here:


As always, our police officers and military veterans will be communicating and coordinating closely with local law enforcement so we do not get in their way while still doing our critical work of protecting rally attendees.

Rio Rancho is a more conservative suburb of Albuquerque. At the 2016 Trump rally in Albuquerque, anti-Trump leftists called for the rally to be “shut down” and then did all they could to make that happen.   They tried to force their way into the venue, and when that failed, they assaulted Trump supporters who were simply trying to walk back to their cars after the rally.  Leftists also set fires, threw rocks, glass bottles, and full soda cans at police and at their horses (injuring several officers), and, of course, flew the Mexican flag.   These videos show some of the leftist violence in Albuquerque:


Local military and law enforcement veterans who were there at the 2016 Trump rally in Albuquerque have informed us that most of the violence was instigated by radical leftists who traveled into N.M. from out of state, with local youth and street thugs then following along and taking advantage of the situation to attack police and assault rally attendees.

The rhetoric of the left has only intensified since, labeling all Trump supporters ( even if they are Hispanic or black) as “supporters of white supremacy,” “racist” and “fascist” just for wanting a secure border and wanting our immigration laws enforced.  There will be many patriotic Mexican-American Trump supporters at the Rio Rancho rally, just as at least half the crowd at the El Paso Trump rally in February were Hispanic.  That should be no surprise since New Mexico is heavily Hispanic, as is South Texas, and many of those Hispanic Americans are very patriotic and conservative.  But that reality doesn’t faze the Marxist ideology obsessed leftists who insist that to be patriotic or conservative is equivalent to being a “Nazi” or a member of the KKK, and who therefor justify shutting down the free speech of other Americans through violence.

Among the current plans to disrupt this rally that leftists have discussed online are attempting to block the roads leading to the rally venue, attempting to infiltrate the rally and disrupt it from within, and harassing and intimidating Trump supporters as they go to and from the rally (with leftists online bragging that Trump supporters are “cowards” that the leftists hope to outnumber).

For an example of the kind of physical violence we are concerned about, watch this video from the 2016 San Jose, CA Trump rally where Trump supporters were attacked as they left the rally:

That is the most common tactic of Antifa and other radical Marxists on the left – single out vulnerable individuals and attack them, either sucker-punching them or ganging up on them five or more to one, and especially as they leave an event.  Because of this reality, Oath Keepers and our allies will be there to help provide volunteer security escorts for rally attendees as they go into the rally and as they leave the rally and return to their vehicles.  We expect to do the same at other Trump rallies from now until Election Day, 2020.

It is critical that we preserve the free speech and political assembly rights of our fellow Americans.  Our republican form of government is in peril when Americans don’t feel safe to attend a political rally.   If you can help in person, please step up and volunteer by emailing us at:   If you can’t make it in person, please support those who can, and support our mission, by making a donation here:


Please also consider joining Oath Keepers to help us in our mission to preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  You do NOT have to be prior service to join.  We are all in this together!   Join here:


To be kept abreast of future calls to action and security alerts, please subscribe to our email list here: Subscribe For Updates

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


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