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Left’s Blueprint for Attacking When They Can’t Argue With Facts

Epoch Times the Latest to Face the Left’s Blueprint for Attacking When They Can’t Argue With the Facts

by Luke Rosiak  – August 26, 2019

There used to be recognition even among left-leaning journalists that there’s enough wrongdoing in Washington to go around—that there are plenty of valid stories critical of Democrats, just as there are of Republicans.

But in recent years, they’ve abandoned the biggest thrill of their profession—finding official misconduct, a scoop—in favor of trying to throw cold water on investigative stories that did not fit their agenda. This normally entails credulously repeating the claims of defense attorneys, self-interested public officials or foreign regimes, and doing it with relish.

I saw it first-hand when I exposed corruption, cyber-breaches and coverup on Capitol Hill during the 2016 election—what became the subject of my book, “Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats.”

My investigation raised issues that required urgent attention, but instead, Democrats’ reaction was crude: my reporting appeared in the conservative-leaning Daily Caller News Foundation, and somehow, they claimed, that negated the highly specific and amply documented facts presented.

The politicians involved knew better than anyone that the facts were real. But their message worked on the media: I’d spent a year investigating, yet a recent college graduate at the New York Times seemed to think one day of calls with a defense attorney connected to Hillary Clinton meant he knew the facts better than I did. He was being manipulated—and, in turn, was manipulating others.

The Epoch Times became the latest to be smeared with this playbook by NBC News this month. In fact, I saw, a specific strategy is routinely deployed to dismiss pesky facts without actually disproving them. It follows a blueprint:

  • Ad-hominem: A partisan implies that a news story is wrong because of the outlet it appeared in, without having to point to a single error.

  • Identity politics: The allegation that the wrongdoers in a story are only being pursued—without disputing their wrongdoing—because of bias such as racism, partisanship, or homophobia.

  • Straw-man: They conflate the content at issue with something entirely separate, and show that to be false. In my case, media outlets pointed to an obscure Youtuber who had latched onto the subject of my reporting as a starting point for nonsensical ramblings. They used the passive voice to cleverly make it seem like I had said things that this unemployed Youtuber had said, then debunked that. In the Epoch case, NBC blurred bona fide FBI corruption with the conspiracy “Q-anon.”

  • Ignore: A willful incuriosity on the part of the legacy media. The nature of investigative reporting is that proof is not in plain view. But when the topic doesn’t fit the pre-existing narrative, they choose not to look into objectively curious circumstances, then say they have seen no proof.

  • Guilt by association: Since the liberal media has ignored the reporting, the only people sharing it will be conservatives. Then they diminish reporting by saying that it is “popular with” or shared by Republicans, as if that makes it untrue.

  • Complicated: Eventually, a significant mass of reporting accumulates, and since it has been ignored instead of being digested in real-time on the national news, it becomes a lot for latecomers to catch up with. When it gets threatening enough, “fact-checking” journalists swoop in, summarize the basic premise incorrectly, and demand that the entire case be argued in one sentence. Then they dismiss it as “complicated” or “confusing”—as if not bothering to take the time to assess facts means they’re wrong.

  • Government stenographer: The media resigns itself to the role of court clerk, simply transcribing criminal convictions. No criminal conviction means nothing happened. But throughout history, the best journalists have exposed wrongdoing that authorities had failed to address, spurring important reforms. And what happens when the subject of the reporting is misconduct by those government investigators themselves?

These factors culminate in the legacy media’s favorite new smear: “conspiracy theory.”

When you’re a reporter on the wrong side of it—pursuing truth in the face of coverup—it can be lonely.

Photo credit: The NBC News logo is affixed to the corner of 10 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC’s today show studio in New York City in this file photo. (Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

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