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Confusion in the Ranks – Nationalist vs. Supremacist

From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:

I have to put this out there. As a Veteran and an Oath Keeper, quit letting the Media confuse the people. While I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and I believe in States Rights,

I am a Nationalist in the sense that I believe the United States is in fact the best country in the world. I am not a white nationalist, nor a black nationalist, Hispanic nationalist or any other ethnic group out there. Just a believer that we don’t need to be under the guidelines of the United Nations, nor under International law.

We are a sovereign country with our own set of laws.

The trend lately has been to switch the word Supremacy to Nationalist. So now instead of White or Black Supremacy, they changed the word to Nationalist. White Nationalist to be exact. Nationalist means someone who believes in their nation, and believes we are the best nation to live in. Supremacy means someone who thinks they are better because of their race. The media has done a good job conflicting the two. Much in the same way they took the term semi-auto and changed it to assault weapon over the years, and now when people hear semi-auto they think assault weapon.

I have had the privilege over the years of traveling to many nations. I’ve been to the Middle East, I’ve been to Europe, I’ve been to Central and South America. I know for a fact, we were blessed to have been born in this Nation and we are in-fact, the Best Nation on Earth. We have more freedom than many of these other nations.

Because I believe we were fortunate to have been born and raised here in the United States, that makes me a Nationalist in that regards. I don’t think my race has anything to do with it. Period. I am not a far right wing extremist. I am a Conservative who believes we all have the same rights and privileges here in the United States regardless of race or ethnicity.

That is the beauty of being in this great country. Anyone who strives for a better way of life can achieve it. They can’t do that in many of these other countries.

The Media has been so effective in controlling what and how people think, that by a simple word change, they have made it a bad thing to be proud of the country we live in. These people are globalist, and they are trying to lay the path for International law and a globally led government. So any one who is a Nationalist is labeled bad because we feel that we shouldn’t let the global government have control of this nation, By sticking the word white in front of it, this has allowed them to brand us as something we are not.

Think about that real hard as you let the media manipulate the narrative. They’ve done a good job so far haven’t they? U.N. Global Agenda 2030 is real and they want their global government in charge. So they have to get the United States in line with their policies, one way or another. The one world government is upon us and We, the People of the United States are the only ones left to bring inline with their globalist goals.

But as I have said many times over and over, I’m just a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What do I know?

Best Regards and God Bless,
Robert E. Poynter






  1. Na·tion·al·ist
    1. a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations: “he was a staunch nationalist during his 22 years in power”
    1. relating to nationalists or nationalism: “a nationalist movement”

    I am a Nationalist. The definition specifically defines it as “a person”. It does not say a white person, black person, red person, yellow person, or brown person. It says “a person”. Only the enemies of a free Republic would attempt to attach one particular race to its meaning to try and make it divisive so as to destroy it.

    “A nation divided can not stand”. It’s that simple. So simple, a child could under stand it. Merriam-Webster goes on to define it as “loyalty and devotion to a nation”. Semper Paratus “Always ready”. What we got here is a valid and just reason why we, as Americans can swear no oath or allegiance to the UN or any other League of Nations pact. Wake Up Americans. Truth is liberty. And truth will keep you free.

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