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Student Attacked for Conservative Activism at Bentley University

The student was collecting signatures to bring a FOX News host to campus. What a crime.

Posted by    Sunday, July 14, 2019

The College Fix reports:

Bentley University student attacked for conservative activism

A conservative student was assaulted while gathering signatures for a Fox News host to come to his campus. The attack occurred earlier this year and is only just coming to light.

In a video posted to Twitter by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk Monday, Bentley University College Republicans President Alex Christoffersen is seen being assaulted by an unidentified individual who tells him “you should be scared for your safety.”

The video, filmed by Christoffersen, appears to show the young activist getting shoved by a fellow student after an exchange of words. Christoffersen was seated at a table gathering signatures for a petition to bring Fox host Tomi Lahren to campus.

Breitbart News reports that the assailant told police that he “felt very disrespected” because Christoffersen’s table featured decorations of President Trump.

Attribution:Legal Insurrection





  1. What these students don’t understand is, no where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say you have the “Right Not to Be Offended” It isn’t here and never has been so the buttercup liberals need to suck it up and move on

  2. Antifa is a domestic terror organization. When do we, the defenders of our constitution, confront these anarchists? We need to stand up in their liberal strongholds, such as a march in Portland Oregon. Let’s see how many masked cowards confront American Patriots, sworn to defend our constitution with any means necessary!

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