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David Knight interviews Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes


Stewart Rhodes,, joins David Knight live in studio to look at the threats posed by unconstitutional claims of judicial supremacy & the Antifa campaign of violence for political purposes (i.e. terrorism)


David Knight interviews Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes


Video part one:


Video part two:






  1. Another excellent interview, Stewart! It’s amazing to me that so many people overlook how many in Congress continually denied a crisis at the southern border, for decades, then suddenly flip and use the crisis to beat POTUS over the head.

    On another note, the next few years are going to be critical to this country–Trump’s having difficulty enacting ANY of the promises made to the American people, regarding immigration/the border. I do think if this is not solved, it will be the death of America as we know it. Do we re-elect him? Or take our chances on another candidate who likely will not have his drive, his seemingly endless energy and single-mindedness? Or worse yet–a Democrat winning the election!

    At any rate, I knew going in that voting him into office was a risk, but felt it was one we had to take, and there was STILL a high chance it wouldn’t work. Hard to remain patient! Anyway, thank you Stewart, good to see you and David together again!

  2. Watched all off both videos. Great stuff. Very educational for me. Hope our commander-in-chief is listening and considering.

  3. Good interview, Stewart!

    I agree with your suggestion for President Trump to defend our borders with the US Military, although I believe constitutionally that he must use the Militia first. Why? Because he can call up and use the military to assist the Militia at that border since we are being invaded. [Immigration laws for our country exist and must be followed or else this is an invasion of illegal people, many armed and dangerous.]

    Start with the Militia [Most of Oathkeepers are Militia of the several states having been trained as the Congress requires the military to be trained, knowledgeable of the US Constitution], 3% – if any left also have many properly trained, etc so the Militia of the several states are there to be called upon. Then, if/when needed, bring out the military, because when the Militia is used first, it will either die down or ramp up, and a ramp up requires military to defend from the invasion.

    FYI, how many of you here understand that those who serve within our governments at all levels are constitutionally required to take an Oath, that no person/people serving within a branch or named office within a branch has the authority over the US Constitution to say an Oath is no longer required without an Amendment to the US Constitution?

    Additionally consider this, how can any avowed Socialist, Nazi, Communist, etc serve within our government at any level LAWFULLY because they cannot take, and KEEP the Oath requiring them to “support and defend” the US Constitution and keep it? As I see it they cannot. How can any with dual citizenship, divided loyalties serve within our governments?

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