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Oath Keepers Meet & Fall in Love with Katie Hopkins!

by Chip Murray –  June 21, 2019

On Wednesday, June 19, NY Oath Keepers Matt and Chip met up with CT Oath Keepers Dana and Brian to attend a talk, “The Islamization of Western Civilization”, given by British freedom fighter, columnist, and best-selling author Katie Hopkins. The location in Cromwell was kept a secret until the morning of the event for her safety sake.

She literally covered a great deal of ground in describing the Orwellian horror that has become her home in the UK, and the rest of Europe as well as her work in South Africa where the white farmers are being driven off their land, brutalized and murdered. She actually made arrangements to live with one of these targeted families so she could know and explain what it was like to experience what they are going through. The stories she shared from both continents were absolutely heart-wrenching.

The event organized by a wonderful patriot, Jane Bate of Act4America. Jeff Epstein, a former counter-terrorism analyst, served as the evening’s emcee. The gathering was attended by a large contingent of patriotic Americans from the region

It was amazing to behold Katie Hopkins. A petite frame of a woman, who takes on the savage beast equipped only with a blend of grace, wit, humor, and charm that is beyond irresistible. She had us crying and laughing simultaneously as she took us on the journey across our besieged Western Civilization through her courageous eyes.

It was not all doom and gloom though as Katie closed on a comical “We Will Prevail” guarantee, backed by the self-evident absurdity of burqa-clad women attempting to enjoy spaghetti and meatballs through the veiled bars of their own self-imposed prisons in Trafalgar Square. God, what a refreshingly funny woman she is. No wonder she is such a threat to them. The Left has no sense of humor.



Jeff Epstein concluded with a request for attendees to contribute to a vital mission – a non-profit organization, called Healing the Wounds (HTW), that was chartered to help the children of our nation’s fallen heroes in law-enforcement and the military. Their program is supported by HTW Board Member and Discovery / History Channel Star Captain Mykel Hawke, Green Beret (Ret.). After all, these children are America’s future and clearly deserve our support . Please visit their website at:





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