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Oath Keepers 10th Anniversary – Stewart Rhodes – Livestream Video

 Livestream video by Stewart Rhodes, celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Oath Keepers, where we have been, and where we are going. What the future holds for our country and Oath Keepers.

Please click on the photo to start the video:

Oath Keepers 10th Anniversary - Stewart Rhodes - Livestream Video
Oath Keepers 10th Anniversary - Stewart Rhodes - Livestream Video
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  1. Good to see the live stream. We need to hear more from bother Stewart. Diversify the platform; not all of us use or want to use FB. There are others out that that aren’t killing free speech by the hour.

    There is so much to do and so little time. You are right Stewart, many have given up on politics and are just getting ready for the fight. When the republics allow the socialists to steal elections from them on national TV, they don’t deserve to win… We know they don’t have the spine to govern. Not all but most.

    Help us organize the argument for the Constitutional, local Militias. We need more direction and empowerment like this. I’ll say this with all the respect and affection I have; the leadership of this site should be carrying this same message as Stewart. All of us must speak with one voice, one goal. We, and especially the leadership of this site, must be able to articulate the mission with passion and conviction. Where are your on-boarding processes? What’s your retention plan? How do you plan to drive membership and bring awareness to the mission?

    I get it that we must do for ourselves, and we should… Don’t wait for some one to tell you what to do. You joined to affirm your Oath; do it. Start researching. Start training. Become active where and how you can, even if it’s just a little. You feel that pull? It’s the pull of the freedom our forefathers through the greatest generation left you in your DNA. Feed it.

    Jim #40902

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