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Help support Oath Keepers by booking with Travel Smiles!

Book your air-fare, hotel or rental car through and Oath Keepers will get 50% of the booking fee! (with no money out of your pocket – our share comes from  You get great discount prices not available to the general public, and you also help fund our defense of the Constitution – a true win-win.  

See below for details: 

Dear Fellow Oath Keepers, supporters, relatives, and friends ~

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with (owned by great American patriots) to create a residual form of income to help us carry out our mission at Oath Keepers! We have had a very active 10 years so far, and are only limited by available funds.

We have done so many good things, but among them are:  we have stood up in defense of Americans lives, liberty, and property across the nation, on many occasions, including facing off in the streets in direct opposition to Antifa and protecting speakers and audiences at free speech rallies, such as in Berkeley (twice), Portland, Boston, Dallas,  Washington D.C.  and many other locations nationwide where conservative speakers were threatened by the violent anti-free speech, far-left thugs of Antifa.  We also did vital hurricane disaster relief in Texas, Florida (twice), Puerto Rico, and North Carolina, and flood relief in Nebraska and South Dakota.

In each case our help was requested and we answered the call.  In many of those disaster relief situations we directly defended communities against looters and helped organize the locals into effective neighborhood watches to secure their own communities, with official sanction from local town leaders or community leaders.  We also escorted medial teams, provided direct medical aid, delivered food, water, and assisted in restoring power.

Most recently, we have also been boots on the ground on the Southern U.S. border with Mexico, including in California and Texas, helping spot and report illegal aliens for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and we are now helping to train up neighborhood watches, church security teams, and sheriff posses nationwide, along with helping organize grassroots patriots down at the county level.   This is important work in restoring our Republic, and we are only limited by our funding.

That’s where Travel Smiles comes in!


Travel Smiles is a Venture Philanthropy company established for the express purpose of assisting non-profit organizations like ours boost our bottom line. The concept is simple, yet ingenious! Our friends at have developed a state of the art Online Travel Agency (OTA) booking engine that takes 50% of the booking fee revenue from over 800,000 hotels, airlines and rental car companies world-wide and gives it directly to us.

We get special discounted Closed User Group (CUG) rates not available to the general public. All you have to do is go to and sign up at no cost to you. There are NO strings attached, NO gimmicks, NO commitments, NO gotchas, NO nothing. Period!  

All you have to do is follow the written instructions below:

1. Go to  First time users should go to the “Sign Up” link in the far upper right hand corner of the website.   Here you will enter your name, email address and create a password.  A confirmation code will be emailed to you.  Go retrieve it from your email (copy and paste is fine) and enter it.   Now you are registered (signing up on Travel Smiles costs you nothing).

2. After you have registered, on the home page, click on the blue “Select Your Charity” button directly below the “booking” window.   You will then be asked to enter your name and email address.  Then click on “Select your charity” and a pop up window will show a field for “street address”.  Just ignore that auto-generated language and type in “Oath Keepers” into the search box.  When you start typing “Oath Keepers” the predictive text of our organization’s name will pop up (it will auto-populate), along with “Las Vegas, NV” in a green block.  Simply click on that, and it will then show “Oath Keepers” as your selected charity. Then simply click on the “Sign Up and Give” button and you are now all set.  From then on, all the bookings for air-fare, hotels, or rental cars you complete through will credit 50% of the booking fees directly to us, at no cost to you.

3. Remember: Every time you sign in to search for air travel, to book a room, or a rental car, make sure you click the “Member Rates” link just above the “booking” window photo first. This will ensure that you receive the special CUG (Closed User Group) rates which are “members only” discounted rates that are not available to the general public.

How big can this be for our organization, you ask? Consider this: at Oath Keepers, we have thousands of supporters who “like” us and follow us at our various Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If each of these supporters booked only one 2 night stay at a hotel each year (with an average $10/night booking fee share going to Oath Keepers), it would generate game-changing significant income that will exponentially help us carry out our mission.

Please go to and register today. There is a short three-minute video near the bottom of the page that succinctly explains everything. Then start booking because when you BOOK, Travel Smiles GIVES, and Oath Keepers SMILES, because that helps fund our defense of the Constitution and the God-given rights of the American people.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

PS – Note from Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers:   I travel all the time, and I’d rather that Oath Keepers benefit from that travel than left wing causes, which is what the other major booking sites donate to (such as donating to Planned Parenthood).  Why give the far left your money?  I won’t!  From now on, I’ll use Travel Smiles for my air-fare, rental car, and hotel bookings, and Oath Keepers will benefit.  If you do likewise, it will fund our mission like never before.   It’s time for constitutionalists to make sure their air-travel, hotel, and rental car reservations only benefits constitutionalist causes, rather than anti-constitutionalist causes.  Don’t you think?  Travel Smiles can make that happen.






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