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Dinesh D’Souza: Will conservatives be banned from banks & airlines too?

Dinesh D’Souza
Published on May 4, 2019

How stupid are the digital censors?

Stupid enough to consider a famous quotation by Emerson to be “dangerous” speech.






  1. Let’s discuss “big and powerful companies” that exist within the USA, receive US dollars, may or may not have brick and mortor establishments here for that stated existence.

    In THIS country, our type of government is a constitutional republic. The US Constitution not only sets up how our government is, but requires an Oath of a all who serve within government in any way to “support and defend” that document before the orders of superiors and the duties of the position being served within. Each state’s constitution does the same (with setting up state government).

    When a corporation, etc is here in the USA, or sells here in the USA, it MUST, for those actions within this country follow the SUPREME LAW of this land. Many forget that the US Constitution is the supreme law. More do not even know that the Declaration of Independence is the 1st statute, another law. When they try to limit speech which is by supreme LAW protected charges can be, and should be brought per our stated way of governance against that corporation, large business, etc because by those actions they are breaking the law.

    Those things should be taught (required teaching) for all taught in this nation – home schooled or public.

    Those required to take the Oath must at the same time, or within 24 hours or so, start being taught the meaning of the Oath, what is required of the oathtaker. That is how we will have, and keep, our independence, our freedom (much of what has been lost through this ignorance), free and open speech, etc. I know a lot of Oathtakers, few understand the requirements of them by that Oath. It is to the document(s), not to any person, office, etc.

    The Oath’s requirement to “support and defend” it from enemies both domestic and foreign comes before anything else. That/those actions that might be needed come before the orders of superiors, before the duties of the position occupied by the Oathtaker. That was done to make sure that all who serve within our government would be there to stop treason from domestic enemies, and any type of outside attacks on our constitutional republic.

  2. The comments from Dinesh D’Souza are spot-on. Now that instant worldwide communication is so easy, it is being exploited to push the fringe into the mainstream. The next step is to erode and marginalize those who don’t agree with the fringe. Banks, airlines, businesses in general are being pressured to stifle access to goods and services based upon some group deciding to qualify your social justice position. Who the hell do they think they are? What gives them the right? Facebook and other social media platforms were the first domino.

    When working in a foreign country I was asked by colleagues to get a Facebook account at a time it was starting to get popular. I did so and discovered that I had new “Friends” requests from many people I really didn’t know. Indeed, there were posts that were in languages I could not read. This concerned me and I ended my involvement after a few months even though I had “Real Friends” on the site. My concern then was that I didn’t know what was being posted on my FB page under their name. Who really were these people who wanted to connect themselves vicariously through my real friends?

    That was when I discovered that your FB account could not be deleted but only “suspended”. I think that has changed since. Point is that I exposed myself and after realizing the potential consequences, I dropped out. That was over ten years ago. I have not been a fan of FB, nor Twitter, nor Instagram ever since. My other family members are all linked up with the popular social media, but my wife and I are not. If family/friends want to get hold of us, then you make a phone call or send a text/email.

    Sometimes I go to a site and see that in order to browse or get into the site I must sign up. Many of those sites allow you to sign in with Facebook, or some other social media site, or I must give them my email and become a member. Mostly I just move on somewhere else.
    Looking for sites where there is real freedom of speech is a land-mined environment since most have prohibited speech requirements. It is troublesome to me that freedom of expression, even what is termed to be objectionable or “hate” speech, is restricted.
    Communication involves a transmitter and a receiver. Your brain takes data and filters the information and forms a response or action or opinion. The only filter that really matters “for me”, “is me”. Your mileage may vary.

    Surely the site creators have the right to set the posting standards for their site as it is my right to move on to another site. I could, I suppose, launch my own website where anyone can post any kind of speech. However, the carriers of such a site would also have restrictions. Even getting entrepreneurial capital for developing the site would face restrictions based upon the content. Who would bankroll such?

    I’m not that savvy nor am I wealthy enough to do so, but I think it would be interesting and comfortable for such a site to exist. Is that a Libertarian idea? To have a place where all speech, including vile, hateful speech is allowed?

    I get it that one should not cry “fire” in a crowded theater. That’s dangerous…if it is not true. Do I have to smell the smoke? Do I have to see the flames or feel the heat? Is the word “Fire” enough? Probably so. If it happens, my first reaction is going to be to get out. Stampede to the Exit!

    In the US today, labeling people or their actions as “Hate” or “Hateful” is commonplace in speech and print and other media. You are bombarded with the word from journalists, social justice warriors, celebrities, TV pundits, political parties, academicians, religious leaders… the list exhaustive. The label is freely attached by them to anyone who holds a differing view or opinion. This is to believe that it is everywhere and in most people.
    Isn’t crying out “Hate” in a crowded environment not also as dangerous as crying “Fire”? Hate is a far more difficult thing to identify. No heat, flame or smoke with Hate. Will you call it such without evidence or is the shouted word itself enough?

    Calling me racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, gun-nut, militant, alt-right, deplorable, right-wing, sexist, misogynist, outdated, old-fashioned, out of touch, radical, war-monger, yada-yada-yada…. It means nothing. I have reached the point of immunity from such “slings and arrows”. Deafness. I have gotten another horse to ride instead of the dead horse they continue to beat.

    Public institutions and businesses should not be weaponized to push out dissenting opinions based upon a capricious social justice filtering. It is especially troubling since so many of these are government regulated. They should not discriminate and should allow all of WE THE PEOPLE to be served equitably.

    Find alternatives to these just as you can find alternatives to the likes of FB. I would rather be at a site that allows the fringe comments from either extreme rather than ones that discriminate against one side.
    Ranting done, I’m Out.

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