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Sen. Tom Cotton Calls for SPLC to Lose Tax-Exempt Status

Phillip Stucky  –  04/02/2019

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton laid out his plan to end the tax-exempt status of the Southern Poverty Law Center, during a Tuesday interview with Tucker Carlson.


The non-profit recently had to replace its CEO for “inappropriate conduct,” according to a report from CNN. In addition to the recent workplace difficulties, the Center also parks a significant portion of its funds and endowment in overseas markets, a fact that Cotton asserted was the reason it earned an “F” rating from Charity Watch. (RELATED: ‘Highly Profitable Scam’: Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Ripping Off Donors,’ Former Staffer Says)

“I don’t know many charities that send their endowment overseas. Charity Watch gives them an F rating. They have become a hate group themselves and use that to stigmatize opponents. There are plenty of groups on the left I don’t agree with, but I don’t stigmatize them as a hate group and peddle that to CNN and the New York Times,” Cotton began.

After calling on Congress to investigate them, Cotton then exclaimed, “Talk about misusing funds! The founder was paid $400,000 a year. They do nothing other than sexually harass young women working in the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Cotton sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requesting that auditors re-asses the group’s tax-exempt status because of the group’s multiple alleged transgressions.

“The letter I sent today is just the first step I am taking to get the IRS focussed on this serious problem. A so-called charity that has racism and sexual discrimination problems. It’s using that money to target political opponents. That’s not what American taxpayers are subsidizing with tax-exempt status. Not to sexually harass every woman in your office and discriminate against migrants,” Cotton continued.

Cotton’s letter to the IRS urges the government no longer to support a group that, in his opinion, attacks political opponents with ease.






  1. And the ACLU, league of women voters, every teachers union, every public sector inion, every private sector union, the list goes on and on, the fraud is that 98% of all left wing so called non profits are actually paid political arms of the communist, socialist, democratic party.

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