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Our Newest Grand Prize Winners With Their Prizes!

All three grand prize winners have been contacted, have replied, and have received their prizes. The firearms went directly from our FFL to the FFL chosen by the winners. The 2nd place prizes will take a little longer and that was stated in the facebook and Instagram livestream where our National Vice President, Billy Simmons, announced the winners. The Liberty Tree grand prize also included backpacks, camping/bug-out equipment, freeze tried food, etc. which will also be shipped soon.

Here are the photos of our three grand prize winners:


Our Newest Grand Prize Winners With Their Prizes!

Lifetime Member Troy Rejda of Missouri with his new Custom Colt 1911


Our Newest Grand Prize Winners With Their Prizes!

Liberty Tree Member Jason Ottersberg of Wyoming with his new Ruger X-22 Backpacker

(The bug-out and survival gear included in the Liberty Tree Grand Prize will be shipped separately.)


Our Newest Grand Prize Winners With Their Prizes!

Annual Member Ricky DeLuco of Florida with his new Custom Glock 19


Thank you to these winners for contacting us right away, so we could get the prizes to them right away.

Thank you also to everyone who participated in the membership drive. You are all much appreciated.

Below is the livestream video announcement of the winners if you haven’t seen it yet.


Posted by Oath Keepers on Saturday, April 20, 2019





  1. I would like to Renew My Wife and Myselfs Dues and I will be in touch with You Soon! GOD BLESS AMERICA We Cannot Let Our Constitution Get Taken Away at all Costs!!

  2. Hello all,

    I just opened the box that Billy Simmons sent from the recent membership contest. Outstanding stuff! I mean, OUTSTANDING STUFF! HooWah! Hell man, you made me up my membership and bring in an active duty Marine… OK, was going to do that anyway, and brother Joe couldn’t wait to join after I told him who Oath Keepers were and why the organization exists.

    Anyway, thank you very much. I want to see the mission of this organization succeed and bring awareness to the cause, and drive membership in Michigan; everywhere for that matter. We need to speak loudly, confidently, and with convection. Go watch a couple of Stewart Rhodes’ speeches. Watch the one on home page. Is it time to do more than watch and complain?

    Thanks again,


  3. Fellow Oathkeepers;

    Well Santa brought an early Xmas via Billy Simmons and as Jim M. puts it OUTSTANDING GEAR !!!
    Bug out gear pack filled with the best gear and 32 lbs. of it.

    For God and Country

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