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Grand Prize Winners & Livestream Video Announcement


The happy winners of the three grand prizes have been contacted, and all three have responded. We are making arrangements for the grand prizes to be sent from our FFL to the each winner’s FFL.


The Winner of the First Place Prize for Lifetime Members is:

Troy Rejda in Missouri!

Grand Prize Winners & Livestream Video Announcement


The Winner of the First Place Prize for Liberty Tree members is:

Jason Ottersberg in Wyoming!

Grand Prize Winners & Livestream Video Announcement
Liberty Tree – Ruger X-22 Backpacker

The Liberty Tree first place prize also included:

Two black tactical backpacks with built-in sub frame. Included in the backpacks will be a total of:

One four man tent, a light for the tent, two camping chairs, two sleeping bags with mats and pillows, two camping chairs, camping table-setting for four, two mess kits, two flashlights, two Swiss Army knives, one hatchet, two mylar blankets, 2-1200 calorie food bars, emergency water purification straws, gravity fed water purification system, water purification tablets, first aid kits, playing cards, magnesium fire-starters, 2 sewing kits, glow sticks, 2 credit card knives, 2 tooth brushes, 2 toothpaste, 2 pouches of water, waterproof matches, 2 waterproof ponchos, 30′ rope, memo pad and pencil, lots of freeze dried food, and also some MRE’s.


The Winner of the First Place Prize for Annual Members is:

Ricky DeLuco in Florida!

Grand Prize Winners & Livestream Video Announcement
Annual – Custom Glock 19


Saturday, April 20 livestream video announcement of the lucky winners!

There will be more information on the 2nd place winners soon, and it will be posted here on the website. Oath Keepers VP Billy Simmons announces the winners.

Posted by Oath Keepers on Saturday, April 20, 2019





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  1. Trump just announced at the NRA meeting, that he is getting the US out of the UN Small Arms Treaty. He is telling the UN to take a hike. This is the best news I have heard in a Blue Moon. If you will recall, it was O’Bummer who signed us into it back around 2014 or so. But it has never been fully ratified. Not enough rats, I reckon ! Now all he has to do is tell them to get out of the USA altogether. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t getting around to doing that.

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