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Conservative leaders urge tech giants to cut ties with SPLC

By Frank Miles  –  4/4/2019

Conservative leaders urge media: Stop citing SPLC

Following the firing of a Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder amid accusations of harboring a sexist and fostering a racist workplace culture, conservative leaders are calling for tech giants to end partnerships with the organization.

The leaders are asking the largest technology platforms – Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter – to cut off the SPLC, which touts itself as the nation’s hate watchdog.

“It is now clear that the SPLC has proven to be a hate-filled, anti-Christian, anti-conservative organization and nothing more than a weapon of the radical left, whose goal is to bully people into compliance with their ideology,” the leaders’ letter says.

In recent years, the center has drawn criticism from Republicans and conservatives who have accused the SPLC of unfairly labeling people and groups with conservative viewpoints as bigots. Republican lawmakers have also questioned the working relationship between the SPLC and the FBI.

The organization fired co-founder Morris Dees last month.

Attribution:FOX NEWS




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