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5 Days to Join or Renew Liberty Tree Membership for Drawings

Liberty Tree Membership Drive: Join Now
and Win Ruger X-22 Backpacker
and Survival Gear Package

Join Oath Keepers now as a Sustaining Liberty Tree Member at the current low rate, and you will have a chance to win an awesome Ruger X-22 Backpacker (perfect for survival), and a full compliment of survival gear. NOTE: If you are a current Liberty Tree Member, you will be in the running for the prizes, and if your Liberty Tree Membership has expired, all you need to do is sign back up.

All who join as a Sustaining Liberty Tree Member from now thru April 19, 2019, will be in the running for the prizes, and will be locked in at the low rate of $7.00 per month (automatically renewing each year, at $7.00 per month, unless there is a interruption in payment on your end). Our monthly minimum rate for Liberty Tree members will be raised to $10.00 per month after April 19, 2019, so join now at the lower rate.

For even more savings, if you pay the first year of your Liberty Tree Sustaining Membership up-front, in full now, you will receive two months free off of your membership. This savings will renew each year at the current low rate, getting you twelve months for the price of ten so long as your membership is current.   Go here to to sign up, and click on the option to pay up front for the year.

NOTE: If you are a current annual member and want to upgrade to Liberty Tree Sustaining, all you need to do is go to the membership page and click on Liberty Tree Sustaining (either monthly or paying for a year up-front) and then enter your payment information and process the payment. Your membership number will not change. Once you do that, our system will upgrade your membership.


1. A Ruger X-22 Backpacker

5 Days to Join or Renew Liberty Tree Membership for Drawings
X-22 Backpacker disassembled

2.  TWO fully stocked 72 hour bug-out bags, chock full of survival gear.

Two black tactical backpacks with built-in sub frame.

Included in the backpacks will be a total of:

One four man tent, a light for the tent, two camping chairs, two sleeping bags with mats and pillows, two camping chairs, camping table-setting for four, two mess kits, two flashlights, two Swiss Army knives, one hatchet, two mylar blankets, 2-1200 calorie food bars, emergency water purification straws, gravity fed water purification system, water purification tablets, first aid kits, playing cards, magnesium fire-starters, 2 sewing kits, glow sticks, 2 credit card knives, 2 tooth brushes, 2 toothpaste, 2 pouches of water, waterproof matches, 2 waterproof ponchos, 30′ rope, memo pad and pencil, and MRE’s.

5 Days to Join or Renew Liberty Tree Membership for Drawings

3.  Also included in the 1st prize is a 60 day supply of freeze-dried survival food.

Total estimated retail value of $1,500



Two years of Liberty Tree Sustaining Membership

One fully stocked 72 hour bug-out bag, chock full of survival gear, similar to the ones above. (The main differences are single items, a smaller tent and no camping chairs.)


THIS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE EXPIRES APRIL 19, 2019 (our ten year anniversary). Join now to take advantage of the savings and have a chance to win. Drawing will be held live on Facebook livestream on April 20, 2019.

All winners will also receive a DVD of the documentary, Good Guys With Guns, a James Jaeger film. Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes is in the movie and it was produced in association with Oath Keepers.

5 Days to Join or Renew Liberty Tree Membership for Drawings


Liberty Tree Sustaining Members have the following special benefits:

  1. A 5% discount on store merchandise and 5% off all convention and training fees
  2. Automatically in the running for exclusive Liberty Tree drawings for awesome prizes throughout the year as a thank you to our Liberty Tree Sustaining members (from now on we will conduct Liberty Tree only drawings, as well as Lifetime Member only drawings, in addition to any other drawings we do).
  3. Liberty Tree Member-only national webinars, meet ups, and meet-and-greets at our conventions and other special events.

By signing up as a Liberty Tree Sustaining Member, you not only get all of the above benefits, but you also help keep this organization going strong every month, which helps us to add new features to our website, including improved IT and member communications, as well as training opportunities with our Spartan and Sentinel training programs (which are being developed now), and your sustaining support helps us with all of our operations, including disaster relief.

We appreciate your support!

God bless,

Oath Keepers

* No purchase necessary. See rules for details.




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