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URGENT! We need donations to support our Midwest Flood Disaster Relief Teams!

UPDATE – March 29: There is still a need for drinking water, food, and basic supplies in some flood damaged areas. Please support our efforts to locate and/or purchase, then deliver, basic supplies as needed. 

Oath Keepers are on the ground in the Midwest, doing vital flood disaster relief. We are delivering food, water, medical, and other essential supplies to flood survivors and refugees. We are also providing security escorts for relief workers and supply convoys. We need your support! Every little bit helps, so please donate.


We are now operating in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa, and will likely be moving into Kansas, Missouri and other states as the flooding spreads. Our fellow Americans need our help, and we are answering the call. Please help us help them.

We still need volunteers! More than ever. We need boots on the ground both for rescue/disaster relief, and also for security teams to escort first responders and relief convoys. We know from our extensive experience in disaster relief after five hurricanes that bad guys can, and will, take advantage of the emergency to prey on people, including disaster relief workers and relief supply convoys. It happens. And we have the unique skill-sets among our membership of current-serving and retired military and police to provide the escort teams to keep them safe.

We are working closely with local community leaders and first responders. For example, we were most recently contacted by the Pine Crest Indian Reservation in Pine Crest, South Dakota, with an urgent request for clean water, as their water system was down due to severe flooding. We delivered two truck-loads of bottled water last night (purchased with your donations), and we will will be delivering our portable water purification system (which we have used in past hurricanes and floods) that we are bringing in from Florida. Oath Keepers volunteers will set up the water purification system and will run it for the tribe, while they need it (until they get their system back up or otherwise have enough water, at which point we will move it to another community in need).

All the communities we are helping appreciate the extra manpower, the relief supplies, and our expertise. But we can only keep going so long as we have sufficient financial support from patriots like you. We need to cover our teams’ expenses, especially fuel and food, as well as purchasing critical relief supplies, such as baby items, food, water, medical supplies, personal hygiene items, etc. (what is always needed after a flood).

Due to so many roads and bridges being out, we often have to take long detours to reach our destination. Our volunteers work long hours, and we truly appreciate all their hard work. If you can make it there to help, please do show up. Go to our Call to Action for the details you will need.

Most of us can’t physically be in Nebraska to help out, but if we each send in a few dollars, we can support the mission and our volunteers. Your donations will allow us to continue our vital work and expand our efforts. The need is definitely there. Thank you for considering a donation.


The video below gives a good view of the current situation in Nebraska and neighboring states. So many losses. People. Pets. Homes. Family Treasures. Businesses. Livestock. Crops. Trees. Power Lines. Water and sewer lines. Roads. Bridges. Railroad Tracks. Levees. Schools. Cars. Trucks. Buses. And the list goes on…


If you can come to the Midwest to help, the info you will need is in our Call to Action. If not please help us keep our volunteers supplied.





  1. Donation made. I am proud to be one in a group that has many that give their time to help fellow Americans. Thank you to Oathkeepers and thank you to every volunteer that is there helping out.

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