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URGENT! Need Military and Police Volunteers for Security Escorts in Midwest Flood Relief

Oath Keepers and patriots, we have an urgent need for current serving or former law enforcement and military personnel (or trained security personnel) to step up and help us provide critical security escorts for relief workers and relief supply convoys/distribution vehicles and centers in the Midwest flood relief areas.  

We know from our extensive experience in disaster relief (five hurricanes, and several past floods) that bad guys can and WILL take advantage of an emergency to prey on relief workers and attempt to rob or steal from disaster relief supply vehicles and aid distribution centers. We want to get ahead of this problem now, in anticipation of the same thing happening in the wake of the floods in the Midwest.

You DO NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer for this.  But you do need to be current or former LEO or military (with appropriate training), or someone with comparable, formal security training and experience.   You also cannot be a felon, dishonorably discharged, or otherwise disqualified from owning or possessing firearms.  Nor can we use anyone who has any sex offender history, of any kind, even if a misdemeanor.   Whether or not you are an Oath Keepers member, you need to accept that you will be under Oath Keepers leadership for this operation.

If you cannot make it yourself, please donate to support those who can!   You can donate here:


For the security operation, you will need to comply with all federal, state, and local firearms laws. This is an armed detail (see below for details), but we will be scrupulously legal, and also very low-key and professional, with handguns preferably concealed only, and long guns staying in vehicles unless truly needed.  All of that should go without saying, but we still need to say it.

To volunteer, email us at:   

You must include the following information in that email:

Full legal name

Phone number

Home address

A copy of your current drivers license (that is mandatory)

Tell us your military, law enforcement or security experience (feel free to attach any ID or certifications you want to verify your experience and training – that is not essential but preferred)

A copy of your CCW if you have one.   

If you have social media accounts, please provide direct links to them.  We WILL be doing background checks on all security volunteers, no exceptions.   Email all of that info to:

Description of your vehicle, and your license plate number.

NOTE:  You will need a four wheel drive vehicle to go into the field relief operational areas (and preferably a high clearance vehicle).   If you don’t have such a vehicle, we would still love to have you as a volunteer, but we will have to pair you up with someone who has a four wheel drive vehicle or we will assign you a position in a place that is not in the flood zone.

Please understand that if you bring your vehicle into the operational area, you assume all responsibility for it.  If you can’t deal with that, don’t bring it.

Please try to send it all in one email!   Again, send it to:

Thank you.

See below for recommended gear.

NOTE:   If you are not security, LEO, or military, we can still use volunteers for our general disaster relief effort.   You can volunteer by emailing us at the same email:   You don’t need any special skills or experience to volunteer for that general mission.    We WILL find you a job to do as a volunteer.   Please do provide the same info as listed above, but instead of military, LEO, etc, please just tell us of any training or experience you may have that may be useful.  We appreciate any and all skillsets, such as medical, engineering, mechanics, radio operators, etc.  But even if you don”t have those skills, we will welcome you.  We need the help!

Plan on linking up with us in Aurora, NE (due West of Lincoln), which is our current rally point and base of operations for flood relief efforts. Once you have been in-processed, we will deploy you out from there.

We are currently operating in NE, SD, and IA, but we expect the flooding to also require us to deploy to KS and MO. (Note, if you are an Oath Keepers member in an affected state and you get a separate message from Oath Keepers leadership in your state, by all means respond directly to them and follow their instructions on how to link up/get vetted).

Details on our operations:

Oath Keepers is already on the ground in the Midwest, doing disaster relief work.   We’ve been there since the floods started, two weeks ago, and we are working closely with other patriot organizations and relief organizations, as well as assisting local communities and officials in helping in any way we possibly can.  We have been assisting with getting survivors to safety, and by delivering food, water, and other essential supplies.

But now we have a special need for trained, experienced personnel who are capable of serving as protective escorts to keep relief workers and supply delivery drivers safe, and to serve as security for fixed-position food distribution centers.   This is something we have had to do in all of the disaster relief operations we have done over the years.   Oath Keepers has a fantastic record of providing effective security for teams of Search and Rescue, EMTs, Medics, Doctors, Nurses in the field, as well as escorting relief supply trucks and convoys to prevent car-jacking, and protecting disaster relief supply centers (as we did for a massive distribution center in Houston after Hurricane Harvey).  We have even provided security for entire communities and towns, at the request of community leaders and town mayors (for example, we did that for two towns in Florida this past year, after Hurricane Michael).

As always, we only protect people, groups, or locations that expressly invite us to do so.  We are putting out an open offer of security assistance to all relief workers, relief groups, and to all those who are delivering relief supplies.  We ALWAYS closely liaison, communicate, and coordinate with local LEOs, EMS, Fire, National Guard, etc in any area we operate in.


Handgun (preferably with a flashlight attached, but if not, then a handheld light to use with it).  In NE you cannot have a loaded handgun in a vehicle unless you have a CCW).  There is open carry outside of vehicle without a CCW, but we prefer that you have a CCW and conceal carry.

Rifle (for example, AR 15, but type is not critical, so long as it is safe to use and you have it properly zeroed).  in NE it is lawful to have a loaded rifle in a vehicle.  Must have a light on the rifle.  If you don’t, bring hand-held, push-button flashlight and we will find a way to mount it on your rifle.

URGENT! Need Military and Police Volunteers for Security Escorts in Midwest Flood Relief
On security detail in Houston, 2017

Shotgun (in NE you cannot have a loaded shotgun in the vehicle).    Also must have a light or a flashlight that we can rig up.

Bring whatever firearm you have, so long as it is legal.

CLOTHING.  Absolutely NO military camouflage (unless on your plate carrier or a rain poncho).  We want to present a low-key, non-military profile.  Solid colors only for your pants and shirts.  If you have Oath Keepers shirts and hats, please bring them.  We may have extra-shirts volunteers can use, but bring what you have.  If you have wet weather gear that is hunting cammo, you can bring that. If your only rain gear is military camo, bring it in case you absolutely need it.  But we want to minimize the use of any camouflage clothing so we keep a low profile that is as non-threatening to local rural and town residents as possible. Thank you.

Rifle plates and plate carriers, if you have them. By all means bring any body-armor you have, either soft armor for handgun rounds or rifle plates for protection against rifle rounds. And we are fine with that being in a cammo plate carrier (just a reality we have to deal with). If you don’t have armor, you can still volunteer, but we do prefer you have some. It saves lives.

IFAK.  A must. At least a tourniquet and a pressure bandage (we prefer the Israeli bandage).  Cellox impregnated bandages or rolled gauze is also excellent if you can bring some.

A “boo-boo” kit for minor personal medical care and hygiene.

Night vision if you have it.   Either starlight, or FLIR, if you have it, please bring it.

Binoculars and spotting scopes.  If you have them, please bring them.

NOTE:  We will have specific ROEs (consistent with standard self -defense and defense of others under state and federal law), and protocols in place to minimize risk to you and to others, and to avoid the tragedy of mistaken identity or “blue on blue” problems. You MUST follow those rules at all times. If you cannot/will not, don’t show up. If you violate the rules, you will be shown the door. We have done this many, many times, and our rules work. Once vetted, we will explain them to you and answer any questions. They are nothing out of the ordinary for security operations, and are consistent with common sense, but they are important to follow.

URGENT! Need Military and Police Volunteers for Security Escorts in Midwest Flood Relief
Oath Keepers, including our Founder, National VP, and board members. Texas, hurricane relief, 2017


If you have a travel trailer/camper please bring it.  

If you have a tent, please bring it. 

If you don’t have those items, please still come and we will take care of you. One way or another we will find a place for you to sleep.

But, do come prepared to sleep out of vehicles or in tents in the field if needed.  You may have to “rough it” for a day or two at a time.  Just reality.


  • Cold weather gear (nights are very cold)
  • Radio (FRS or Ham; cell towers and power are spotty)
  • Flashlights
  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) with lifesaving gear such as tourniquets and pressure bandages.
  • CamelBak or other hydration system
  • Sleeping bag and air mattress or cot
  • Personal water filter
  • Life jacket
  • Rain gear/poncho
  • Tactical, medical, and work gloves
  • Phone charger bank
  • Personal hygiene items (soap, baby wipes, betadine, rubbing alcohol, etc)
  • Lysol and other cleaning supplies
  • Spare socks, boots and clothing (we recommend at least three sets)
  • Face mask (such as available in hardware stores) and respirator
  • Anything else you need to sustain yourself and stay healthy – plan on living out of your vehicle
  • Bring as much water as you can, we are in dire need of potable water


Thank you for stepping up!  We appreciate all of you.  And again, if you can’t make it yourself to help, please consider donating to support those who can.  God bless you and thank you for your support.


For the Republic,

Oath Keepers


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


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