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UNSUSTAINABLE: The Globalists’ Agenda for World Domination

31 March 2019

This Progress Report is for the newest documentary movie by Matrix Productions. These documentaries are funded with donations (instead of loans) to enable the movies to reach a much wider audience online when they are completed. Once this film is finished, we can let a wide audience know about the hidden dangers of the UN’s Agenda 21. Many patriots, including Oath Keepers, have helped to fund a series of 9 documentary films so far, including the latest, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS.

Documentary #10 is now in production. We have a Fifth Draft SCRIPT tentatively entitled, UNSUSTAINABLE – The Globalists’ Agenda for World Domination. Thank you those who have donated to this project even before we completed the script. I appreciate your confidence in me and our production team.

If you do not have time to read the latest SCRIPT, I am happy to also announce that the first TRAILER is also complete. The Trailer is only about 2.5 minutes long.

Help us produce UNSUSTAINABLE by donating what you can afford at It is wise to donate to specific projects like these: movies, books, events and missions – such as the RED PILL EXPO, and the humanitarian missions OATH KEEPERS is doing.  It is vital you support specific projects of people, entities and organizations that properly EDUCATE about Constitutional principles.

To tell the story of the UN’s Agenda 21/30 in simple and basic terms – terms that WE THE PEOPLE and our PUBLIC OFFICIALS can easily understand – we are continuing to compile a list of the top experts on the subject. You can see the provisional list at the Website and on the Trailer.

Many of the experts have already expressed an interest in interviewing and we are especially pleased that TOM DEWEESE, one of the foremost experts on Agenda 21, has been in contact providing input for which we are very grateful. If you are not familiar with Tom’s work, check out his most recent book entitled Sustainable, available on Amazon. This book is a masterpiece on how important property rights are to a free state and it will give you a good idea why we need to make this movie.

I would also recommend EDWIN VIEIRA’s book on the Second Amendment and Militia System, The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of the Militia of the several States. Dr. Vieira – with 4 degrees from Harvard including his Juris Doctor – has written a masterpiece, if not the finest book ever written on the subject of the Second Amendment.

We are thus honored to be working with Edwin Vieira and Tom DeWeese and look forward to their interviews where we will discuss the Constitutionality of Agenda 21/30 and how the states and local governments can reign in the property rights abuses surrounding the UN’s Agenda.

We have changed the sub-title a number of times. It’s very difficult to name a movie before the script is done. It’s also difficult to name a movie before the MOVIE is done, so please bear with us and feel free to send me your suggestions at any time. The titles we seem to be centering around are as follows:

UNSUSTAINABLE: The Globalists’ Agenda for World Domination
UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN Agenda for Global Government
UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination
UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN Agenda for a One World Government

Which do you like best? Please let us know.

As you may have suspected, the scripts, trailer and interviews require modest sums of financing to accomplish and you can see where proceeds will be used in the production BUDGET.

Given these realities, if you reading this Report donate even $100 over the course of the next 14 months we will be able to get this, our 10th movie, done. There will be over 10,000 of you reading this so this is more than enough, IF each of you just does a little now and/or over time. If you can’t afford to donate $100, the first donation button allows you to donate on a monthly basis without the hassle of putting your credit card in each time. You could thus, donate $10 per month for 10 months, and if many of you did that, we would get UNSUSTAINABLE done and your piggy bank would not even notice.

All donors of $100 or more in a lump sum will receive a screencredit as acknowledgement in the end titles of the completed film. If you are of means, we have some NICE producer screencredits available for you in the MAIN title sequence of the movie. See for all details.

Again, I hope you take a look at the script and/or watch the short trailer. If you do, I think you will get excited about how important it will be to release this information to our fellow American Citizens – citizens many of whom are sound asleep at the switch as their guns and real estate are being confiscated by the Deep State and rogue politicians in the DC Swamp and at UN Headquarters.

No one else is going to make this movie – UNSUSTAINABLE. The networks, studios and distributors are almost all secular, socialist liberals in the pocket of the Globalists. In short, the Mainstream Media is actively promoting the Globalist Agenda as we explain in MAINSTREAM, one of our earlier documentaries, such available for free at or on higher quality DVD at

This leaves donors like you: regular, concerned American Citizens who are sick and tired of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding in over the Southern Border; the corruption of Washington by the Deep State; the dumbing down of the population; the infringements of the Second Amendment; the creeping Socialism taking over Academia; the corruption of the Judicial System; the endless taxes and expansion of Government. Many of these issues are caused or aggravated by Agenda 21 and the UN’s plan to dominate the world’s governments.

Some say Agenda 21 is just another “conspiracy theory” – like the theory that NAFTA will destroy the U.S. Manufacturing Base. Others say maybe it’s time Americans recognize the “theory” that the United Nations, and its Agenda 21, are really what are UNSUSTAINABLE.

Please forward this Progress Report on to your family, friends, associates and your email or Facebook networks because there is no other way this information is going to get out.

With your help we can break through the Mainstream Media blackout and explain to Americans why it’s Agenda 21 that is really totally and completely UNSUSTAINABLE.








  1. How can you take an organization like the UN seriously at this stage? Check out an old program called “Oil for Food”–perfect example of rampant corruption in a UN program. Or the constant accusations of rape/prostitution/human trafficking in just about any country they are active in. The US seriously needs to eject the UN from our soil–they are subversive and a danger to our republic. Molon labe!

  2. The Founders writings warn of the inevitable rise of tyranny. Those wise fellows warned us and advised what needs to be done to curtail its growth. Heed the many warnings being sent across the Web calling for the patriots to take note of tyranny’s growth and spread across the once-sovereign USA that is under siege as is ALL Western countries. Internal traitors using outside barbarians are intent upon destroying Western civilization. A New Dark Age awaits us if those tyrants and barbarians win this ongoing war.

  3. Actually, this the real deal, and the 10th documentary for James Jaeger. Dr. Edwin Vieira has been involved with all of them, and Oath Keepers with most of them. My personal favorite is Good Guys With Guns. These films are produced with donations and made available to the public online for free here:

  4. When on earth are patriotic Americans going to band together, rise up and reset the government? I’m not saying this in response to the video, it’s FISA, illegal immigration, illegal foreign military operations, over-taxation….I could go on.

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