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The Cartels Run Things on Our Southern Border

by James White – NORTH WEST LIBERTY NEWS – February 8, 2019

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, joins me with two special guests; one a retired border agent and another a retired Marine living on the Southern Border of Texas.

As multiple caravans march towards the Southern Border of the United States, our government is one week away from, once again, shutting down over the issue of building a wall on that same Southern border to stop the aforementioned caravans from flooding into the U.S.  The entire matter has proven to be quite a sideshow and quite a distraction.

Stewart Rhodes is the founder and president of Oath Keepers, which affords him access to a great group of loyal, America-loving patriots.  Two such patriots joined Stewart and I on NorthWest Liberty News to discuss the crisis on our Southern border.  Both men are highly qualified to make such assessments, as one is a retired border agent and one is a retired Marine who lives on the Texas\Mexico border.

As you will hear during the course of the interview, nothing happens down south without the express consent of the Mexican drug cartels; who still control wide swaths of our Southern border with an iron-fisted, blood-lust.  Please enjoy the interview below as Stewart Rhodes and I speak with “jarhead,” and “retired border patrol,” two men who have served and love this country.






  1. I agree the Cartels do run Mexico, I just do not ever seeing it stopped. The truth is they have so much money and the pump it back into Mexico. If it ever stopped Mexico would not survive there economy would fall. I do not know what the solution is because they are a powerful group, they get money from drugs, human trafficking, and selling human organs. There government is so corrupt as well as other Central American Countries.

    1. Thank you for commenting, and yes, you are right that it likely will never stop in Mexico, until, and unless, we seal our border and by doing so, weaken the cartels by starving them of their cash flow. They make billions off of the drugs they sell in the U.S., and they make billions off of the human trafficking (nobody gets into the U.S. without paying the cartels – now thousands a head. All these “refugee caravans” are also paying the cartels thousands per head just to get a chance to cross into the U.S.

      And the cartels also profit handsomely from the sex slave trafficking of children and young girls into the U.S. for American pedophiles and also to be forced into prostitution to “service” the illegal aliens working the fields. There have been multiple mainstream documentaries on this.

      This is how it has been in Mexico, and along our border, for decades. But now it is getting worse. The cartels are the de-facto rulers of Mexico, especially in Northern Mexico.

      And with domestic, internal enemies of the Constitution holding the door wide open for the cartels, the only solution now is for President Trump to use the U.S. military to seal the border. He MUST declare the cartels to be international terrorist organizations in the global war on terror, and he must declare them to be military enemies of the United States who have taken over Northern Mexico just like Pancho Villa and his men took over and ran Northern Mexico back in 1916. And the solution is the same. In 1916 President Wilson ordered the U.S. Army and National Guard to secure the border and then sent General Black Jack Pershing into Mexico to hunt down Pancho Villa and his men. In 1916,the titular Mexican government in Mexico City was powerless to stop Pancho Villa or control him, just as the current Mexican government cannot stop or control the cartels and all of their trafficking.

      The solution is the same! It took the U.S. Army to secure the border in 1916, and it will take the U.S. Army to secure the border now. President Trump must do what President Wilson did. He must deploy the army, not in a support role, but in a national defense, military role to stop the cartels from crossing into our nation with all of their trafficking, both material and human, and he may also need to send the Army into Mexico to defeat the cartels. He would be doing the Mexican people a great favor.

      1. Mr. Rhodes writes: “nobody gets into the U.S. without paying the cartels – now thousands a head. All these ‘refugee caravans’ are also paying the cartels thousands per head …”
        One woman in the caravan in Tijuana late last year was interviewed, and she said she makes only $40 per month in her home country, Honduras. So how was she able to save thousands of dollars to pay the cartel to take her and her 3 children to the border? In another article, I read that a poor man gave $7000 to a coyote to take his young daughter to the U.S. so she’d have a better life. How was he able to save up $7000?
        I have a middle-class income here in the U.S. and live a modest life style, and I can’t scrape together $5000! No way! So how on earth are these very poor people getting this money to give to the coyotes? If they had that much money, they could enjoy a much better life style in their home country; they wouldn’t need to come here. Something is not adding up.

  2. This is a managed by the CIA. The same goes for the poppy fields in Afghanistan.
    It provides a huge supply of money which doesnt need to be approved by Congress or accounted for.
    They carry out evil throughout the world with money.
    Thinking otherwise is naive.

  3. It would also be naive to not believe that the leftist billionaries and globalists who have been funding antifa and other violent left groups would not fund, supply and give immunity to every violent street gang and cartel member in the US to fight the patriots defending their country and families. I also believe the muslims and democrats in congress would find a way to fund and supply the members of the 30 or so terrorist camps spread accross our country to fight us also.

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