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President Trump Responds to Oath Keepers Salute – El Paso Rally

Founder of Oath Keepers

The photo above shows Texas rancher Brent Allen, Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes (Army Airborne vet), Colonel John Siemens (US Army Retired), & rancher Don Ausmus at the Trump Rally in El Paso Texas on February 11, 2019.

Oath Keepers attended the El Paso Trump Rally and we were honored to have front wow seats in the VIP section right next to Bikers for Trump, behind the stage, to President Trump’s left as he spoke.

President Trump Responds to Oath Keepers Salute - El Paso Rally
Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers and Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump in line waiting for the Trump rally in El Paso, Texas.


President Trump Responds to Oath Keepers Salute - El Paso Rally
Oath Keepers in VIP line for Trump Rally in El Paso, TX. Left to right, Texas rancher Brent Allen, Colonel John Siemens (US Army Retired), Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes (Army Airborne vet), & rancher Don Ausmus (1978 Mr. Texas!). God bless Texas! @StewartRhodesOK


POTUS Border Rally in El Paso, TX.

Stewart Rhodes is live at the POTUS Border Rally in El Paso, TX.

Posted by Oath Keepers on Monday, February 11, 2019


And we felt even more honored when President Trump gave us “props” as he left. I saluted him and this was his response. When he was finished speaking and was leaving, we were applauding and giving him thumbs up for such an excellent speech. I saluted him and he responded by pointing at us and giving us a double fist “props” and a nod. Was awesome!

President Trump Responds to Oath Keepers Salute - El Paso Rally


Four of us were there in our Oath Keepers hats and shirts, in the front row of the VIP section, cheering President Trump on as he spoke.

President Trump Responds to Oath Keepers Salute - El Paso Rally

President Trump gave a great speech, filled with strong commitment to build the wall and secure the border (which we fully support as being critical to our nation’s survival as a free, constitutional Republic). And he also took some fin jabs at the biased media.

On that:

Trump made fun of the media and called them fake news and essentially a wing of the Democratic Party (calling them out on what is now abundantly obvious). But he didn’t encourage or incite violence.

Yes, President Trump and his son called the media out, and poked fun at them. Which they richly deserve. The bias, partisanship, and hostility of the mainstream media is abundant and absurdly obvious. In fact, that bias and distortion is even evident in how they are covering the “incident” of a Trump supporter shoving a BBC journalist, as they avoid noting that the Trump supporter who did the shoving is a Hispanic man. Can’t mention that! Instead the press leaves the reader to assume the Trump supporter was white, which fits into the leftist narrative that Trump and his supporters are racists.

And both Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. gave awesome warm-up speeches full of fire and energy, with many sitting references to Texas history and culture.

And Trump seemed in high spirits and full of energy. Even after two years of constant, relentless attack from the left and from the deep state, he is still full of energy and defiant fire- and he was on fire last night as he gave a rousing speech. He too made reference to Texas’ history of fiery resistance to tyranny, including reference to the “come and take it” dare of the Texans at Gonzales who resisted confiscation of their arms. Very well done.

As for the size of the crowd, as we showed in live stream videos, posted to Twitter, the crowd waiting to get in was very large, very early. We went into the VIP entrance at approximately 3pm MST, and the crowd outside was already at an estimated 5,000 people.

I walked along the crowd, live-streaming, and I noted the high percentage of Hispanic Americans in the crowd. Part of the leftist mantra and smear is that Trump is racist and that his supporters are racist, for wanting a secure border with a wall, and an end to illegals coming into the U.S.

The thousands of brown faces I saw in that massive crowd put the lie to that.

(At the end of the night, as we left, it was frankly sad to see leftist protest signs calling us “racists” despite the mixed-race makeup of the crowd. You just can’t fix stupid).

Once inside, we watched the stadium fill to capacity and we heard that outside there were just as many people still trying to get in. We knew there was no way they were getting in.

Turns out the numbers outside who couldn’t get in were far beyond the number inside. When I saw photos of the crowd outside it looks to be three or four times as large as it had been when we went in. It was massive.

This was a strong, STRONG start for 2020 for Trump. He just needs to stick to his guns when it comes to securing the border, including using the military to get it done, as I have advocated relentlessly for a year now.

See this:

Urge President Trump to Deploy U.S. Military to Secure ENTIRE Border and Build the Wall!

President Trump MUST act as Commander-in-Chief and order the military to secure the border with Mexico just as it did back in 1916 when Pancho Villa raided across the border into Texas. President Wilson used the U.S. Army and National Guard to defend the nation and go after Pancho Villa.

President Trump needs to do the same against the cartels and their orchestrated invasion. History is watching and waiting.

May God grant him the courage to do what must be done, and the rest of us the courage to answer the call when it comes.

God bless Texas, and God bless America!

Stewart Rhodes

Note: More photos and videos will be added as we receive them.





  1. I watched Trump’s speech in El Paso live on a Dallas TV station’s Facebook page. As Trump was leaving the stage and waving goodbye to the crowd, I thought I recognized a few OK shirts! Glad that President Trump acknowledged y’all. Now he needs to invite Mr. Rhodes to the White House and sit down with him to learn what he needs to do to eliminate the evil cartels in Mexico and truly secure our southern border. I don’t think Trump is getting good advice from those around him.

    I think all the cartels MUST be taken out. They are literally terrorizing the good kind people of Mexico and are bribing politicians to permit them to run whole regions of Mexico. They are carrying their violence into our country and basically in charge of certain regions along our southern border — even on the U.S. SIDE! The cartels may be bribing American politicians as well; it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    There can be no peace on our southern border while the cartels are operating. It’s only getting worse. Mexico last year recorded its highest number of murders in its entire history — all due to cartel members’ killing each other to gain more control and taking the lives of innocent victims while waging their violence.

    Use our military in Mexico and on our border. Wipe out the cartels. Let’s make both America AND Mexico great again! But will Commander in Chief Trump send our military into Mexico? We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I was there with Stewart. What an awesome event. My voice is still recovering from all the yelling I did. On Tuesday we went to Eagle Pass for our own recon. It is unimaginable how big the problem really is. According to the person we talked to, many banks in Eagle Pass are laundering money for the cartels. Out of all the bars in Eagle Pass, only one is considered safe. The border fence barely covers the city area. It is easy for illegals to walk around the end.

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