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Mexican Government About to Release Massive Illegal Caravan to Storm Border at Eagle Pass, TX

Mexican Government About to Release Massive Illegal Caravan to Storm Border at Eagle Pass, TX


The massive caravan of 1,700 Honduran “refugees” (illegal aliens) is about to be set loose in Mexico, to storm the border at Eagle Pass, TX.  Will Texas Governor Greg Abbott stop them from entering the U.S.? 

Oath Keepers has received word from a credible source on the border in Eagle Pass, TX that it is highly likely that Mexico will release the entire group of approximately 1,700 illegal aliens (80% from Honduras) in a caravan being detained in Piedras Negras (right across the Rio Grand from Eagle Pass, TX) in the next 24-36 hours. The state of Coahuila is to give each member of the caravan group a temporary 30 day visa that allows them to be in Mexico, but requires them to leave Mexico by the end of that 30 days.

The Mexican government had bused the entire caravan all the way from Mexico’s Southern border to Piedras Negras, where they were placed in a makeshift-fenced refugee camp in a warehouse to await the relatively slow process of applying 20 people per day for asylum at the U.S. port of entry.

It does not appear, at this time, that when released they will be bused back to the Southern border of Mexico. To the contrary, it appears they will simply be set loose to then cross over into the United States in the Eagle Pass area, by wading across the shallow Rio Grand where there are no fences, no walls, no barriers of any kind.

Word is the illegal alien caravan quickly became restless upon being bused in and placed in the warehouse, and to prevent a riot from breaking out in the camp, Piedras Negras officials entertained the Honduran “refugees” with a party, complete with Music provided by a DJ. 

Mexican medical officials are testing the caravaners and have had positive tests for HIV and Influenza and other diseases. It is not known whether Mexico will detain these people or release them with the rest of the group. 

Once the caravan is released, it is highly suspected the group will cross the Rio Grande river into the United States. According to U.S. judges’ interpretations of U.S. asylum laws, all OTMs (other than Mexican) have the “right” to be processed as potential asylum seekers once they set foot on U.S. soil, even if they do so by illegally crossing the border instead of waiting to be processed for an asylum claim at a port of entry.   Therefor, it is anticipated that once released by Mexico, the Hondurans will not try to cross over at the international bridge but instead will pan out away from Piedras Negras and cross the shallow Rio Grande river, with the expectation that once they set foot in the U.S. they will be processed and released into the United States, as thousands of other OTMs from all over the world have in recent weeks.  

Unless Texas Governor Greg Abbott is truly serious about turning the Hondurans back and preventing them from illegally entering the U.S., the 500 DPS Troopers’ role at that time will transform from blocking the caravan to serving as a welcoming committee and a taxi service to the Border Patrol Stations for the Hondurans to be processed as “asylum applicants” and thereafter released into our nation, most likely to never show up at their scheduled asylum hearing (especially if they go to a “sanctuary city” such as Austin, TX, or “sanctuary state” such as California or Oregon). – Oath Keepers

*In featured image above, Texas DPS and CBP Agents Stand Watch Over the Rio Grand in Eagle Pass, TX.  



This is TEXAS. We have President Trump behind us.  Please urge Governor Abott to defy the asylum status nonsense and to block all illegals from entering Texas or ship all illegal aliens back to Mexico if they manage to wade ashore. Us long-time residents on the border are the ones that have to put up with this ridiculous situation every single day.

I hope the media focus on Eagle Pass will help educate the American people as to what is going on. Honduras has the highest per-capita murder rate in the world. Local citizens are now having to do what the ranchers have done for decades – go armed at all times.

The biggest problem is the Hondurans are only passing through our communty.  If you think you are insulated from the problem by living 100 miles or more from the border, think again. When released, they will be going to a major city near you.

Over 80,000 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens since 9/11, while at the same time less than 6,000 American soldiers have died in the global war on terror.  I’m just an old cowboy and possibly watched too many John Wayne movies growing up as a kid, but it looks like we declared war on the wrong group after 9/11.  – A ticked off Texan

* Oath Keepers has members and concerned citizens in Texas, including rural ranchers and retired Border Patrol, who we rely on for information about the situation at the southern border.



The real solution to this situation is for President Trump to deploy the U.S. military and National Guard, en mass, on the border with Mexico to prevent any illegal alien from setting foot on U.S. soil, just as President Wilson did back in 1916 when he deployed the Army on the border and sent General “Black Jack” Pershing into Mexico to hunt down Pancho Villa and his bandits after they killed 18 Americans in a cross-border raid into Texas. President Trump can also call up and deploy the Militia (we the people), under 10 U.S.C. secs. 252 and 253.

Just as Pancho Villa was the de-facto ruler of Northern Mexico in 1916, the cartels are the de-facto rulers of Northern Mexico today, and are invading this nation.  In fact, the modern Mexican drug cartels are far, far worse than Pancho Villa as they have killed thousands of Americans while Villa killed only 18, and the cartels have invaded and STAYED on U.S. soil, taking over U.S. towns, cities, and counties just as they did in Mexico.  At least Pancho Villa went home after he invaded.

As I have detailed in the past, the President has both the clear constitutional authority and the duty, as Commander-in-Chief, to defend this nation against invasion, and to defend each state against invasion, while guaranteeing to them a republican form of government. He needs to declare the Mexican drug cartels to be international terrorist organizations and fourth-generation warfare unconventional military enemies of the United States (akin to ISIS or al Qaida), and he needs to use our military to defend this nation as resolutely as we defend the border between North and South Korea. How many Americans have been killed by North Koreans? How many have been killed by illegals who have invaded across the border from Mexico?  As the Texas Cowboy above said, over 80,000 since 9/11.

And Governor Abbot also has both the authority and the duty to repel an invasion of the state of Texas and to defend the life, liberty, and property of the people of Texas.

This is is a national security, military situation that requires a military response. President Trump MUST act, as Commander-in-Chief by deploying infantry and air-assault units onto the border to secure it with a wall of troops (via aggressive patrolling) and order the combat engineers to build whatever barrier system makes sense in conjunction with those patrols. President Trump should give the order to the DOD to get it done, period.  Meanwhile, Governor Abbot should use every resource available to him, including calling on the people of Texas to serve as the militia, to defend their state.

– Stewart Rhodes

U.S. Army Airborne veteran and Yale Law graduate


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Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. The invasion is here. The State of Texas must defend our border at all costs! No one should be allowed to cross the Texas border illegally. In mass this is an attack on our state and our country. This is an act of war on the part of Mexico and by the invaders of the caravan. It’s time to stop throwing cotton balls and bull shit and put an abrupt stop to this. If they want to face the consequences of their actions against this country and the state of Texas then let it be so.

  2. Eagle Pass is across the Rio Grande from an area that is controlled by Los Zetas, one of the most violent criminal terrorist groups in mexico. In 2011, Los Zetas massacred everyone in a small town just 40 miles southwest of Eagle Pass.

    Los Zetas started out as a mexican army Intelligence unit and used the training that they had received from the US Army to wage war against their own civilian population. They are well-organized, well-supplied, and well-funded, with known links to Hezbollah and other middle eastern terrorist organizations.

    This is the kind of threat that the Democrooks in Congress do NOT want to put up a wall to protect Americans from. Remember this on Election Day.

    In the meantime, Buy More Λmmo, while you still can.


  3. I am on the border here in AZ. about as close as you can get. Douglas, AZ might as well be called Douglas Mexico. Walmart built a massive supercenter especially for the Mexican’s who cross over do their shopping and then go back home to Mexico. Walmart is by no means a patriotic store. It is all about money. The town is about 80% Mexican, majority can’t speak English, and most are here illegally and work here. If you recall, back a few years Douglas is where a rancher who went out to check his cattle, was killed. We are losing the fight on the border, with the drugs coming in, the cartels armed to the teeth and will kill you just for looking at them. You also have MS-13 here in large numbers and they are as dangerous as the cartels. Nobody goes unarmed here if you are white and a citizen. If things don’t change, and soon, you are going to have turf wars along the border between all these illegal factions, with us citizens caught in the middle. And it will be the innocent’s blood that will be shed as usual. The Dems whose motto is” The party is more important then the country” are at fault here. Eight years of Obama’s catch and release bullshit, and now Trump who everyone thought would be the answer is going soft on his promise. He was pro gun and now is turning into anti-gun. First it was bump stocks, then it was this “Red Flag” law where you can have your firearm taken without due process, just because someone says your a threat. That could be a pissed off neighbor getting back at you, an X getting back at you, etc. It already caused a Veteran to be killed because he refused to give up his firearm and a quarrel broke out and they, the LEO’s shot him. Now the next chapter will be Pelosi giving him this anti-gun bill she is working on with other Dems, and will put the money for his wall in it. What do you think Trump will do? My guess is he will sign it to complete his promise to his so called followers and cave on his second amendment promise. This country is in worse shape now, then with Obama as we beat every anti gun bill made up. I don’t think we are going to be that lucky anymore. Groups like NAGR, NRA, and others are very worried. If you don’t belong to one of these gun groups, then join as they are going to need every dollar to defend something that shouldn’t even be an issue. “Shall not be infringed” should be everyone’s motto.

  4. We are about to find out if Trump is a Manchurian candidate or really believes in America.After the 15th there will be no more excuses left to using military to build wall and repel this invasion. Remember actions tell you about the man not talk. Where is the wall, the draining of the swamp, lock her up , getting our troops out of these never ending wars.

  5. I hope this is not true, however I do not think taking them back to Mexico will solve anything, I think we need to deport them to their own country. If returned to Mexico they will just keep coming because it is so close to the border. We need to change our laws, and build a wall, finishing the wall will take a lot of time and money until it is done we need to change the process no more caught and release that is just my opinion.

  6. Maybe Americans will have to go to the border to defend OUR nation from invaders. Millions of citizens took an oath to defend our nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They were never relieved of that oath. I believe that we have every right to do so.

  7. When is the American humanitarian Crisis going to be addressed? Why are Amerian ranches, homes and families , victims of wetbacks, muzies and terrorists? Left to fend for themselves, victims of this invasive foreign enemy .
    No one is talking about America’s human crisis? Only the foreign enemy -crisis! The human crisis is endured, and tolled On OUR people…STOP saying & saving the human crisis for the enemy.

  8. Those that want to donate there time to help can not due to the Unconstitutional Brady Bill that is still Floating around in our Courts Unconstitutional System through Unconstitutional Laws that are not Law but Impersonates or appears to be Law but in Reality is Collar of law in other words is Ex-post Facto Laws that Infringe on all of our Bill of Rights according to Article 1 section 9 clause 3. therefor all Gun Laws are Unconstitutional. Like it or not so are Knife Laws as well as any form of self protection goes that prevent the American Citizen From fighting against Enemies’ of the American Citizenry Both foreign and domestic those type of Laws are Contrary to the U S Constitution also see Article 6 section 1 Clause 2 and clause 3 known as the solvent Clause As well as Article 1 section 8 clause 18 states only Laws are to carry out and Execute the Constitution ( to strengthen not to weaken the Constitution.)

  9. This is nothing short of an invasion, and to treat as anything other that is treasonous, and stupid.
    Which I might add is the epitome of the politicians that supposedly represent us.

  10. Turn them back to Mexico do not let them in, crime and disease will continue to spiral out of control. You must help President Trump to protect our sovereignty.

  11. Some politicians in Northern Mexico are saying that they cannot receive any more migrant caravans, all their shelters are at full capacity, and they want those who are there to leave. They are complaining to Mexican President AMLO that a crisis in their state is approaching due to the stay of the migrants. This is being reported in El Universal for the past week. So perhaps sending the migrants on their way (which means they will head straight to the border to attempt to enter the U.S. illegally) is the Coahuilan politicians’ solution to get them out of their communities quickly. (Quotes below are my best-effort translation from Spanish.)

    Earlier in the week the Governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, warned that it’s no longer possible to receive even one more caravan, after whole families of migrants arrived in Piedras Negras, Coahuila (a municipality in the North of Mexico.) Shelters were set up for 1617 Central Americans from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador who arrived last Saturday and Sunday Feb. 2nd and 3rd. An additional 57 left the group and went to the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The migrants were given humanitarian aid, food, accommodation, medical services, and legal advice on their immigration status in Mexico.

    Gov. Riquelme Solis stressed, “We will not allow more migrants to travel through Coahuila, the border is saturated, but neither will we cause chaos. So, they must leave for other states, we will block the entrance to Coahuila, because this caravan demanded a great effort from the mayor of Piedras Negras, Claudio Bres Garza, and the state and federal authorities.”

    PAN deputy Gabriela Zapopan Garza, Coordinator of the Border Affairs Committee of the local Congress stated, “The federal government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador opened the door to migrants, but has not disbursed economic resources to solve this serious problem facing the border municipalities of Coahuila, mainly Piedras Negras, with the arrival of 1617 Central Americans.” (The Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) is a conservative political party in Mexico.)

    Regional legislators formed a commission consisting of the mayors of the border municipalities, the local deputies, and the state executive who plan to travel to Mexico City and brief the President on the problems created by the migrant caravans. Deputy Garza had a message for the President: “I am sure that you already know it, but you’re required to see it in a real way, to listen to the feelings of the mayors and the inconveniences that this generates.”

    She warned that the problem with the stay of Central American migrants can become a crisis: “Since they receive only five people per week to do the immigration process in the United States, how many weeks will it take to attend to the 1617 people who have just arrived, plus those who were there, and those of Acuna?”

  12. ‘Show of force’: 100 vehicles line one mile of Texas border to deter caravan on other side
    by Anna Giaritelli
    February 10, 2019

    … More than 100 U.S. police vehicles lined a one-mile stretch of the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas, Saturday afternoon. Sixty sat together in one section of the river on a local golf course….

    Dozens of pickup trucks, SUVs, and cars belonging to Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, and state troopers within the Texas Department of Public Safety were lined up on the edge of the Eagle Pass Golf Course.

    Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber said 500 Department of Public Safety personnel have been moved to Eagle Pass. That figure does not include the Border Patrol that came from other regions of the state.

    Military troops, including active-duty, National Guard, and Texas State Guard, were also spotted on the golf course. An additional 250 are expected to arrive in the coming days….

    Schmerber said the length of the deployments will depend on whether caravan members try to illegally enter the U.S. or not and that law enforcement does not have any idea when they will be able to go home.

  13. We have lost too many lives of American citizens due to the illegals abusing our borders. If they obey, they can stay. If they insist on illegal entry, they should get deported again and again and again. No welfare here or social security.

  14. I was admitted to Yale in the class that started in the fall of 1963 (a year before George W. Bush). Due to the lack of adequate financial aid, I joined the United States Marine Corps and graduated from UCLA in March of 1967 instead. Fast forwarding to today, I have seven degrees including a doctorate and three masters degrees across a broad range of STEM subjects adding up to well over 400 semester hours.

    I would like to get your interpretation of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo with regard to the possibility of “foreclosing” on the entire Baja peninsula, the acquisition of which Congress declined to fund at the time ($27M).

    Given the continuing outrageous behavior of the Mexican Government in fostering the ongoing invasion of our country, I believe that the U.S. would be justified expelling the Mexican Government from the Baja peninsula and providing administration as a U.S. territory with or without UN approval (but preferably with). We would certainly have greater justification than Russia did in the Crimea.

    With a micro-nuclear approach to both electrical power and desalination, the population could easily grow from 4M to 100M in 30 years and provide a path to citizenship for those willing to work and to follow reasonable rules.

    This possibility was recently evaluated at my 6th alma mater the Colorado School of Mines during a workshop on the Global Water Energy Nexus (GWEN).

    Your thoughts?

  15. Yesterday’s article in el Universal re. the migrant caravan of about 1700 people in Piedras Negras, Coahuila says that authorities are explaining to the migrants the dangers of crossing the Rio Grande.

    The authorities take groups of migrants to tour the Rio Grande and explain to them the dangers faced by those who dare to try to cross it. They tell them that many illegals who tried to reach the U.S. side have drowned, because it’s a very deep river with strong currents.

    They say that several of the migrants have given up and more than 150 have requested to be repatriated, through the Assisted Return program of Mexico’s National Institute of Migration. But some of the migrants are still determined to reach the U.S. and feel they can find a better location to cross. They say that they are in no hurry to get to the U.S.

    So this particular caravan in Piedras Negras may be decreasing slightly in size, but the remaining members will try to enter the U.S. elsewhere on the border. Guess we’ll see if this caravan disperses or moves intact to another location. No mention in the article about the massive show of force on the U.S. side at Eagle Pass. (I’m curious whether this reporting in el Universal matches up with what OK sources on the ground there see.)

  16. Mr. Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies made a trip to Piedras Negras today, February 14th, and went into one of the shelters housing members of the caravan. Check out his twitter feed (@BensmanTodd) for current info, photos, and videos.
    “From the Mexican side… Mexican military, state and local police have the shelter (ceramics factory) completely surrounded to prevent mad rush on the Americans. American guard on the other side of Piedras Negras are thinning out”

    The Americans send for 20-25 a day to come to the American side of the bridge. Let them apply for asylum and then release them into our interior. Called “metering.” Others hired at a Mexican metal factory. Will they later make the swim?

  17. Caravan migrants scuffle with police at border shelter
    Thursday, February 14, 2019
    Police briefly scuffled with some of the 1,600 Central American migrants who have been confined at an improvised shelter in the Mexican border town of Piedras Negras, across from Eagle Pass, Texas. Video of Wednesday’s incident shows some migrants tearing down a temporary awning and trying to wrestle metal barricades away from police.

    The government of the border state of Coahuila said the situation was brought under control and talks were held with the migrants, who have been confined for at least 10 days in a vacant factory building that is ringed by police and soldiers. … Coahuila’s government said it would not hesitate to turn over migrants to Mexican immigration authorities for deportation if there were any more disturbances….

    The migrants want to present asylum claims in Eagle Pass, but only about a dozen per day are being allowed to do so. … Mexico’s federal government had said previously that the migrants were not being allowed out of the shelter except under escort because most did not have humanitarian transit visas … Migrants frustrated by the lack of information and confinement have asked to go elsewhere.

  18. A Coahuila, Mexico publication “Vanguardia” is reporting the following re. the migrant caravan in Piedras Negras:

    Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme Solis and a Mexican federal government representative in Coahuila confirmed that there are people with a criminal record in the Piedras Negras migrant caravan, including some with MS-13, who are being deported. Governor Riquelme Solis also said that agitators were detected among migrants in Piedras Negras, and that they will take action against those who have led the revolt in the migrant shelter in Piedras Negras.

    Relocation of the migrants has begun in Piedras Negras after two disturbances took place Tuesday and Wednesday, when a group of more than 100 migrants expressed disagreements over “hunger and confinement.” At least 120 migrants accepted offers to be relocated to Hermosillo, Reynosa, Monterrey and Saltillo, where they will be able to get jobs with manufacturing companies.

    According to authorities, the shelter will be closed in a maximum of 10 days, and there is no possibility of receiving any more migrants from other caravans.

  19. From 2 articles late this week in el Universal:

    Mayor Claudio Bres Garza announced “strict measures” against migrants who break the law in his city Piedras Negras. He said, “We are not going to jeopardize the peace and tranquility of Piedras Negras, and those who violate the rules will be prosecuted and must bear the consequences.”

    The mayor confirmed that 25 migrants in the shelter in Piedras Negras, some members of MS-13, are being deported. He said they were transferred to the National Institute of Migration in Mexico City for deportation.

    40 Central American migrants from Piedras Negras arrived in Reynosa, where some will seek employment. The head of the shelter in Reynosa said that the bridges into the U.S. are closed. He said last Wednesday some migrants went to the international bridge, but the Americans warned them that if they see them again they’ll be deported.

  20. Shelter closure begins in Piedras Negras, according to an article today in “Vanguardia.” The mayor of Piedras Negras, Claudio Bres Garza, said that after a series of relocations, job offers, returns and deportations, there were only 787 people sleeping in the migrant shelter yesterday, about half the original number of migrants they accomodated. Authorities took a head count Saturday night. Mayor Bres Garza announced that it will be Thursday when the total closure of the shelter will be carried out, 18 days since the arrival of the caravan.

    Many of the migrants have visitor cards which were processed for humanitarian reasons, which allows them to remain freely in Mexico for the next 350 days. The article also reports that U.S. authorities claim to have removed 250 policemen on the U.S. side, but containment drills are still being conducted on the international bridges of this border area.

  21. “Vanguardia” reports today that the Mexican state of Coahuila is waiting for a new wave of migrants, concerned that another caravan may arrive.

    The Coahuila State Government is waiting for the direction taken by a group of 1,800 migrants who are in Mexico City and could take the Coahuila route to reach the United States. The routes used by the numerous groups of migrants who transit through Mexico to the United States are monitored day by day at the federal level, and the State Government maintains constant communication with the National Institute of Migration.

    Meanwhile, State representatives insist that the Mexican Federal Government release extraordinary financial resources to provide assistance to the Central Americans who pass through the state of Coahuila. The Border Affairs Committee of the State Congress held a meeting Saturday, attended by representatives of the United Nations Children’s Fund, the International Organization of Migrants, the National Institute of Migration, the House of the Migrant of Saltillo, as well as representatives of the Government of Coahuila. “At the last meeting it was agreed to create a commission that would go to Mexico City to make the request for extraordinary resources for the assistance of migrants and now we are trying to match agendas with the people there to hold that meeting,” commented Gabriela Garza Galvan, coordinator of the commission.

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