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Immigrant Caravans: An Unarmed Invasion

Democrats are driven by such a lust for power, that they have lost all regard for the sovereignty of their nation.

by Pete Ketcham    Redoubt News – Editorial Opinion – February 22, 2019

History has shown, that past invasions which have occurred between countries, the invaders have always been armed, and moved through the country taking possession of all assets of the invaded country.

Today we are now seeing a phenomena of a series of immigrant caravans from South America moving toward our southern border, and when they reach the border, they evolve into a literal unarmed invasion. The reasons I call it an invasion is because the same characteristics embodied in an armed invasion are present in the so called emigrant caravans, and they are as follows:

1. Both intend to cross the border without permission, using the force available, whether it is thrown rocks and bottles, or automatic weapons, and rockets.

2. The members of both these invasion forces (once across the border) will spread out across the  invaded  nation and take advantage of the assets of that nation. The armed invaders will take control of the government and gather up any and all assets they desire of the invaded nation. The unarmed invaders of our nation will take possession of free medical care, free education, free food stamps, free welfare payments, and in California take partial control of the city and state government by being allowed to vote to determine who will control the government.

3. Both of these invasion forces will be living off the past and present labors of the tax paying citizens of the invaded country.

4. The members of both of these invasion forces will avoid becoming legal citizens, and will resist or evade any force brought against them to eject them from the country.

5.Both will make little to no effort to assimilate into the invaded country, maintaining their own language and customs. Both will not abide by any existing law that they can avoid, having already violated existing law as they entered the country.

Another major phenomena present in this invasion of our southern border is that there is a political party (the Democrats) welcoming and facilitating the invasion of their own nation in order to gain political power. It is somewhat unbelievable and discouraging that the individuals comprising the Democrat party are driven by a such a lust for power, that they have lost all regard for the sovereignty of their nation and the well being of the legal citizens of their nation. Their primary goal is to gain and retain political power by any means available. Thus they believe these invaders will all become democratic voters, either by legal or illegal means.

The Democrat’s active promotion of open borders in conjunction with sanctuary cities and states (with all the accompanying benefits) is the primary motivation of this unarmed invasion force. These so called immigrants from Mexico and South America are fully aware of the benefits (provided by the Democrats) awaiting them if they can just get across the border. Also by their actions, the democrats are facilitating the tremendous flow of illegal drugs, criminals, and gang members across our border, endangering all the citizens of our nation.

I believe that if it were possible to eliminate sanctuary cities, reserve public benefits for the legal citizens, and revise the irrational immigration laws (the Democrats sponsored and passed), there would not be a border crisis. The Democrats accuse Trump that this border issue is a “manufactured crisis”, and they are correct, only they are the ones who have manufactured a real border crisis.

Lastly, it is not to say that there should not be an immigration process for those who are truly seeking refuge from persecution, and are willing to assimilate into our culture as productive citizens, but it must be through a logical immigration policy that does not jeopardize our national sovereignty.

(Photo: Reuters)

Attribution: Redoubt News





  1. California call to Action Border meet details:
    All patriots and patriot groups are invited, please forward this along and let me know if you can attend.
    This is a great opportunity of fellowship with other patriots and rights to say I was down at the border first hand!
    God Bless America! 🇺🇸
    Email for information:

    From San Diego I-8 East to Buckman Springs Rd. South on Buckman Springs to Hwy 94/Campo Rd. Turn right and follow Hwy 94 to Forest Gate Rd Turn left onto Forest Gate Rd (toward BP station) Paved Road ends just past BP Station . Follow dirt road (Forest Gate Rd) to border road. Rally site at Forest Gate/border road intersection.

  2. I read Lincoln made slaves of us all. Working class is the modern plantation of the world now. We work, everyone else eats. It is ridiculous that it is okay a communist lives right next door to a patriot. Turn out of elections for example are neck and neck. Gives us an idea just how bad it is. Didn’t immigration and in bed with other cultures such as east Rome and middle east destroy Rome. Here we ago again, middle east. Every race has their spot on earth but Europeans not allowed do be left alone. When do we get out of the UN and UN out of America? When does the federal reserve leave the USA?

  3. Look at the graphs in this article to comprehend the seriousness of the current illegal immigration problem. This is most definitely an invasion of our country. And it’s not expected to stop.
    Not an emergency?! 1,744 percent spike in asylum claims
    by Daniel Horowitz
    February 22, 2019

    Yes, you are looking at an 1,744 percent increase in the number of people taking advantage of our asylum system and uttering the magic words “credible fear” to indefinitely remain in this country, all the while creating a massive economic and strategic decoy for the cartels at the border….

    Just during the first four months of this fiscal year, 99,901 family units were apprehended, a whopping 294 percent increase over the same time period in FY 2018, which is when we set the existing record of credible fear claims …

    Given that most of these family units are surrendering in larger numbers and are uttering the magic words, a phenomenon our border agents have never experienced before, the FY 2019 numbers could possibly double those of FY 2018 — and 2018’s numbers are in themselves an 1,744 percent increase since Obama took office….

    All of these people are released into the country pending these hearings, and we are responsible for their medical care, education, crimes, gang activity, and drug trafficking. Oh, and all their kids born on our soil, in the meantime, are erroneously viewed as citizens …

    It’s incontrovertibly clear that the crisis driven by bogus asylum and all its cascading harmful effects on our agents, border ranchers, American taxpayers, the Mexican people, and migrants themselves is worse than ever before, at least in the areas of the border where they are coming.

  4. I have no words!

    WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Named ‘Honorary President’ of U.S.-Mexico Border Region
    by John Binder
    24 Feb 2019

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was named the “honorary president” of the Rio Grande River which separates Mexico from the United States.

    During a press conference and ceremony blasting President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border, Pelosi received the honor from Laredo, Texas, Mayor Pete Saenz.

    “While the Republic was short-lived, ten months in all, we still have that spirit of freedom,” Saenz said. “It’s my honor, Madam Speaker, to present to you the keys of our city but also to be the honorary president of the Republic of the Rio Grande.”

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