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Cartel Ambushes Mexican Soldiers near Texas Border

By Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby – 18 Feb 2019

An ambush by gunmen from a faction of Los Zetas killed one Mexican soldier and injured two others in Nuevo Laredo. Three attackers working for a convicted terrorist also died in the incident just south of Laredo, Texas.

Mexican military officials have not released any information on the attack, however unofficial sources with direct knowledge revealed to Breitbart News the attack took place along the highway that connects Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey. Moving in various SUVs, a team of gunmen with the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas attacked a convoy of soldiers patrolling the streets of Nuevo Laredo. The shooters killed one army lieutenant and injured two others.

Citizen journalists using the Twitter account @Lpueblo2 or La Voz Del Pueblo (“The People’s Voice”) warned residents away from the Palmares neighborhood when the ambush began. A video recording shared by @Lpueblo2 captured the sounds of the clash as the two sides exchanged gunfire.

Photo: Getty Images/Pedro Pardo

Attribution: BREITBART





  1. This week in this same area, members of the migrant caravan from Piedras Negras are making their way to the U.S. border at Nuevo Laredo. About 30 migrants tried to rush the border at Nuevo Laredo on Monday. Here are 2 articles.
    REPORT: Caravan Migrants Try to Rush Texas Border
    by Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby
    25 Feb 2019

    A group of Central American migrants tried to rush one of the international ports of entry from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico into Laredo, Texas. The move forced U.S. authorities to shut down the gateway. The incident took place at Port of Entry #1 in Nuevo Laredo when a group of about 30 walked to the international bridge and jumped into the vehicle lane in an apparent attempt to cross into Texas and request asylum.

    According to Mexican journalists on the ground, the move was met with a show of force from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers who blockaded the bridge and stopped all traffic until the migrants turned around. About two hours later, authorities allowed pedestrians with travel documents into Texas, while migrants were asked to leave the area.

    The migrants are believed to be Hondurans from the various caravans who still have not been able to request asylum in the U.S.
    International bridge in Tamaulipas closed by caravan that tried to cross to U.S.

    Nuevo Laredo – The International Bridge 1 of this border was closed for an hour, faced with the threat of a group of migrants crossing illegally. The group arrived at the bridge where they were contained by elements of the National Institute of Migration, State Police, and Federal Police. Authorities placed a barricade on the dividing line between Mexico and the United States. Customs, Border Patrol, and U.S. Police elements closed the vehicle entry lanes and also prevented the passage of pedestrians.

    The Mexican authorities decided to place patrols and metal fences in order to contain the migrants. It was reported that on the American side, access for migrants or people without visas was prohibited. Authorities on both sides declined to open the bridge to vehicular traffic, though it was expected that tomorrow the activities at this crossing would resume.

  2. If things continue at the current pace, there will be approximately 240,000 people who are entering our country illegally apprehended this year IN ONE SECTOR. With the “catch & release” that BP does, that means a quarter of a million illegals added to the tens of millions already here. And those are just the ones who got caught or surrendered themselves. This is happening in only ONE SECTOR. What BP is doing is useless. This is the same catch & release program as under Obama. Why are these illegal aliens not being returned to their home countries?

    This is population replacement, dissolution of our sovereignty, importation of an uneducated poverty class to demand socialism in the U.S. It’s a domestic Communist program to “transform America” being implemented right in front of our eyes. By the time the wall gets built, we won’t need it, since several tens of millions from Central and South America and Mexico will already be here. The next step will be amnesty for them all. Is this why Trump and Congress did nothing substantial for 2 years on building the wall or changing the laws re. anchor babies, family units and benefits being given to illegals, all of which are big draws for them to make the trek here?

    President Trump needs to be made to understand that this is an invasion of our country, and he MUST act as our Commander in Chief and send the military to protect our southern border. If Trump fails to act now, we will lose our country — definitely if a Democrat is elected President or if the Democrats win both houses of Congress. This country as we know it will be finished! Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be trashed. And Trump will go down in history as the President who allowed it to happen to the once great United States.
    7K Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Texas Border Sector
    by Bob Price
    28 Feb 2019

    U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector reported apprehending nearly 7,000 migrants in a single week who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas.

    The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector is ground zero for the influx of migrants illegally crossing the border between ports of entry. The sector accounts for the largest percentage of all migrant apprehensions for all of the migrants apprehended in the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors, according to information provided by Border Patrol officials….

    Reports indicate that a majority of the migrants apprehended in the RGV sector are family units and unaccompanied minors from Central and South America….

    Nationally, Border Patrol agents apprehended 99,901 FMUAs and 20,123 UAC in the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors, officials reported. … “At the current rate, the Rio Grande Valley Sector is on pace to reach 240,000 apprehensions for this fiscal year,” officials said in a written statement.

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