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The Deep State “Show Trial” Persecution of Roger Stone

The pre-dawn FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home, with CNN conveniently tipped off to be there, shows the deep state “combined arms” machine in action – but the ultimate target is Trump himself. 

NOTE:  Readers are encouraged to watch former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell’s interview with Mark Levin, which airs tonight on Fox, at 10pm Eastern, Sunday, January 27, and to read her excellent book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, which is most certainly a timely book.


Legal analysis by Attorney William J. Olson

(a veteran Washington D.C. area lawyer)

Legal Warrior Friends —

Through Republican politics, I have known Roger Stone since 1969 or 1970, and pretty much disagreed with him, and from time to time disliked him, since about 1980.  But this indictment is absurd.

Again, proving the foolishness of the appointment of the Special Counsel, not one substantive crime was charged — only “process” crimes based on how Roger interacted with an investigation.  Mueller got the D.C. Grand Jury to return an indictment with three counts for violation of three elastic statutes, each with huge penalties.

I.  Obstruction of Proceedings under 18 USC 1505  (note — not obstruction of justice).

The statute provides:

Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede … the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress—

Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.

That statute, like so many other federal statutes, is so broad that it has no meaning.  Any lobbyist who warns a Congressmen that he will be defeated at the polls if he holds an investigative  hearing could be convicted of violating it. 

II.  False Statements under 18 USC 1001. 

These false statement indictments are brought not for lies, but for statements with which prosecutors disagree.  Who investigates prosecutors who make false statements?  Really, no one.  Does this law even apply to them.  Probably not.

Look at the six statements Roger is said to have made that are claimed to have been false and tell me — from this moment on — why would anyone ever testify before a Congressional Committee if he could assert the Fifth Amendment?

Generally witnesses want to tell their story so as to avoid being indicted or thought of badly.  But after this, the greater danger appears to be a prosecutor will indict you based on anything you do say.  People cooperate with investigations because they believe they have done nothing wrong.  Now you might get indicted even if you are right, and you have done nothing wrong, based on how you tried to defend yourself and tell your story.

With everyone taking the Fifth, Mueller may have just ended meaningful Congressional investigative hearings, but he probably does not even know it.

II.  Witness Tampering under 18 USC 1512(b)(1).

That statute states:

(B) cause or induce any person to–

(i) withhold testimony, or withhold a record, document, or other object, from an official proceeding;

The charge is for an attempt to persuade another person to “influence, delay, and prevent the testimony of” that person in “an official proceeding.”  Couldn’t that elastic statutory language include ANY conversation with ANY witness about the substance or scheduling of that person’s testimony?

And again, is this statute ever applied to prosecutors who lean on witnesses?

Final thoughts.

When did prosecutors end the practice of notifying lawyers for persons who were indicted that their client must present himself on a specified date at a specified time?  Answer:  when federal prosecutors learned that part of their job is show biz.  Prosecutors who want to be U.S. Attorneys, or DOJ officials, or candidates for Congress, or judges, need to get noticed.  Anyone think Mueller does not have an ego?  Did anyone really think that Roger was going to resist arrest?  No — its theater.

The CNN reporter at the scene said he was at Roger’s house at 5 am because of “reporter’s instinct.”  This proves the deep state media can lie to us, and that’s “OK.”  The FBI can lie to witnesses, and that is “legal.”  The CNN video from the raid this morning clearly shows demonstrably evil CNN thugs doing the bidding of demonstrably evil Special Counsel thugs.

I have long urged the repeal of the ENTIRE federal criminal code, and its substitution with a couple of constitutionally-authorized crimes.  I am reinforced in that view.  There are only a few crimes that are supported by enumerated powers, or other constitutional provisions.

If we did not know it before, I hope we all realize that we are on one deep state list or another.  If we did not irritate someone along the way in our practices, we were not standing up for truth.  The noose is tightening — on us and our clients.

Frankly, I am at a loss to know what to do to resist this particular form of evil.  I urge us all to pray as to how to resist a criminal justice system which has grown abusive of the people, and when someone gets an answer to that prayer, please share it.

Bill Olson


COMMENTARY FROM STEWART RHODES:  The shocking pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone, with the CNN cameras rolling, reminds me of the “show trials” that used to occur in the Soviet Union, with the “dangerous enemies of the Revolution” conveniently filmed or photographed by Pravda as their homes were raided by heavily armed Secret Police and they were brought out at gunpoint, with subsequent public coerced confessions (also filmed by approved state media).  CNN is the American Pravda – the official state media of the shadow state/deep state. That is why they were there – they are just as much a gear in the grinding machine of the deep state as is the FBI and the deep state loyal prosecutors.

As Greg McWhirter, a current serving sheriff deputy who serves on our Board of Directors, noted:

The thing that people should be very concerned about, in my opinion, is the fact that CNN was there. Someone in the FBI told CNN to be there,  while the indictment was under seal. That is a telltale sign of how far the media and the deep state are in it together to regain control.

The idea of your “run of the mill” FBI agent revealing something from a sealed indictment is crazy. That’s a career ending move. Someone with some real juice told CNN to be there.

Gun rights lawyer David Hardy described it as:

[A]”SWAT team, predawn raid, cameras on hand to film it to make sure everyone gets the message, something that would be a sign of a coup, or coup being thwarted, in a Third World country …

Frankly, at this point in time we do live in a manner of Banana Republic, just one where the regime is more competent at staying in power. And by regime I don’t mean the president. He may be the titular head of state, but the actual regime is well under him, most holding (essentially) life appointments, with little internal control.

Both gentlemen are spot on. And Mueller is the “Attorney General” and Chief Inquisitor of that deep state “actual regime.” In fact, it’s as if we are in a bizarro world flipping of reality where Hillary had won the election instead of Trump, appointed Mueller her AG, and unleashed her DOJ and her FBI on her political enemies.

The deep state is aggressively prosecuting its political opponents, building up to the ultimate prize of prosecuting President Trump for the “crime” of being elected, while the titular Trump DOJ/AG has, to date, prosecuted NONE of the blatant criminals of the deep state.  For just one irrefutable example, there has been not even one prosecution for the clear, open violation of the federal statutes against harboring illegal aliens and conspiring to harbor, aid or abet illegal aliens, despite the government of California declaring itself a “sanctuary state” and despite numerous “sanctuary cities” with their leftist politicians thumbing their noses at the supreme law of the land, and, in cooperation with open-border activists, not just encouraging but directly assisting illegals in entering the United States and actively harboring them here.

Why have there been no prosecutions for that?   Because the DOJ and FBI are still thick with old-guard globalist deep staters, and because Trump has repeatedly been maneuvered into appointing more of the same into leadership in both the DOJ and FBI.   I predict that until that changes, the only prosecutions you will see will be by the deep state, for the deep state.   Trump needed to drain the swamp there first, and he is now running out of time.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers and Yale Law School graduate (yes, that’s how I know how the globalist deep state works).


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Remember when law enforcement made a big deal of having the media on hand when they decided to raid the Waco compound? Then when it all went to poop, demanded the media “pull back for their own safety”–which they didn’t seem very concerned about when they invited them there in the first place. That’s because it was basically a show, a circus. They just didn’t want the reporters there once the lions got loose.

    1. Good point! You are correct. In fact, the whole raid was a media stunt to help bolster the funding requests and budget for ATF. They could easily have detained Koresh on one of his frequent jogs, or while he was gone running errands, if they wanted to minimize resistance while executing the search warrant, or they could have just gone in with the local sheriff who had on several occasion visited the residents of the church commune and even done searches while investigating possible crimes.

      But nooooo, the ATF wanted to get all dressed up in tacticool gear and play Delta Force, and as you say, they wanted the cameras rolling to capture them in all their bad ass glory.

  2. Roger Stone to be Arraigned in District of Columbia Court on Tuesday January 29th at 11 AM.
    Please confirm date and time and location, (a guess is 333 Constitution Ave. Washington DC.)

    Roger’s press conference was shouted down by paid protesters so he could not speak and be heard.
    This is a suppression of Roger’s free speech.
    Expect more paid protesters to be in DC to shout down Roger.

    If going to DC by car, start the trip earlier than you would expect.

  3. You mentioned Stalin…I would include the NAZIs. Most of their dark deeds were done in the light of day. It was purposeful.

    Consider this; it was a predawn raid, but the FBI was there all day. This gives the impression of guilt to anyone going to work in the morning or returning home at night.

    If they can do this to Stone and Trump, they can do much worse to us lower forms. It’s time for a new Declaration.

  4. A true Shadow Gov’t……I would like to see some of these crooks like mueller, comey et al be tared and feathered like the old old days!!!

  5. I have been pissed off since 1970 when I came back from 1 and a half years in Nam. Why are you Stewart, the GOA and the NRA so pussyfooting around the issues? We have been overtaken from within. Tell the truth. Call us to arms. Reach out to local sheriffs, to all law enforcement. Do NOT enforce ANY movement that defies the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    I wish that I had your muscle. I wish that I was the spokesman. Ruby Ridge??? When will we project the balls that our Founding Fathers had?

    I could not renew my membership because I just don’t understand your behavior.

    Robert D. Gubisch

    1. “We have been overtaken from within. Tell the truth. Call us to arms. Reach out to local sheriffs, to all law enforcement. Do NOT enforce ANY movement that defies the Constitution and the Bill of Rights”

      Well, we have been doing just that since the start of this org. Heck, right in this write up I note that we are seeing the shadow government/deep state prosecute its enemies as if Hillary had won, which means that yes, they are still in charge despite Trump winning the election.

      I think that’s a pretty good dose of the truth.

      Tell me what you would do or say if you were me, in addition to that.

      But you should also wonder why Trump has yet to clean house or “drain the swamp” in his own DOJ and in the FBI. I wish I were in his shoes, even for a day, frankly. He asked for the job, and we hired him, and yet … when is he going to get it done?

      And, as Dr. Vieira has pointed out, Trump needs to take a good look at the statutory provision on calling for the militia. That’s the real answer. It should be President Trump, as the Commander-in-chief, calling us to arms, as the militia. Why won’t he do that?

      Barring Trump actually cleaning house, or calling us forth as the militia, what do you think we can/should do right now, on our own, without his leadership?

      1. My first thoughts are these. Have you the ability to communicate with the top dogs of the NRA, the GOA, VCDL, the CSPOA, and through them, every County Sheriff in the country? If so, which I would like to think that you can, how about you state that if any of you are serious about ANY fundamental rights, now is the time to stand TOGETHER, as ONE UNITED GROUP. And forgive me Mr. Viera, but we would like you to stand forth with us as our spokesman. From there, I would be interested as to who responds and how. If there is little to no response, I would have to think on that. If there is a good response, I would advise that “WE” are going to D.C. and request an immediate ‘listening’ with the President. We will show up in numbers, with all organizational leadership in front of the line standing next to any and all County Sheriffs. I for one will stand next to you no matter the cost and demand to be heard. Let it be known that our focus is Title 10 and the appropriate sections. If President Trump thinks that the wall is a national emergency, he needs to be brought up to speed. I believe that ‘We the People’ have more COMMON ground than we are led to believe. I believe that there are in fact very few people that are orchestrating the downfall of our country and that they rely on our lack of unity.

      2. Trump has built multiple skyscrapers in multiple countries at the same time. The regulatory nightmare must be a nightmare that, IMO, only a patient, careful and smart observer can learn to negotiate.

        It took only a year for non-military Trump to learn enough about the military industrial complex from his well-positioned ‘advisors’ to decide to get out of Syria. To the ‘shock and awe’ of these advisors; including the Mad Dog himself. No longer can the great General claim to never have been caught by surprise by the ‘enemy’ – just IMO.

  6. As I watched my Grandson graduate USMC Boot Camp this Friday as a third generation Marine, I couldn’t help but think, this country doesn’t deserve the sacrifice these young men and women are making.

    1. The good news is your grandson may not know it but he is preparing for something much greater than fighting and even perhaps dying(I hear it is very hard to kill a devil dog) unnecessarily in some foreign country for no good reason. Hint: Stewart, former paratrooper, has joked that Oathkeepers is “too” top heavy with Marines.


    1. Indeed he does. And that is the ultimate answer. He should bypass the entire deep state by calling us up as the militia to execute the laws of the Union, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions. Why won’t he?

      It is terribly frustrating.

  8. First of all, in answer to Bill Olson’s request for us to pray and share the answer to our prayers about how to respond to the evil of a criminal justice system which has grown abusive of the people, I am shocked that he isn’t already aware of the answer to this evil; the founders placed the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution for EXCACTLY this reason. We are just too timid/lazy/blind to the fact that our government has become the very evil that the founding fathers warned us about. We are sitting on our asses and bitching about the coming downfall of our beloved Republic instead of facing the fact that our once-proud, once-great nation has already fallen while we did nothing to stop it. Talking and complaining while allowing the downfall to happen will be the permanent blot on our part of the history of the USA forever.

  9. “AFTER this”? Anyone sentient should know about Martha Stewart. Any decent criminal defense attorney will tell you folks nearly always hang themselves ,not by committing a crime, but by talking to cops and investigators.

    These videos were posted 10 years ago:
    Don’t talk to the police, part 1
    Don’t talk to the police, part 2
    Never talk to the police even with your lawyer present:

    Republicans are extra vulnerable to this stupidity due to their worship of authority, including false authority, and their fairy tale that rank & file agents are all good people, loyal to the Constitution etc.

    “Anything you say can AND WILL be used against you.” What part of that don’t they understand?

    People who talk to someone who is potentially investigating them should be prosecuted for stupidity.
    Any friend of Trump who thinks he can make Mueller, FBI etc his pal by talking should be prosecuted for extreme stupidity.

  10. You’re NOT thinking big enough, and you DON”T coordinate enough state-to-state, Mr. Rhodes! You NEED an overall strategy that I … and, obviously others … cannot see!

  11. I left this as a reply above, but I have no idea if it ‘worked’!

    Again, my first thoughts in response to you Stewart are these. I assume that you have the ability to communicate with the top ‘dogs’ of the NRA, CSPOA, the GOA and the VCDL, and through them many of the County Sheriffs in the country. I would call them all together, by phone if necessary and inform them that if ‘WE’ have any interest in ANY fundamental rights we must NOW stand together as ONE GROUP. If you get little agreement on that statement, then I will have to think more on this matter. However, if the response is good, I would say the ‘WE’ are going to D.C. and asking that Mr. Viera come with us as our spokesman. With the leadership of these organizations in the front, with the County Sheriffs next in line, and people like me standing next to you, the ‘WE’ should request a ‘council’ with our Commander in Chief. And make it clear that our intent is to discuss Title 10 , USC, and the relevant sections.

    The people that are intent on bringing this country down are very few in numbers. “We the People” have so much more in common than we are led to believe. We are being ‘fed’ the divide and conquer theme. Our ONLY hope is the unity of the “WE” standing forth as one. Those are my first thoughts.

    With much respect,

    Robert D. Gubisch

  12. This is what happened at the Roger Stone Arraignment:
    1. I was mislead by a journalist where the Courtroom was, but I had looked it up prior.
    2. Journalists in the line to court were PC ivy-leaguers speaking 1984 Wordspeak, saying “be calm”.
    3. The federal judge would not allow one of Rogers legal team to sit at his counsel table during his plea.
    4. Roger Stone plead Not Guilty, he is confined to his home, surrendered his passport and can’t travel.
    5. There was a mob of about 50 people outside the Federal court blasting the Beatles “USSR”.
    6. Eight “Paid” leather clad protesters charged Roger at his van, 4 officers protecting him.
    7. I recommend Patriots travel in pairs to these events, someone could falsely accuse you and jail you.
    8. I pray for the Safety of all patriots, and have been banned from sites for warning you all.

    1. I would also add the advice to film EVERYTHING. Have your phone camera on and use it as a body cam in your pocket or in your hand and film everything that happens. So you can’t be falsely accused effectively.

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