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Stewart Rhodes interviewed by Gary Franchi of Next News Network


Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, was interviewed by Gary Franchi regarding the illegal immigration/caravan situation on our southern border, and President Trump’s Address to the Nation on border issues.







  1. Awesome interview Mr. Rhodes. I had just commented on another link on OK an hour ago and was concerned if I was too rough. You hit the nail on the head. I say we are dealing with a bunch of savages lacking in humanity and that makes one think. Like many of us I’ve been waiting to see something from this POTUS that would seal the deal. Tired of being skeptical, stressed out and I am just a bystander that votes. Stay strong.

  2. What things have come to in this country that we can’t secure our own borders to protect our citizens! We’re the most powerful nation in the world and our politicians refuse to do what’s necessary to handle this critical issue.

    Our country faces danger from the violent cartels operating out of Mexico (which Mr. Rhodes rightly calls terrorists), frequent incursions by criminals along our Southern border, and the relentless foreign migrant invasion of thousands per day, plus now 10,000-person caravans. Our nation’s sovereignty is at stake.

    If President Trump indeed recognized this, he would immediately act as our Commander in Chief and send our military into Mexico to eradicate the cartels. He would first contact the new President of Mexico and hopefully acquire the full support of the Mexican government and the assistance of the Mexican military in this operation. If we can hunt down and kill ISIS in the Middle East, I’m confident our military can find the cartel members in Mexico and take care of business. Trump would also station a strong presence of troops along our Southern border. He would build the wall. I feel positive that there are many good people in Mexico victimized by the cartels and the violence and the corruption who would greet the American presence with gratitude — a liberation for them.

    I’ve been saying for several years now (I live in the Southwest and have experienced problems first-hand) that Mexico is not being a good neighbor and that we should declare an emergency police action and send our military into Mexico to clean up the violent criminals and the corruption. We should install a government which is honest and will work for the benefit of the Mexican people, not the cartels, and who will take care of their poor at home, not export them to the U.S. and have them send part of their paychecks back to their families in Mexico, a form of welfare. We should augment the existing wall on Mexico’s Southern border with Guatamala so that it’s strong and effective. We should maintain a troop presence in Mexico during a period of transition. Some people would scoff at my idea; why?, it’s sensible.

    Look at the mess our country is in with 30 million illegal aliens living here, some of whom are criminals. Radical leftist LaRaza politicians are in City and State governments and throughout agencies, in Congress, and in our judiciary system. Last month 2 Hispanic California State Democratic Rep.’s went into Mexico and escorted a group of Central American caravan migrants in Tijuana past U.S. guards and through border gates into the U.S. (Read the story on Breitbart.) Look at the tens of thousands of Americans who have been killed and the hundreds of thousands raped and assaulted and robbed over the past several years by illegal aliens; those numbers will only increase.

    I completely agree with Mr. Rhodes’ plan as stated in this interview. Using our military to clean up the mess in Mexico to in turn fix the mess in the U.S. is the only real solution I see. PLEASE present your plan to the military leadership so that they can get it before President Trump. (Has anyone in our military ever considered a police action in Mexico?)

    I’ve been a strong supporter of President Trump since October 2015. But if he doesn’t find his cajones and soon, I’m supporting Ann Coulter for President in 2020. She’s got a pair! (Meant as a compliment to Ms. Coulter, from a woman who admires her intelligence and courage to speak the hard truth, so don’t give me any flak, LOL!)

    P.S. I’m retired from a federal agency which is currently not funded, so may not be paid starting in February, and I say use our military in Mexico and at the border now, then fund our government and end this shutdown nonsense.

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