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Stewart Rhodes and Covington Teens’ Attorney on Alex Jones Show

Joining Alex Jones in studio on today’s broadcast is American Attorney Robert Barnes discussing his fight helping the Covington teens against the establishment media. Also, syndicated radio host Mancow reveals the endgame of political correctness. Furthermore, founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes shares his fight in defending the Constitution. Roger Stone hosts the final hour.







  1. Here’s the link to Stewart Rhodes’ interview on InfoWars (posted on the InfoWars channel on Brighteon):

    Thank you, Mr. Rhodes and OK members, for protecting those nice children. I’m going to wear my red MAGA hat more often (hope the Leftists don’t want to beat up a disabled older lady, that would be awfully low even for them).

  2. Many of us had some family thrown into a Hitler concentration camp for no reason other than hate. Read what a Russian immigrant has to say about the USA today.

    Posted by a Russian immigrant on

    I was born under communism. I am white. I was not here when people made money off of an industry called slavery no different than I am not part of the porn industry. That’s a business too and I’m not part of it.

    I was not here when Democrats voted against black rights. But I am white. I was not here when they voted for segregation. But I am white. I was not here when the Democrats ran the KKK. But I am white. I was not here when Hollywood producers of a certain group put white people hating on blacks and blacks hating on whites into their movies. These producers and financiers of hate are long gone but the hate remains. I was under communism with very little blame for any of that. But I am white.

    And then I came to America and was blamed for all of it.

    Blamed by the Racist Media, blamed by the Racist Hollywood, Blamed by the MSM. Blamed by Racist Blacks. I didn’t do shit to you.

    I had no privilege and the select people who profited in America didn’t benefit me. It didn’t benefit any of the poor and hungry hundreds of millions of immigrants from Italy Poland Germany and Ireland. Only the profiteers benefitted.

    I had to learn English and work my ass off but that must have been all due to my privilege, right? You are all in denial. There is no racism in me cause I’m too busy living the American Dream. And if you want to live it too, you’ll need to stop blaming people like me who did nothing to you. I am just as pissed at the land owners who did this but they did it in my country too. Whites on whites. If you think slavery is a black issue, you are a fool. Every single Russian serf worked for their master. Every single victim of communism was a slave with no hopes of getting off their plantation. And many many were killed for speaking out – as in 100 Million people killed by communists. But I am white therefore I have privilege. I am white therefore I am part of the problem right?

    Leave me the fuck alone. I wasn’t here when this shit happened and you’re acting like I burned your house down when I arrived to the party a hundred years after the fact. I sympathize with you because I’ve been oppressed but I don’t empathize because you won’t empathize with me. You won’t see that the power players have played us all and you’re part of their game. You’re still a slave – a slave to the narrative. But these chains are yours now which makes them so much harder to take off. You wear them with pride and you attack me with incredulity. You are Racist. You are your own issue. I’ve got nothing to do with you.

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.

    Before you cry again, consider 100 million people dead from communists again – indiscriminate of color or race. They didn’t give a fuck. Only together can we win this so sit your ass down and work with me to solve this issue instead of feeding off of it for a small reward.

    I am a LEGAL US citizen, proud to be here, and I will not, along with millions of other LEGAL immigrant past and present, be blamed for what happened hundreds of years ago on this land. And, with all due respect, I don’t owe you shit. You owe me some respect for escaping my slavery and making it to the free world. Can you do the same?

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