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State of Emergency: Urge Trump to Declare Cartels International Terrorist Orgs and Deploy Troops


UPDATED: Friday Jan. 25, 2019

Oath Keepers and patriots, it is essential that you contact President Trump NOW and urge him to take decisive action!

Call the White House at:  202-456-1111

Email the White House here

And also contact President Trump’s Twitter account.


Trump should do the State of the Union Address right there on the Mexican border, on camera.   He should send this message to Pelosi:

I invite you to join me on the border for the State of the Union Address, unless you are too scared of the cartels to go there.”

And then extend the same invitation to all of Congress.

Standing next to Trump on the border for the address should be Arizona Rancher Jim Chilton, along with CBP agents and U.S. military personnel, as well as families of people who have been killed by the cartels or by their illegal alien gang members.  In fact, Trump should do the address from the Chilton ranch in Arizona, standing on the border where there is only three strands of barbed wire between Mexico and the U.S.   He should have the cameras pan back and forth and show the wide open border to the American people, and he should show some of the footage from the Chilton ranch of the cartel drug mule and human trafficking trains coming through en-mass, with military-aged males in military camouflage, and footage of armed cartel bandits on horseback on American soil.   Trump should also show arial footage of how wide open an undefended the border is for miles and miles.

And then he should declare a national emergency, live on camera, during the address, and  not just for a criminal and humanitarian crisis, but also declaring the following:

  1.  Declare the Mexican drug cartels to be international terrorist organizations and invading fourth-generation MILITARY enemies of the United States in the war on terror. The cartels also directly aid the infiltration of the United States by other international terrorist organizations/military enemies such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
  2. Deploy the full weight of the U.S. military to secure the entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico.   Even with a wall, securing the border will take military boots on the ground, using active duty infantry and National Guard to secure the border, just as President Wilson did in 1916, and also calling forth the Militia (we the people) under 10 U.S.C. secs. 252 and 253.

*credit goes to Sam Bushman of the Liberty Roundtable Radio Show for the idea that Trump should do address from border.



A.  President Trump should declare the Mexican drug cartels (and their Columbian cartel allies) to be international terrorist organizations and fourth-generation military enemies of the United States because that is exactly what they are.  

The current definition of “terrorism” in federal law is the use of force, or the threatened use of force, to change the behavior of a government or a population. That is what the cartels do, every day, both in Mexico (and in Central and South America) and also inside the United States. The cartels are infamous for taking over territory, including local governments and law enforcement, through their use of terror, with the infamous “offer” of “plato o promo” (“silver or lead”), which means local government officials, law enforcement officers, and residents can either take the cartels bribe and do as they command, or they will get a bullet. The cartels use the same methods that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS have used to take over territory.

By using such terrorism, the cartels are the de-facto rulers of much of Mexico, especially Northern Mexico, and are rapidly becoming the de-facto rulers on American soil, taking over U.S. territory just like they do in Mexico, especially in the border towns and counties.   In fact, during the Obama Administration, the U.S. government posted signs on federal land in Southern Arizona warning Americans that it was not safe to venture onto that land because of cartel violence. One sign even advised Americans to instead only set foot on BLM land north of I-8 in Arizona- conceding the reality that the cartels controlled the land south of I-8 and effectively ceding control of that American soil to the cartels. Instead of rooting the cartels out, and securing the border, the Obama Admin simply warned Americans not go onto cartel land on American soil!


State of Emergency:  Urge Trump to Declare Cartels International Terrorist Orgs and Deploy Troops

Further, because the cartels now control land on both sides of the border, the drug cartels now effectively control the border itself between the United States and Mexico, and are making a killing (sometimes literally) by demanding thousands of dollars from each and every illegal alien or “asylum seeking refugee” that wants to cross. Because the border is not secure, and is effectively in cartel hands, they can bring across anyone they want, or anything they want, including other international terrorists or weapons of mass destruction, as well as women and children forced into sex slavery by cartel brutality only rivaled by ISIS.

All of the above points to the fact that the cartels are paramilitary, unconventional warfare enemies of the United States who are invading and taking over American soil.  And they are doing so in a far more effective manner than Pancho Villa ever did with his cross-border raids that prompted President Wilson to deploy the U.S. Army and National Guard on the border and to send U.S. troops into Mexico, under the command of General “Black Jack” Pershing to hunt down Pancho Villa and his men.

Those same cartels also smuggle in known international terrorists and illegal aliens from terror sponsoring nations. (See video below starting at 2:06)



B.  President Trump will be in a vastly stronger legal position as Commander-in-Chief by declaring the cartels to be international terrorist organizations and non-state unconventional military enemies of the United States.  

Such a declaration will bring this crisis into the realm of military operations, not just enforcement of criminal statutes.  it would simply recognize the military reality that is properly and squarely within the constitutional powers and duties of the President, as Commander-in-Chief, to defend the nation and repel invasions by such foreign military enemies. Those powers and duties are enumerated within the Constitution itself, in Articles I and II.

Article 1, Section 8 grants Congress the power to raise armies and provide for a Navy, and to “make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces” which Congress has, with such rules delegating to the President wide authority and discretion over use of the military. Article 1, Section 8 also grants Congress the power to “provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions” which Congress has done, in numerous statutes that delegate to the President the authority to find that such conditions exist and to take decisive military action to respond to them.

Those statutes also authorize the President to use active duty military as well as militia for those ends.  Some of those statutory grants of authority to use the military are constitutionally suspect – such as using the standing Army to execute the law of the Union or to suppress insurrections, rather than using the militia as Article 1, Section 8 provides for. But when it comes to repelling an invasion, that is the primary purpose of an Army and Navy, and they can be used for that purpose right along with the militia, so in this context of the military invasion by the cartels, the President is well within his constitutional powers to use active duty troops.

Article II, further, makes the President the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States as well as of the militia when called forth into national service. In addition, since 911, Congress has on numerous occasions expressly delegated to the Executive branch the decision of making findings of what groups are international terrorist organizations (and therefor unconventional, non-state actor military enemies) in the ongoing international war on terrorism.

Declaring the cartels to be international terrorist organizations/non-state actor military enemies triggers all of the above constitutional powers and duties, as well as all of the enabling statutes that Congress has passed over our history since the signing of the Constitution. Those enabling statutes, especially those passed after the Civil War, during the Cold War, and post 9-11, delegate to the President the decision to use military force to answer such unconventional military threats, as well as to suppress insurrections and to execute the laws of the Union.

President Trump calling the border situation a humanitarian crisis or a national emergency because of the crime committed by illegal aliens is not enough. That does not trigger his full military authority and duty to defend the nation.

Without a declaration that the cartels are terrorists organizations and unconventional military enemies, President Trump will be in a far weaker legal position, and will be vulnerable to the courts ruling that he has improperly attempted to circumvent Congress’s legislative power over legislation that is about enforcement of laws, rather than a military situation. President Trump needs to properly call it what it is – a military invasion by military enemies.

C.   Simply building some of the wall using the Army Corps of Engineers is not enough to actually secure the border. Even if 7 billion dollars worth of wall is built by that method, there must be sufficient boots on the ground to patrol that barrier. There are simply not enough CBP personnel to do so. Recently, in Yuma Arizona, the media reported on hundreds of illegals jumping over or digging under the exiting steel fence, and noting that there were only three CBP agents available to patrol 27 miles of that fenced border. That is a massive failure. As any military veteran can tell you, any barrier is ineffective unless it is properly manned and patrolled by ground personnel. Therefore, even if the Army Corps of Engineers builds new, improved wall sections, those walls must be manned and patrolled.

State of Emergency:  Urge Trump to Declare Cartels International Terrorist Orgs and Deploy Troops
Photo credit: Tony Avelar

And meanwhile, while the wall is being built, the border will still be as unsecured as it is right now. And it could take years for the U.S. government to purchase private land or take it by eminent domain to build the wall. The only way to truly secure the border, now and into the future, is to use the U.S. military en mass, as well as the National Guard called into national service, and, finally, by calling forth the the Militia (we the people) under 10 U.S.C. secs. 252 and 253.

That has ALWAYS been a reality. It was a reality back in 1916 when President Wilson deployed the U.S. Army and National Guard in force all along the border with Mexico, and it is a reality today. The blunt truth is that there has NEVER been enough Border Patrol agents to actually secure the border, and there still would not be enough of them even with a new high wall all along the 2,000 mile border. It takes both. It takes a proper barrier system (including walls/steel fencing), back up by sufficient man-power to patrol it, coupled with roads right behind the wall, and a layered system of additional fencing and sensors behind the primary barrier. The personnel would both patrol the actual border on the roads behind the barriers, and also be deployed in-depth to catch those who still manage to break through. Where a walls is for some reason not feasible, such as on some of the shifting sands or shifting river bed areas, such areas will be even more man-power intensive as there will need to be increased patrolling and rapid deploying response teams to interdict any illegal entry that is picked up by sensors and cameras.

Even with a wall, securing the border will take large numbers of personnel, at least three times as many as the current 21,000 CBP agents, and until that wall is built it will realistically take at least five times as many to adequately patrol the border.  It will take the U.S. military. And since they are already on the government payroll, it makes perfect sense.   Just as there were Army outposts and forts all along the border with Mexico back in 1916, the U.S. Army should once again have bases and outposts all along the border, and should use border operations and duty as part of it training and deployment cycle. Ditto for the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as. the National Guard units of each border state. If they can be used to man the DMZ in Korea to secure that border, they can be used here to secure our border. This is simply military common sense.

Given the above illustrated reality, please contact the President and urge him to make all of the following findings in his declaration of emergency.

Call the White House at:  202-456-1111

Email the White House here

And also contact President Trump’s Twitter account.

Feel free to use the below proposed findings, as well as the above write up, in your communications with President Trump, his staff, and your representatives.



President Trump’s declaration of emergency should find:

  1. That this is a national security emergency, a MILITARY invasion by international terrorists/unconventional warfare enemies, an insurrection against the laws of the union, as well as a humanitarian crisis;
  2. That the Mexican drug cartels are unconventional warfare (“fourth generation warfare”) military foes of our nation who are the de facto rulers of Mexico (especially in Northern Mexico), and who have invaded our nation and continue to invade our nation;
  3. That the brutal drug cartels, their violent street gang allies, and the violent illegal aliens they bring in, are murdering large numbers of Americans each year (Newman, CA police Cpl. Ronil Singh being the most recent victim) and taking over U.S. territory just as they have taken over Northern Mexico;
  4. That the Mexican drug cartels also directly smuggle in known terrorists and suspected terrorists, from all over the world.
  5. That those brutal drug cartels are essentially the Western Hemisphere version of ISIS, since they, just like ISIS – are brutal terrorists who move across borders to forcibly take over territory, using violence and the threat of violence to obtain their political goals of taking over the political infrastructure of towns, cities, and counties on the U.S. side of the border – as well as using bribery and corruption – all with the goal of controlling/suppressing/terrorizing the population and making local politicians and police their puppets.
  6. That the Mexican cartels then rape, torture, murder, enslave, and abuse women and children, while forcing them into sex slavery. That sexual slave trade abuse by the cartels in both Mexico and inside the U.S. is well documented and beyond question.  It is an epidemic. It is the modern version of the horrific slave trade this nation eradicated after the Civil War. The Mexican cartels are the modern slavers of the Western Hemisphere just as ISIS are the modern slavers of Africa and the Middle East.
  7. That this humanitarian crisis goes hand-in-hand with the terrorism, unconventional warfare, and invasion of our nation across our Southern border, just as such brutal treatment of women and children is part and parcel of what ISIS does in the Middle East.
  8. That, based on the above facts and findings, he is declaring the Mexican drug cartels to be international terrorist organizations in the ongoing war on terror.  
  9. in addition, thousands of Americans die each year because of the illegal drug trade that the Mexican drug cartels run and supply.
  10. Further, thousands more Americans die each year at the hands of illegal alien drunk drivers who are brought into this nation by the cartels.

He then needs to declare that, because of that military invasion by international terrorists, national security emergency, and humanitarian crisis, he is, pursuant to his powers and duties as President and as Commander-in-Chief:

  1. Ordering the U.S. military -both active duty and National Guard called into federal service –  to deploy, in force, to the southern border with Mexico (just as President Wilson did in 1916), to forcibly secure the entire length of that 2,000 mile border, now. We would also strongly encourage him to call forth the militia, made up of we the people (and especially us trained military veterans) to also serve on the border with Mexico, under 10 U.S.C. secs. 252 and 253.
  2. Ordering the U.S. military to build the necessary layered system of physical wall/steel fence; border patrol roads behind that wall/fence to make it easy to patrol and observe the barriers; and sensors and cameras to keep those barriers under constant observation (just as the U.S. military built and maintains the DMZ in Korea on the border between North and South Korea).  That barrier system would then be patrolled by both the military and by CBP, and backed up by military and Border Protection chase teams/QRFs, in ground vehicles, on foot or horseback, or deployed by helicopter, terrain depending.

And finally, President Trump needs to also declare:

  1. That the open borders fanatics on the political Left in this nation are open allies of the invading cartels, street gangs, and violent illegal aliens;
  2. That the sanctuary state law in California directly led the the death of Cpl. Ronil Singh, as Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson has publicly stated;
  3. That such “sanctuary state” and “sanctuary city” edicts are null and void from inception under the Supremacy Clause of Article VI of the Constitution;
  4. That such edicts are in fact acts of rebellion/insurrection against the laws of the Union;
  5. That those who enacted those edicts, or use them to aid, abet, and shelter illegal aliens, are committing acts of insurrection/rebellion against the constitutionally enacted laws of the Union as well as aiding and abetting the cartels in their systemic sexual slave trade and abuse of women and children that constitutes crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting their terrorism, and aiding and abetting their illicit drug trade;
  6. That those above described individuals are also committing federal felonies under long established federal law that criminalizes harboring, aiding, and abetting illegal aliens;
  7. That the Democratic Party leadership is likewise aiding and abetting the cartels, the violent illegal alien gangs, and the other violent illegal aliens in this nation, and aiding all the horrors they commit, by refusing to fund the necessary border wall/fencing to actually secure the border and by supporting, enacting, and/or encouraging “sanctuary city” and “sanctuary state” legislation/enactments that shelter, aid and abet criminal illegal aliens, including cartel terrorists and gang members.
  8. Finally, he needs to openly acknowledge the elephant in the room – that the political left in America is doing all of the above partly with the intent of illegitimately gaining a permanent lock on political power by illegally bringing in people the left hopes will predominantly vote for leftists candidates (even when illegally and fraudulently voting in elections).

The above simply reflects the reality on our Southern border, the political reality in this nation, and what must be done to stop it. We only have 21,000 Border Protection agents (capped by federal law) which is not anywhere near enough to actually secure our border, and we must have a physical barrier of wall/steel fencing, which must then be patrolled by enough boots on the ground to actually interdict and apprehend illegals when they do make it through the barriers. The President must declare an emergency and use the military to finally, completely, secure our border with Mexico. He must deploy the troops, just like President Wilson did back in 1916 after Poncho Villa and his men raided across the border.   The cartels and their allies are even worse than Poncho Villa since they don’t leave after murdering American citizens. Instead, they stay in the U.S. and work to take over, inside the U.S., just as they have taken over inside Mexico by means of terror and bribes, with their infamous “offer” of “Plato o Plomo” – “silver or lead.”

President Trump stands at a cross-roads in this nation’s history, when the survival of this nation is hanging in the balance. A nation without borders is not a nation, but is instead in a death spiral. We need only look to Northern Mexico to see where that spiral ends.

It is time to put a stop to it. And that requires military action.

Make sure President Trump hears you!

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers


PS – President Trump could also include the gangs that serve the cartels, such as MS-13, in his findings, as well as any other international cartels or gangs that are allies of the Mexican drug cartels. All of them are unconventional warfare enemies and terrorists.

CNN is reporting that President Trump may be on the verge of declaring a national emergency on our southern border and using military assets to build the wall (using the Army Corps of Engineers).   According to CNN:

“The White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border and has identified more than $7 billion in potential funds for his signature border wall should he go that route, according to internal documents reviewed by CNN.”

CNN further reports that the draft proclamation includes the following language:

“The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency,”

….”Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C 1601, et seq.), hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States,”

That is what President Trump needs to do, but we need to urge him to go a step further as outlined above.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. The wall being totally nessesary, other-wise
    Who ever may be in office can decide not to enforce the immigration laws. Leaving much unprotected borders.

  2. Great training opportunity and to hone personal personnel skills along with small-unit training. New equipment can be tested, also. Even if the wall is not built military personnel with freedom to defend themselves from armed invaders will send a strong message to evil-doers many of whom hate the Gringos of the USA.

    Seven-billions dollars will provide a LOT of personnel. If captured invaders were sentenced to hard-labor camps, perhaps assisting with building a wall, and treated akin to Sheriff Arpaio’s humane but not comfortable methods when the invaders are finally returned home maybe their tales of woe and toil and sweat and green-bologna sandwiches will be a deterrent to others.

    1. Sheriff Arpaio is still alive and kick’n to the best of my knowledge. He would be a great motivator of a small army/contingent of Arizona, NM, TX prisoners incarcerated illegals who could do some labor in the sun to build at least the clearing/infrastructure for “the wall.”

  3. I just sent an e-mail to the WH noting among other things that the President has the authority under 10 U.S.C. § 253 to call forth the militia, or the military, in order to take care of issues related to the “invasion”/illegal crossings of our border.
    This organization often calls for volunteers, so I’m confident that a force with lawful authority could be mustered in a reasonable time.
    Has there been any progress made in educating the president, or his advisers on Militia?

    1. I have directly appealed by emailing Mr. Trump calling on him to declare a national emergency and if needed, send the military to guard the border. I regret not doing this earlier, but having seen legislative efforts fail, I had no choice but to ask President Trump to declare a national emergency having been called to do so by Stewart Rhodes who is a great guy by the way.

  4. Waste of time. Trump either doesn’t have the backbone or is a globalist puppet design to deceive us. Today’s reopening of gov’t shows he isn’t with us.

  5. Please ask the Democrats why they want the Border open at many places to make it much more easy for the Drug Cartels, MS 13 Gangs, Various Criminal Elements, and Terrorist to come into our country and escape back across the border. Many of us would like to know what their reason is. There has to be a motive to this.

  6. This is my “Revised” version of this message that I just sent to the WH….

    Pres. Trump, should do the State of the Union Address right there on the Mexican border, on camera. He should send this message to Speaker Pelosi, And Senate Minority Leader Schumer:

    I invite you to join me on the border for the State of the Union Address, unless you are too scared of the cartels to go there.”

    And then extend the same invitation to all of Congress.

  7. I aagree with building the wll that the DHS already received the money to build back when Bush was Prez.

    SECURE FENCE ACT OF 2006. The Secure Fence Act was ratified by the Congress, and signed by G. Bush into law in 2006. The Secure Fence Act was already supported and VOTED for by both the Democrats and the Republicanss. The DHS ALREADY RECEIVED 1.2 BILLION to fund that WALL, a wall that was never built. Where is the money that the DHS already received FOR THAT FRENCE?

    Plus, why was this Fence that as voted for by both parties, and also funded, with 1.2 BILLION dollars given to the DHS to built that wall; and why is it still being used to irritate, divide, and agitate the American people today?

    BTW, there is NO LAWFUL thing called “emergency powers” here in the USA that anyone in any branch or named office within a branch may use. But, there is already existing a LAW requiring that already mostly funded WALL, etc for the Mexican border to be built, and our President’s duty is to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed;”. So he is REQUIRED to build that wall, no reason to go outside of the US Constitution, state Constitutions, none to go against our legitimate government to get that wall built.

    How about we just require President Trump to locate what misuse the DHS did with that wall money (misappropriation of funds), then use it and build that wall?

    1. Amen! I was troubled that POTUS said that our immigration laws are obsolete. Other than they weren’t designed to accomodate the vast numbers apprehended (and not) daily – what is wrong with current law?

  8. For the safty of our nation we must have a secure border. If President Trump will bring military personnel we have in other nations back to the U.S. to help build the wall and keep the border secure it will also be a great financial boost to our economy. Creating 1,000’s of private sector jobs. Saving citizens tax dollars because the local and state governments will not need to employee as many leo’s, jailers and many other things illegal immigrants add to the cost of our infrastructure.

  9. About 2 weeks ago I sent a letter to the President.

    Article 2, Sec. 3; “He shall from time to time give Congress…State of the Union…necessary and expedient; He may, on extraordinary Occasions convene both house, or either of them….

    Point is, it doesn’t say where he may “Convene them.” He should do this immediately and let Nancy the Horrible suck it up.

    BTW Sarah Carter was at the border recently and after 10 minutes 2 Bangladeshi fellas walked right up to her and her crew. It’s way past time to act.

  10. I think it is time for every Militia, Non Militia, Family Community Training Groups to come together and communicate about what we will have to do together to protect our borders, support the County Sheriff Departments, and set up Protection Units all over America. It also might be a good idea to get training on how to set up Defensive Compounds. May never come to that, but we need to find out our strengths and weaknesses before anything begins if Trump fails.

  11. A brilliant idea! Can we now have Antifa and BLM labeled terror organizations also, along with several members of congress as the ilk of Carlos? Solidarity brothers and sisters!

  12. Article 2, Sec. 3 paraphrased “The President shall from time to time deliver to congress the State of the Union; it further says he shall convene Congress…”

    It doesn’t say when or where he gives the State of the Union, it doesn’t say when or where he shall “Convene Congress.”

    Rather that “Inviting Congress,” he should “Convene” them on the border for the State of the Union.

  13. I have directly appealed by emailing Mr. Trump calling on him to declare a national emergency and if needed, send the military to guard the border. I regret not doing this earlier, but having seen legislative efforts fail, I had no choice but to ask President Trump to declare a national emergency having been called to do so by Stewart Rhodes who is a great guy by the way.

  14. Rethinking, ultimately agreeing with the oathkeepers dot org contention that President Trump is not acting effectively according to his oath, his commitment to USA relative to this crisis….had wrongly envisioned, that perhaps he was playing a strategic “chess game” with his/our opponents. I have sent an email to his office urging President Trump, to quit negotiating with our opponents, and to take action now. funding a wall/barrier in all strategic locations, increase surveillance, increase protection, increase security, increase armed personnel. Stop the stupid, insane negotiations, take action and secure the USA borders. Kick butt, take names, no further negotiations. Oathkeepers has the appropriate strategy and rules of engagement. Engage us, we will respond.

  15. Border Patrol Wife Invites Speaker Pelosi to See Why Walls Are Needed
    by Bob Price
    28 Jan 2019

    The wife of a Texas-based Border Patrol agent invited Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit the border to see for herself why walls are needed.

    “We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness!” Jill Demanski, the wife of a Texas-based Border Patrol agent wrote in a letter to Speaker Pelosi. She told Fox News she wrote the letter because she felt Pelosi needs to see this area of the border in person in order to make an informed decision about border security funding. …

    She emphasized that elected representatives should meet with the agents on the ground to get a more accurate understanding of the need for physical barriers and to see the actual work being done by their husbands. Another Border Patrol wife, Renea Perez, joined Demanski on Fox & Friends Monday morning, saying, “It is definitely needed. We just want them to come down there on the line and actually see where the whole argument is about.” …

    Demanski said the border wall is not a Trump issue and that Border Patrol agents have been asking for the barriers along the border for years. “We finally have a president that has come here and seen firsthand the need for it, and has had our back,” she said.

  16. Please read this entire article. As a woman, this breaks my heart that little girls and boys are being kidnapped from their homes in Mexico and Central America and smuggled into our country where they are sexually abused. Could you imagine your young granddaughter being subjected to this horror of a daily life? Could you imagine the pain of a mother in Mexico witnessing her little child taken and then never seeing them again? Could you imagine always living in fear that some evil men will kidnap your precious child? THAT is terror! The cartels ARE terrorists!

    I feel certain that the good decent people of Mexico would welcome a U.S. military incursion to rid their country of these evil violent criminals. Their children could grow up safe. Probably, the members of the Mexican military would be glad to participate with their U.S. counterparts in a joint operation to hunt down and eliminate these cartel terrorists. After all, the cartels are a serious problem which affects their country as much or more than ours.

    This DHS officer who worked to fight child sex trafficking says a strong border wall will help to prevent this horrific crime. He knows from first-hand experience what will work. I think we Americans need to listen to him. And please pray for all these poor children.
    I’ve fought sex trafficking as a DHS special agent – We need to build the wall for the children
    by Timothy Ballard

    As a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special agent on the southern border who fought sex trafficking for over a decade, I can say with certainty that the issue of the border wall should be not about power and partisan politics. It should be about the children – the tens of thousands of them who have been and are being trafficked into the U.S. and forced into the commercial sex trade. … Based on my extensive experience fighting transnational crime along the southern border, I know that we should absolutely finish building the wall for the sake of the children.

    Not long ago, a 13-year-old girl from Central America – let’s call her “Liliana” – was kidnapped from her village, then trafficked into the U.S. at a location where there is no wall or barrier. From there, she was taken to New York City, where she was raped by American men 30 to 40 times a day. The private anti-trafficking organization I founded over five years ago, Operation Underground Railroad, eventually helped Liliana escape her hell, and she is now healing in our care, as she prepares to take on her captors in federal court….

    We do these traffickers a great favor by leaving our border virtually wide open…. Had there been a wall, Liliana’s traffickers would have likely been compelled to try their luck at any given port of entry, which are armed with advanced technology and well-trained officers.

    In fact, at about the same time that Liliana was trafficked, I was participating in the rescue of a 5-year-old boy, whose trafficker had kidnapped him in Mexicali, Mexico, where there actually was a wall. Alert officers, using their sharp skills and high-tech monitoring equipment, snagged the American trafficker at the Calexico Port of Entry, rescued the boy, and then identified an entire trafficking network, allowing us to rescue many more children….

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