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Secure Borders Protect Immigrant Communities

Immigrants are the most vulnerable to transnational gangs.


The Democrats are determined to block the essential construction of a secure barrier on the dangerous U.S./Mexican border that would insure that all who enter the United States are vetted and that records of their entry into the United States are created.

Nancy Pelosi has declared that such a fortification would be “immoral” while her cohort Chuck Schumer stated that the symbol of America should not be a “Thirty foot wall, but the Statue of Liberty.”

Clearly there is a crisis on that border (along with other elements of the immigration system) but for the Democrats, the entry of millions of illegal aliens and tons of narcotics and other contraband is not a crisis but evidence of a success. For them, the entry of those aliens is the fruition of their policies’ goals.

As I have noted in several recent articles, there is certainly nothing immoral about preventing alien criminals and terrorists from entering the United States. There is nothing immoral about protecting American and lawful immigrant workers from being displaced by foreign workers or in having them suffer wage suppression because of the tsunami of a massive illegal alien Third World workforce.

New York State’s Governor Cuomo, who unbelievably referred to ICE agents as “Thugs,” decided to be publicly sworn in at Ellis Island to begin his third term in office. He selected Ellis Island to further his fraudulent claim that he is “pro-immigrant.” In reality, he is a staunch advocate for immigration anarchy and illegal immigration that most endangers the immigrant communities in his state.

President Trump has been accused of being “anti-immigrant” when, in point of fact, his actions and policies are the most “pro-immigrant” we have seen in many, many years.

America under the Trump administration continues to admit roughly one million lawful immigrants each and every year and naturalize hundreds of thousands of new United States citizens each and every year but is determined to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the United States.

However, the language of the immigration debate was skewed decades ago, making an honest discussion or debate all but impossible.

We are frequently misled by those who claim that we are being “politically correct” in avoiding the use of the term “Alien.” In point of fact, there is no insult in that term. It is an innocuous term that is simply defined by the Imitation and Nationality Act as being “Any person, not a citizen or national of the United States.”

This is, in reality, not about offending non-citizens but is an example of using Orwellian newspeak to blur and obfuscate what should be clear distinctions between citizens and aliens and between aliens who are lawfully present in the United States and aliens who are illegally present.

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  1. The current narrative centers around, Progressives wanting illegals for a growing voting base.

    Consider this; If we were able to magically stop the Inner City Gang Murders, Gun Homicides would drop precipitously. Look at the meat that would take from their gun control narrative.

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