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Pelosi, Schumer denounce border wall — from behind a wall!


by Kyle Olson – January 8, 2019

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t want average Americans to be protected by a wall, but are just fine being protected by one themselves.

The Democrat leaders delivered a rebuttal to President Trump’s Oval Office address just outside the Speaker’s office in the U.S. Capitol.

That building is protected by steel barriers and fences — precisely the types of protective tools President Trump is seeking for the country.

[These photos are] examples from an AFP video showing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arriving for her swearing in last week:


Pelosi, Schumer denounce border wall — from behind a wall!

Attribution: The American Mirror





  1. Of course.
    At least Trump has admitted he can build the wall by EO.
    I’ve been telling people for 2 years now while being told he can’t.
    Why hasn’t he? Whats the excuse?
    He says he wants to make a deal.
    An amnesty deal?

    1. “At least Trump has admitted he can build the wall by EO.”

      Actually Lawfully he cannot. But because of the SECURE FENCE ACT OF 2006. Which was RATIFIED by pretty much the complete Congress, and WAS SIGNED INTO LAW in 2006, Oct 26, 2006 is when it was signed by G. Bush. That Bill was Supported and voted for by both the Democrats and & Republicans. Really important is that the DHS ALREADY RECEIVED 1.2 BILLION to fund the wall that, as is happening now, was never built.

      Remember the DHS ALREADY has a start of $1.2 BILLION to get going on that wall. That money was for that border fence, and Border Protection as laid out in writing ONLY. That money is already there, and drew interest (hah!) and I am sure that a “Law Enforcement” agency would never steal that money.

      If they did we then need to charge those still living who were involved with or did not put a stop to the crimes they committed at that time, starting with Misappropriation of Funds (since building a wall is STILL being discussed it should still be a crime that can be charged/prosecuted), as we should be doing with many others who serve within our governments who use the people’s money (remember they are our representatives doing things in OUR name) for the things the people required it to be used for, multiple felonies, Perjury, etc. Those things are always put in writing.

  2. I’m so sick of the news media always calling it “Trump’s wall” or saying he wants “his wall.” Every darn article. Part of their propaganda.

    It is the American people’s wall. It is Kate Steinle’s wall. It is Jamiel Shaw’s wall. It is Officer Singh’s wall. It is OUR big beautiful wall to protect the American people from killers and invaders.

    Please listen to Mr. Jamiel Shaw Sr.’s interview on Fox News in March 2018. He is the man in Los Angeles whose teenage son — a good boy, not a gang member — was murdered by an illegal alien with a criminal record. I was at a Trump rally standing only a few feet away from Mr. Shaw when he spoke about losing his son as he died in his arms only 2 blocks away from home, and I began to cry. A promising young life was taken in cold blood. This tragedy truly touches my heart. How much more must we Americans suffer?

  3. The reason politicians don’t want a wall is because they want open borders. They know open borders is just one more way to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.
    The way I see it this country is on its heels. Trump needs to go all out. Our enemy is Globalism.

  4. Are we still in America?
    There are easy answers to most of our problems in America.
    Anymore in America, the lawyers and judges do what they want by interpreting simple readings (Constitution, Bill Of Rights) complicating things and confusing people to a point that nobody can understand them.
    Most of the people “we hire as employees” to run our country, are what I call Check Collectors, that never give us our moneys worth.
    Be honest with your self, how much of our freedom do we still have?
    Think of what would get fixed if we went back to the Constitution, Medical, Retirement…
    These people that Work For Us are supposed to be on the same programs than us (medical, retirement).
    Over 20 trillion in debt is nothing, look at the Unfunded that we have, over 122 trillion.
    These people threw away 5 billion before I got up this morning.
    People forget that working for the Government, should be looked at as Serving Your Country (as most of us did).
    It seems that people that are in our governments look at it differently these days?

  5. Pelosi Won’t Take Meetings with Any US Citizen Whose Family Member Was Killed by Illegal Alien
    Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends.

    Border Angel Wife: I’m Disgusted by Nancy Pelosi — She Does Not Care
    Dawn Witherspoon appeared on a Fox News program. Her husband was killed by a drunk driver in a sanctuary city, Jupiter Florida. The offices of her Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson would not even take her calls and help keep the illegal alien in jail on an ICE detainer.

  6. Victims of Illegal Immigration Storm Nancy Pelosi’s Office
    15 Jan. 2019

    Angel families, American victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens, marched on Capitol Hill and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Tuesday, along with legislators and Women for Trump.

    The Angel families chanted “build the wall” in Pelosi’s office.

    Americans who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens and because of open borders gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday urging Congress to fund a wall along the U.S. southern border for border security.

    Angel Moms: Pelosi “Won’t Take Meetings with Family of People Who Have Died.”

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