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Judges Gone Rogue

Judge embraces “Lawfare” to obstruct immigration law enforcement.


With increasing frequency judges have issued rulings that run contrary to the laws and commonsense.

Nowhere has this become a more serious issue than where immigration law enforcement is concerned.

It has become fashionable for the radical left to bash our nation’s sovereignty, our borders and the notion of our immigration laws.  Of course the initial desire to open our border to “free trade” began with Conservatives and Libertarians who saw in our borders barriers to their wealth to be acquired by importing goods and workers from outside the United States.

The increasingly radicalized Democratic Party has come completely unhinged where immigration law enforcement is concerned, creating so-called “Sanctuary Cities” which openly boast that they will shield “immigrants” from immigration law enforcement.

Of course, as I have written in numerous articles, lawful immigrants and temporary (non-immigrant) alien visitors need no shielding from ICE no more than licensed motorists who operate their motor vehicles in compliance with motor vehicle laws need no shielding from police officers.

New York State’s Governor Cuomo has endorsed sanctuary polities for New York State and has referred to valiant ICE agents as “Thugs.”

Shielding illegal aliens from ICE undermines the efforts of the DHS to deter aliens from entering the United States illegally and deter aliens who are lawfully admitted from subsequently violating our immigration laws by overstaying their lawful period of admission, accepting illegal employment or otherwise violating their terms of their admission.

In point of fact, under the provisions of a federal law that is comprehended within the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S. Code § 1324, it is a felony to harbor or shield illegal aliens from detection.

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  1. I agree border security and supporting lawful entry into America are critically necessary for our sovereignty. I wish, however, the following example had not been used in this article.

    (quote): “…lawful immigrants and temporary (non-immigrant) alien visitors need no shielding from ICE no more than licensed motorists who operate their motor vehicles in compliance with motor vehicle laws need no shielding from police officers…” (end quote)

    It is technically unconstitutional for our government to require its citizens to have a license simply to travel the roadways. Law enforcement and the judiciary have been behaving unlawfully and criminally against Americans for decades and have abused their authority in this regard.

    A license means the government has granted a privilege to a person. Free persons have a right to travel freely and unencumbered. By requiring a license (and coercing citizens into going along with it under threat of prosecution) the government has turned a right into a government controlled privilege. It is fraud and theft.

    Very bad example.

    1. Seriously ? So you are a “sovereign” citizen ? So you are traveling freely without license and insurance and you injure or kill someone ? Let anyone travel under influence of anything they want and not be responsible for injury ? What you spouse is not freedom but is chaos.

      1. You are trying to conflate sovereign citizen (which is anti-government) with free American (which is constitutional, anti-corrupt government). They are different. It’s only a freedom at a time, bit by bit, til they are all gone.

    2. It is a good thing that people coming of age be required to learn how to drive and apply for a drivers license. Just makes good sense, but it is wrong to say we need to have an I.D. with us at all times and law enforcement can stop us at anytime and ask us for I.D. when we have done nothing wrong. I have never been asked at the border coming back into the United States for an I.D., but have been asked if we are United States Citizens and I always said yes with out any problem. Yes, I could have said, none of your business and then create a scene for no reason. Always live to fight a bigger fight.

  2. Hey Brian, being a sovereign does not absolve responsibility. It takes responsibility to a higher standard. You obviously know nothing about sovereignty or being a sovereign citizen.

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