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AZ Rancher Jim Chilton Speaks on Border Issues

President Trump met with Arizona rancher Jim Chilton this week reviewing hidden camera video showing drug and alien smuggling near his home.  To date, after documenting thousands of drug  traffickers and suspected illegal aliens on camera; no patrol road or fence exists on the 15 plus mile long section of border on his ranch.

The video is from the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention | New Orleans, Louisiana. More on the President Trump at the convention is here at the White House website.

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes met with rancher Jim Chilton on his Arizona border ranch a few months ago to discuss how the flow of illegal immigrants and contraband affects him and his ranch.



From Stewart Rhodes:

I am very pleased to see that President Trump has met with Arizona border rancher Jim Chilton. Last year I traveled to the Chilton ranch and met with Mr. Chilton and his lovely wife to get their input on the border situation. I can tell you President Trump is talking to the right rancher to get the real scoop on what much be done to secure the border.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers






  1. Think of the unalienable God given rights of Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The drug cartel and illegal immigrants cost Mr. Chilton $2M in one year from fires they started on his ranch. I hope these criminals keep away from his house. But who’s to stop them? Can you imagine? That elderly gentleman and his wife shouldn’t have to live with such people trespassing, destroying and threatening him and his home.
    We need the wall and a patrolling and monitoring force to keep the criminals out. Shame on democrats and republicans in congress who have held back the funds for a wall (even when we had a Republican majority in both houses). Let multiple construction companies and the Army Corps of Engineers get to work on the best plans and specifications they have developed for an effective wall. Now.

  2. Here’s the biggest problem for this country right here, next to the Communist Democrats: the Koch brothers. They contribute heavily to many Republican candidates for the House and the Senate. They are open border advocates because they want the cheap labor that illegals represent. They are delusional in that they believe the Hispanic illegal aliens will assimilate into America and vote Republican.

    The Koch brothers refused to support Donald Trump when he ran for President, and one of them said he’d prefer Hillary to be President. It’s suspected that they were behind Mitt Romney gathering up a group of Congressional Republicans to come out against Trump before the election. They also reportedly ran Evan McMullin as a 3rd party candidate in some states, especially in Utah, to pull votes away from Trump. I briefly volunteered for one of their organizations in 2016 and quit in disgust.

    The Koch bothers are no friends of this country. They are not patriots. They are the reason why, when we vote in Republicans, we get the same carp that the Democrats dish out once elected.

    The Koch’s will sell out American citizens and destroy our freedom and security to increase their own wealth. Somehow these wealthy elitists remain isolated from the crimes we ordinary Americans have to face living around and driving on the roads with the criminal illegal aliens in our country. How can the Koch brothers ignore the Angel Moms?

    The Koch brothers are now undoubtedly putting pressure on those in Congress whose campaigns they helped finance to give permanent amnesty to millions of illegals. I’m glad that Trump did not take their money. We have a real chance with Trump that he will do the right thing to solve the illegal immigration problem once and for all. We need to pray for President Trump so that he will stay strong and fight for us.

    Billionaire Kochs: Shutdown Is ‘Golden Opportunity’ for Amnesty for Illegals
    by John Binder
    18 Jan. 2019

    The pro-mass immigration Koch brothers’ network of billionaire, donor class organizations is asking Congress to “seize” upon the government shutdown to pass a permanent amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

  3. For more actual footage of illegal border crossings from this ranch and others you can go to or search secureborderintel on YouTube.
    The footage captured is eye opening, this is not a “MANUFACTURED CRISIS” these illegal trespassers do cost border ranch owners tremendous amounts of money in repairs as well as trash cleanup.

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