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Veterans Outreach Program – American Survival Wholesale

From Chance at American Survival Wholesale:

Veterans are very close to our hearts. Some are homeless. Some are sleeping in their cars. WE CANNOT ignore this! We are blessed with food and shelter however, there are many Veterans who are struggling here in the country they served. Please help with a donation and allow us to help them.

By adding your donation to the cart we will send out over 165 servings of breakfast lunch and dinner. A blanket if needed. A stove if needed. Body warmers if needed. Hygiene products if needed. And much More!

For every donation of $100.00 we can feed one deserving person.  By adding to the cart 2x, 3x, 4x or more you can feed entire families in need during the Christmas Holiday.

As an member of Oath Keepers, we also support each other. If you or your family can use some food, please reach out to us as well.

Remember, you can make a difference!




Chance is a member of Oath Keepers. He and his wife have provided many thousands of meals for Oath Keepers disaster relief efforts to help the survivors of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Florida again this year. 

Now, American Survival Wholesale is providing meals for hungry veterans, plus other necessities. Your donations will cover their costs so they can continue this effort.

We appreciate and support this project to help our veterans in need.



Veterans Outreach Program - American Survival Wholesale




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