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  1. Our destroyer pulled into Pearl in 1975. Had time to walk around the base. Concrete building still showed the scars of shrapnel gouging out chunks of concrete. Here and there in out-of-the-way areas were old well-eroded trenches with rusted barbed wire in front.

    The Arizona Memorial called out and once upon it many thoughts arrived. I had read many accounts of the Pearl Harbor attack and WW2 as a whole. The visuals there brought an impact words alone can’t convey.

    A cruise two years later had us pulling into Pearl aboard an amphibious assault ship… a helicopter/troop carrier. Arriving from San Diego the Sea Scots we had aboard were to disembark and head home while we headed west to who know what awaited. The Sea Scout leader spoke to us via the ship-wide announcing system. He had been a quartermaster aboard the USS Nevada during the attack. Attempting to escape the battleship headed out the channel towards sea but battle damage was so extensive they wisely beached the ship to allow future repairs.

    Unable to remember that guy’s name but I well-remember his describing what he had seen as we pulled into Pearl. A first-hand account with the added impact of his saying “And over there, above that hill, a flight of torpedo-planes swarmed in and I saw their torpedoes hit the water with a few explosions within battleship row moments later” and many other comments that brought to life for us that fateful day. Mere luck had that fellow aboard our ship and me being there as well.

    USA warships headed outward or inward from multi-month “WesPac” (western Pacific) tours, when entering Pearl Harbor, man-the-rails in dress uniforms and while passing the Arizona Memorial a hand-salute is given. Unsure if Navy regulation requires that or if it is tradition and done by choice by the ship’s captain. Whatever the reason it adds impact to entering the site of a sudden attack upon the USA (I am including territories).

    Surely those visiting the World Trade Center memorial or the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania will have similar feelings. I fear the USA is undergoing a different type of attack by forces as fearsome as those of the Axis during WW2. Beware. Do not allow those killed by evil in the past die in vain. Preserve the USA and our wonderful Western civilization. All of it is besieged by tyrannical evil and their barbarian lackeys.

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