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Tavor X95 in 300 Blackout – New Raffle Starts Now!

First prize for this raffle is the Tavor X95 in 300 Blackout (retail value $2,200). 

Second prize is an Oath Keepers Lifetime Membership (retail value $1,000)

This raffle will run from the time it’s posted until December 31, 2018. The drawing will be livestreamed on facebook on New Years Day.  (Time to be announced here closer to the drawing.) For those who do not do facebook, the video of the drawing will be posted here.

The tickets for this raffle are $30 each.

The rifle will be shipped from our FFL to the FFL designated by the winner of the rifle.


A Tavor X95 in 300 Blackout

Tavor X95 in 300 Blackout - New Raffle Starts Now!

Proceeds from this raffle will help support Oath Keepers, our disaster relief work and other operations, expanding our new website, our Spartan Training Group program, and other new programs now in the works.

Good Luck! Here’s the raffle entry link





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  1. Still confused why it seems like nobody is talking about Gary J Willis from Maryland that was murdered by a band of Oath Breaking thugs trying to illegally take his guns under the “Red Flag” law there. Keep in mind a whole bunch of people have had their guns taken by force already, only difference is Gary wasn’t a coward.

    Not really sure how much more closer we can get to the “Occupation of Boston” here before people start speaking up constantly. I mean for gods sake we haven’t even had the “Boston Tea Party” yet.

    I’m going by history and a belief that the 2A is defensive, never fire until fired upon, but if we haven’t even had massive protests “Boston Tea Party” over the fact everything is taxed, we are spied on constantly, they keep chipping away at the 2A and the Constitution looks like Swiss cheese right now then how in the world is “Lexington Green” ever going to happen?

    At this rate “Lexington Green” will not happen and what will happen is more of Gary J Willis, they will also make sure it’s people who aren’t in Militias or Patriot groups, keep the population in a state of fear, brainwash the kids so they never buy guns, wait for gun owners to die off of old age and then move in for the kill.

    There will be a “Lexington Green” but at this rate it will happen and there will not be anyone at that “North Bridge” to send them back to “Boston”

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