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Sometimes, Santa Wears Sheriff Green and Drives a Truck

by Troy Hill, a Coast Guard veteran, on facebook. There are many “Santa’s” revealed here due to outstanding teamwork:


There is a Santa!

On Monday my boss informed me we were getting rid of a used trailer that we no longer needed. His wife suggested we donate it to a victim of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA (450 miles away). I started a search and by the end of the day it was difficult to contact victims. I could not tell a real need from a scam (some people are sick). Who knew this would be so hard?

On Tuesday I suggested we donate the trailer to a first responder. So I called the Butte County Sheriff Dept and told them what was up. Within a couple of hours I was connected to a young officer who had a wife and two small children. They had lost everything. Now, the question was, how do we get this rig up there – fast. Today (Wednesday) I called both the Los Angeles Police Dept and Sheriff Dept, and although eager to help, they were not sure they could (damn lawyers). So I then called friends within both agencies! Within 1.5 hours I had officers from both departments offering help.

At 3:00 pm two off duty Deputies showed up in a truck they had to borrow from a local business. They were prepared to make the 900 mile trip tonight (a brother needed help). They showed up with two big bags of new toys for the kids. It was also decided we should leave everything in the RV (pots, dishes, etc) and let them decide what they could use and donate the rest. They should have a home by midnight tonight.

Santa does not always wear red, sometimes he wears safety green. Elves don’t always wear green, sometimes they wear LAPD blue, and sometimes they wear Sheriff green.

Some days I love my job!

It’s been a tough few weeks here in California. This is just our way of saying thank you to all the first responders who are standing the watch.

I left names off this post, but you know who you are.
Thank you everyone!
Especially Santa’s wife, it was her idea!

PS: at 11:45 pm the family had their new home.
At 6:30 am Thursday the two officers were home taking a nap before their next shift.

Great job guys!





  1. Fantastic! I love a real, honest to God, true story about good works.

    I also get it when you say, “some days I love my job.” Occasionally I am asked if I liked or enjoyed my military career. My standard response is, “it was a love-hate relationship. I was either loving it or hating it, depending on the day.”

    As a retired Navy Seabee, my most satisfying jobs were the Civic Action Projects for the people or communities in under developed places. Seabees often take on volunteer projects outside their normal work hours and assignments/duties. It’s usually good for a Navy Letter of Appreciation, but that isn’t why we do it. Some of us could wallpaper our houses with those letters, but that and a dollar might get you a cup of coffee.

    Oath Keepers has really stepped up their game with all the hurricane relief efforts and other humanitarian assistance. I wasn’t able to get to the Carolina coast to help. I’m in the middle of a major house renovation and no way my wife was going to allow me to leave her with half a kitchen. It pains me that I was only 5 hours away and could not contribute. Maybe next time.

  2. Your boss, you and the men I blue gave a family one of the most important gifts they will ever receive. Thank you for stepping up and helping your neighbor!

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