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Urgent: Please Donate to Critical Florida Hurricane Relief

Oath Keepers is on the ground in Florida doing critical relief for survivors in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Michael, such as Panama City, Marianna, and surrounding areas. We are doing medical checks, critical security escorts for medics and nurses, clearing roads, and food and water deliveries.

We are also helping protect the town of Malone, FL from looters. See Note from Stewart Rhodes below.

However we need YOU to donate to support us so we can keep going and so we can expand our relief efforts.

Our veterans are willing to donate their time and sweat, boots on the ground in Florida. But they need you to donate financially to keep them going.

Please donate here:



NOTE: from Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers:

We have some amazingly talented veterans on the ground working hard to help those in need in areas that were hammered hard by the hurricane. Those areas are without power, without effective emergency communications, with shut down hospitals, and with local emergency medical spread too thin, and elderly people stranded in their homes. They also need help with security.

Our men have the skills, the experience, and are willing to donate their time but they need fuel, food, and other logistical support. They need your donations to keep going. Please donate what you can to help those who can and will step up.

Some of our experts are driving in from out of state and the fuel bill alone will be substantial. We can’t keep going unless we have sufficient donations.

Thank you for your support. Let’s show what patriots can do when we work together.

And remember that we welcome other groups to come in and help. You DO NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer.

God bless,



UPDATE: from Nancy

The nurses we are escorting for wellness checks are seeing a need for baby supplies, including formula and baby food. We can buy these items just outside the disaster area and deliver them. Food and water are needed. We have been asked to do security for a warehouse of disaster supplies. Communications are a problem with no power and poor to non-existent cell service. We have both more HAM operators and also more HAM radios on the way. We just bought more necessary supplies/tools at the Lowes in Defuniak Springs. We have disaster supplies, including food on the way to Florida.

This hurricane was so devastating, it may take a month to get power restored in some areas. In other areas, like Mexico Beach, all that’s left of many homes is just a concrete slab.  There is nothing for families to go back to.

To support out efforts, we need more people with skills, and the funds for both our volunteers’ expenses and for emergency supplies for Florida Panhandle residents in need.

To volunteer, the email is

We have several Calls to Action with more details on the website, including this original one: URGENT National CALL TO ACTION to Assist in Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief in Florida

We would very much appreciate any donations to help fund this operation. You can donate online here:



Or, if you prefer, mail a check here:

Oath Keepers
5130 S. Fort Apache Rd. Ste. 215
Las Vegas, NV 89148


Urgent: Please Donate to Critical Florida Hurricane Relief
Both photos – Scott Olson via Getty Images

Victims of Hurricane Michael wait in line to receive a donation of up to five gallons of gas in Panama City.





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