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As Univision Reporter, Jorge Ramos Tells Fox News’ Viewers Caravan Is Harmless, MIGRANT MOB MEMBER Flashes Gang Sign


During an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, hack reporter and Univision propagandist, Jorge Ramos attempted to convince her viewers that the “vast majority” of illegal aliens who are part of the illegal mob heading to the U.S. border were not “criminals” or “terrorists”. Ramos told MacCallum, “They’re not even immigants, they’re refugees”. Ramos continued, admonishing MacCallum and her viewers, demanding that we “must treat them with respect”.

“Just Wendy” on Twitter tweeted: Well during the whole time Jorge the bs artist was talking to all I saw were 20 year old men no women or children,there was this gem throwing up gang signs. Make no mistake this is an invasion.





  1. I am a Oathkeeper and My Question is When are We Going to Show Up in Force as We the People?? It’s Obvious that These People who are Flying the Flag of there Country, and Not Putting Up an American flag it seems Evedent That We don’t want these People in Our Country when They don’t even have the Decency to Fly the American Flag and I feel like this whole thing is Just Another Ploy on the Leftist Socialist Disorder and Even the Bomb’s that were (Supposedly)sent to There Houses was about the same as the Las Vegas Incident!! And Even the Parkland Shootings I Believe it was a Well Orchestrated Incident as Horrible as it is, I feel like The Big Money People who are for Taking Away the Second Amendment Rights are Getting Weary of Throwing Millions of Dollars Away for the Gun Grabbers of the Leftist Socialist Loosers are Starting to Use People to Make it as Terrible as Possible!! How Long are We the People Going to Put Up with This??

  2. Good catch, “Just Wendy”. Shared all around. For more information on gangs currently active in the US and central and south America, go to the website This is the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association. Thanks Nancy!

  3. Um, I’m an Oath Keeper & I was in military intelligence (Army) and later law enforcement (the corrections side) and the “signs” the migrant flashed didn’t look familiar to me, so I did some research. It turns out that both “signs” are the letter “L” in the sign language alphabet and they do not come up on any of the available gang sign charts. While I could have missed a particular chart, at present time, father applying the rules of logic
    I learned while completing a bachelor’s and 2 Master’ Degrees, I don’t think this are actually gang signs.

    1. Umm, well there Brian, I don’t care whether it’s gang signs or not… If you don’t come here legally who would want them here?
      And, umm, Brian, it doesn’t take an education to figure out right from wrong… I’m absolutely positive that my forefathers would agree that my tax dollars shouldn’t pay for illegals to be housed, fed and school on my tax dollars

    2. I checked this video out with someone who is a retired Lt. from California Corrections and a gang specialist. The guy giving the gang signs is MS-13. There is a longer video that shows him hiding his face with the hoodie before doing the gang signs for the camera. He’s sending a message…

  4. This is an interesting moment to point out that Univision was a particular news network that I actually saw change from excellent and accurate reporting into being bought out into a “Fake News” network. Mexican news has always been extremely accurate and gives full coverage, as in you will see the dead bodies up close, get a true picture of what really happened. You will see blood. It is ugly, but the truth often is. A popular TV show, TV Alarma shows video footage of events recorded by video cameras, phones, etc. It is not for the faint of heart. Most is just amusing or a little disturbing, like shows in the US. However, you will also see video of actual fatal shootings, etc.
    I have always found Mexican news refreshing in that it is more true news than fake.
    I was shocked the day that Univision was corrupted. It was night and day. Awful disappointment.

    So, I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of that network. The fake news plague has also spread South.

    I commented in the topic about putting troops on the border how I could live with legal immigrants, but under no condition did I want the Central American *culture* here. I have no concern about anything except the bad aspects of the culture from there. For example, would anyone here want North Korean culture to contaminate us? Scary.

    This is an excellent example. MS-13 comes from Central America. It is absolutely horrific in the joy of terrorizing and torturing far beyond the “regular” cartels (which are truly awful also). These gang members are as bad as the Islamist terrorists. Should they gain a strong foothold here, we are in deep trouble.
    We must keep these people out or we will start to have the hellholes that the refugees have brought to Europe.

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