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GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – See new movie excerpts!

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Progress Report

28 October 2018


Dear GOOD GUY and GOOD GAL Associate,

The fine-cut for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is now finished. Watch some of the excerpts below to see what you will be missing out on if you don’t get a screencredit.



Please note, the music is not yet in the fine-cut, so you will have to imagine the film with music.

We still need completion and marketing funds, so if you donate now, you can still be acknowledged with a screencredit. Just go to to donate and get details on which screencredits are still available.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS features the following “cast” of experts:


RON PAUL, PAT BUCHANAN and a few others make cameo appearances to remind us how important the Second Amendment is.

I also want to welcome BRIAN ROCKEY and his wife VICTORIA back into the Producer Unit. Brian has supported the past 3 films with donations in excess of $15,000. Without these generous donations, MAINSTREAM, MIDNIGHT RIDE and MOLON LABE may never have been produced. You and I — as well as all people who call themselves “American citizens” – owe Brian and Victoria a serious debt of gratitude for rising above and beyond the financial call of duty and donating in place of many who could not afford to donate – or who didn’t recognize the importance of these films in a timely manner.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS has been in production since 03 November 2017 – six mass-shootings ago. Even though we are getting this movie done sooner than most of our past productions, it’s been so long, some of you may have forgotten what the movie is about. Thus, here’s a reminder of what it’s about:


Why are we seeing mass shootings in our schools, churches and public places? Why do almost all of our “experts” — criminologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and clergy — have no answers? And the “gun-control lobby” – it almost seems as if they WANT mass shootings so they can “justify” infringements of the Second Amendment and promote the Globalist Agenda. Scholars tell us that Governments have killed over 262 million of their own citizens in the past century alone? So is the reason we “keep and bear arms” really for target practice and duck hunting? What kind of destruction would a World Government do if this is what National Governments do? GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS asks some hard questions. Academia, Statists and the Mainstream Media (with their Big Pharma clients) have a vested interest in suppressing the answers to these questions. So what can WE THE PEOPLE do to deter tyranny and mass shootings?

Matrix Entertainment in association with OATH KEEPERS present GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — Written & Directed by James Jaeger — Produced by Edwin Vieira, Jr., and Brian & Victoria G. Rockey — Executive Producer: Gerald Tufts — Associate Producers: Carol Snyder, Nancy Larned, Elias Alias


Lastly, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS has been inspired by the following must-read books:

by Edwin Vieira, J.D.

by Peter Breggin, M.D.

by David Wos


Given the elements and subject matter, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS may turn out to be one of our best films, so watch a few excerpts and help us complete this project.


Be a part! Help us complete this film by donating what you can. If you are of modest means, $50, $100, $250 or $500 will really help and we will acknowledge you with a prominent Production Assistant, Production Associate, Associate Producer or Executive Producer screencredit in the end titles of the completed documentary. See sample END Titles here.

If you are of more means, $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 will garner you one of the few remaining screencredits of Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Producer in the MAIN titles. See sample of MAIN Titles here.

Again, to donate, go to  All of the screencredit details are there, including access to the narration script, the production budget, trailers, more excerpts and the official website.

When GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is done, it will premiere at a special site and be available for pre-order on DVD at  Donors will have special access to a URL to watch the movie for free for as long as they want AND to share it with family, friends and associates as they want to keep informed about Constitutional principles. So be a donor and help spread the knowledge. The opportunity for screencredits is ending soon. And remember, these films could be part of your legacy as digital files will be around on the Internet for hundreds or thousands of years. Human beings are only around for about 80 years.

And speaking of the Internet, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — like our 8 previous films — will eventually be up on the Internet as a free public service. Even though we joke that “GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is a film NOT coming to a theater near you,” this film COULD go viral — like one of our earlier films, FIAT EMPIRE — and reach many more people than mere theaters.

In this case, your donations will have made it possible for millions of people to learn how to remedy mass-shootings and the real reasons we “keep and bear arms.” Yes, the experts interviewed in GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS offer solutions you will never hear in the Mainstream Media. Thank you for helping make this important film possible.







  1. I support you completely. Right now i have a concealed carry in NY Suffolk County, which only allows me to carry from range to home. Even as a Federal Officer for immigration i can’t carry as a private citizen-stupid. Thanks to the politicians running the State. How can we overcome this. I have a ccw in 41 states and some are open carry. Where is my right in NY? So many restrictions yet criminals are better armed than me.

  2. Your statement, “criminals are better armed than me”, is one of many reasons that almost all of my family left California. There, I was limited to 10 round magazines to defend my home. Criminals obviously don’t follow laws and that puts law-abiding citizens at a severe disadvantage. My first act on driving into my new state was to buy a standard capacity magazine. Because I could. We don’t even need a permit to carry open or concealed. This is as it should be since we have a natural right to self defense, protected by the Second Amendment. I’ve lived all over the country and I’ve never felt safer than I do here. Gun control isn’t about guns. It’s about control.

  3. I have tried to watch the excerpts three different times on two different pages all attempts have been unsuccessful. YouTube says that it dosen’t exist. Are you being shadow baned on this?

    1. I apologize for that. The producer has removed the excerpts because the movie is now finished. I will be posting an article about that tonight. There are three excerpts in the new article, including one by Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes.

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