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Serena Williams Melts Down

It all started when Serena Williams’ coach was caught using hand signals in an attempt to coach her, which is a violation of the rules in tennis. He later admitted he was guilty of signalling her. She was penalized for the infraction. She later smashed her racquet to the court, which was another infraction of the rules, for which she was given a second penalty which caused her to fly into a tantrum and accuse the umpire of being a “thief”, at which point the umpire gave her a third penalty, which gave the game in progress to her opponent. Serena went on to lose the match, and began virtue signalling in the press that she was standing up for women’s rights.

Serena Williams throws a tantrum and the media immediately rushed to her defense. Why? Because she was a “victim” who stood up to her oppressors. Give me a break!

The political correctness that has already infected football has now infected tennis! Maybe Nike will now give her a sponsorship contract, like Colin Kaepernick got. If they don’t give her one, will they be accused of sexism?

Serena’s childish meltdown is a symbol, if you will, of the collapse of political correctness. Political correctness has gone to such laughable extents as to become a caricature of itself. Nothing about PC makes any sense anymore. It is just a jumble of victimhood, virtue signalling and childish behavior.


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  1. What I found even sadder is that, when the match was announced to Osaka, the crowd booed her. What a sad, ugly commentary on the state of the American public. Even the announcer got in on the action, during the awarding of the trophy, she said, “I know this isn’t the result we were hoping for…” I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a display of poor sportsmanship.

  2. So, if You’re a non-white or female SJW, you can do whatever the “f” you want. Rules don’t apply to them, except for the unwritten rule…if caught breaking the rules, throw a hissy fit and claim oppression, which automatically negates all other rules.

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