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  1. Good and important post.

    The deep state thinks they are above the law and have no respect for the constitution nor our rights nor their position as a servant to the citizen. They’ll soon be exposed, some will be jailed, some will pay the ultimate price for their treason.

    But….We deplorables need to get the vote out for the midterm elections. The left has gone off the rails with what they intend to do to us. Trust they will double down on imposing their hate on us after losing in 2016.

  2. Honestly, I’m disappointed to see Oath Keepers indoctrinated by the proven LARP that is Q, and then further promote it on their site. It discredits you immensely. It’s my hope that one day you will understand this.

    1. Please show me where Q has been proven to be a LARP. I’m always open to new information. However, given the obvious interaction between President Trump and Q, I find it hard to believe that our president has the time or inclination for Live Action Role Play.

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