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Please Help Support Oath Keepers Anti-Looting Operations in NC


UPDATE 10-3-18: We are winding down our hurricane disaster relief operation in North Carolina, and we no longer need out of state volunteers. We have enough there to finish training and mentoring locals in their own neighborhood watch. 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help those devastated by Hurricane Florence, to the businesses who supported our efforts, and to everyone who donated to help make this operation a reality. We could still use additional donations to help reimburse our volunteers’ personal travel expenses. 

The email address will be manned for another week.

To prepare for any future disasters, please consider starting a Neighborhood Watch or similar group through your local police department. Oath Keepers’ CPT (Community Preparedness Teams) are an expanded version of the Neighborhood Watch concept.



Oath Keepers has been asked to provide armed security to protect a North Carolina community that was devastated by Hurricane Florence, and since has been victimized by repeated, systemic looting, by organized looters who came across the flooded areas in boats to raid homes.  We are putting a stop to the looting, but we need your help.

Please donate to support this mission.


Your donation helps get our volunteers on the ground and keep them going.  Oath Keepers is also providing security for disaster relief distribution centers in NC and helping to bring in truckloads of emergency relief supplies, just as we did last year in TX, FL, and Puerto Rico.

Please Help Support Oath Keepers Anti-Looting Operations in NCClearing downed trees in North Carolina.

We have also been conducting medical wellness checks, distributing clean water and food to flood victims, as well as clearing trees, and aiding elderly and disabled victims of the hurricane – helping them get their lives back to normal.

Please Help Support Oath Keepers Anti-Looting Operations in NC

Oath Keepers aiding a woman who needed help, food, and water.


Every little bit helps so please donate all you can.

If you can volunteer in North Carolina, please see our Call to Action.

The contact email is:

Thank you and God bless.

Oath Keepers



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


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