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Orban and Farage stand up to George Soros and his EU Parliament cronies

Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage spoke in front of the EU Parliament just prior to the vote to invoke Article 7, which could lead to the censure of Hungary, sanctions, and includes the possibility of stripping Hungary of its voting rights in the EU Parliament. Why? Because Orban, and Hungary, refuse to have their country flooded with illegal immigrants. Quite simply, Orban is standing up against the Globalists and, therefore, must be silenced.


Shorty Dawkins

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  1. It’s fitting that globalism is collapsing in Europe, since that’s where it started. If England breaks free from the EU maybe Hungary and many others will do the same. Elites in Europe are evil dudes, they stand by watching as there women are raped and innocent men are thrown in jail. What happened to Tommy Robinson is a disgrace; everyone involved in his arrest, from the cops to the judge should be fired, then loose any benefits past/future they have.

    1. I agree completely, Chuck. Tommy Robinson never should have been arrested. The motto of the Globalists is “Order Ab Chao” (Order Out of Chaos) where they CREATE the chaos in order to move things to the LEFT. They use the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. They use Divide and Conquer. Matthias Rath, MD wrote a tremendous expose on the scam that is the EU, its a FREE DOWNLOAD titled “The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU” and it tells a truth that no on one the left wants to admit is true: that the EU was created by the Nazi High command at the end of the war when they realized they were about to lose. So they devised a long range means to allow them to get the control of Europe that had eluded them militarily. That was the genesis for what became the “Common Market” and it morphed into the monster called “the EU”. In the EU, the un-elected European Commission actually makes the laws per the wishes of the Banksters and the Multinational Corporations, then the farcical entity called the “EU Parliament” rubber stamps whatever the Commission has decided. Via this means, the PEOPLE of the EU have been totally disenfranchised, they have NO SAY over their destiny, and we see this as Brussels ORDERS them to open their borders for hordes of Muslim immigrants who can’t possibly assimilate into Western Culture. This is being done to divide and conquer all nations so they can usher in totalitarian rule via the United Nations! I’m glad Orban and Farage are standing up to Soros, he is a monster and people world wide must join together to oppose him in every possible way!

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