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Oath Keepers Create Safe Drinking Water After Hurricane

The process uses chlorine and table salt to purify the water, up to 55 gallons per minute. (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12 photo)

A group of veterans are helping make sure safe drinking water is available in the Sneads Ferry area.

Oath Keepers veterans are using a machine donated to them to purify water. The process uses chlorine and table salt to purify the water, up to 55 gallons per minute. It’s available 24 hours a day for as long as the need is there.

The community has embraced the group’s effort in many ways. Safe House Tactical has offered the group housing and businesses are giving away food and providing them showers.

Click the below video to learn more from NewsChannel 12’s Christina Thompson.


Oath Keepers team leader Scott Dunn explains how the purification system donated by Water Step works using simple table salt to purify large quantities of water at 55 gallons per minute.

The Oath Keepers team is being housed by Safe House Tactical and also assisted by The Float Spa and by Guy C Lee Building Materials. We thank the community for their assistance in support of our mission.

We are also providing security for a local community that has been plagued by looters in the wake of flooding.

There will be long term problems due to the damage caused by Hurricane Florence winds, storm surge, excessive rains, and flooding. To help support and expand our Oath Keepers disaster relief teams coming in from other states, please consider donating here. Thank you!



To volunteer to help with our disaster relief efforts in North Carolina, please see our Call to Action here:

National CALL TO ACTION to Assist in Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

And email us here:





  1. Chlorine is a chemical that has been found to be resistant by some bacteria and viruses besides not being healthy to ingest. Please look into hydrogen peroxide purification. Also micro filtration with carbon filtration and ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses. Steripen Sidewinder for hand crank ultraviolet. Carbon filtration will take out most all chemicals. Micro filtration for particulates. Here is a link for some ideas on filtration.
    I’ve heard that Doctors Without Borders know a lot about equipment to make water potable. Katadyn filters. James filters. There was an article in the newspaper a few years ago about an MIT student(?) purifying water using gold. When we move, we will being doing our research of the latest and greatest and setting up our own system. I’ve heard hydrogen peroxide is being used for germ killing in water wells instead of chlorine with much better results. It doesn’t run pumps. (H2O) Just some ideas. Be blessed and keep up the good work.

  2. WOW that’s a Great Job People of the Oathkeepers!! This is Something that I would love to have in the Future and as a Member, please let me know what I need to do to Obtain One!! Outstanding Job!! In a Flood Situation there is Nothing Better than to have Drinkable Water!! And I know that Not too Many People do Not Think About this Situation and it is a Breeding Ground for All Kinds of Problems!! Great Idea!!

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