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Hurricane Florence and Trump-Hating Media-Made Disasters!!!

Dr. Steve Turley gives an excellent warning about Hurricane Florence, which is due to hit the Atlantic coast somewhere between South Carolina and Virginia on Thursday night. Beware of the Agenda driven Corporatist Globalist Media! They will attempt to spin the story to blame Trump, or the anti-Globalists, in their reporting of what looks to be a bad situation for all in the affected areas. High winds and rain of up to 30 inches will mean flooding will be a problem.

Discernment is the key to filtering out the Agenda driven narrative to find the truth of the matter. Do not take the wild proclamations of the Globalist media at face value. Verify everything, using both Mainstream and Alternative Media sources, before deciding what is true and what is Agenda driven theatrix. Be aware!


Shorty Dawkins

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  1. This is ridiculous nonsense. Why would the news media make this about that idiot Trump? I’m tired of the right wing crackpots making things up. It’s a huge storm, people will be in danger and maybe even die. Period.
    Stuck between you idiotic right wingers and the socialist money grabbers on the left I feel like a man without a party or a country.
    Please, stop making up nonsense and help people for a change.

    1. Cliff, I am going to go ahead and make this prediction before Florence makes landfall. There will be damaged property and people suffering. But I predict that the main stream media will attempt to make this “Trump’s Katrina”. No matter how fast he reacts with help, they will criticise him without mercy, 24/7 on their platform(T.V.) It is not any supernatural power that I have, just basing my prediction on their behavior for the past 18 months.

  2. Of course the CIA controlled mainstream media is going to blame Trump, and claim his unwillingness to stand with the UN and with the Vatican on so called “Climate Change” “proves” that “he is responsible for worsening hurricanes.”

    The whole concept of so called “Climate Change” is a steaming load of BS!! When Al Gore used to parade around with his “hockey stick graph” trying his best to scare the hell out of us regarding so called “Global Warming” they conspicuously OMITTED any REFERENCE to times in history that were both MUCH WARMER and MUCH COLDER than any temperatures we’ve been experiencing in our lifetimes proving what is self evident- that since the dawn of man we’ve always experienced solar fluctuations that have impacted our climate, C02 has nothing to do with it, hell, CROPS need C02 to GROW- so the move to lower C02 is just part of UN Agenda 21 efforts to cull the human herd by limiting our FOOD SUPPLY!

    (“The Medieval Warm Period” when the UK had a more Mediterranean Climate much like Spain or Portugal or Greece and GRAPES used to grow in profusion in London; and “The Little Ice Age” when the Thames River used to Freeze Solid and they had a climate as cold as the Scandinavian countries up around the Arctic Circle. I wrote an article about these conspicuous ommissions from Al Gore’s Hockey Stick Graph- please see it here My article also shreds the entire scam called “Climate Change” which is what the left wing globalist con artists started calling it after the lying Climatologists at East Anglia University in London were caught fabricating the data! After THAT, they switched their TERMINOLOGY to call it “Climate Change” but its STILL a Globalist Con job!

    The Heartland Institute were BLOCKED from presenting the HONEST DATA re so called “Climate Change” at both the UN’s Sommit on this topic and ALSO at the Vatican’s Summit, and Trump should openly talk about this- see my article for complete info The Globalists have brainwashed a lot of people on the left and have conned them into believing the equivalent a HUGE LIE that has been completely exposed by lots of respected Climatologists who realize we’re ACTUALLY entering another COOLING period, the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what we’re been told- see his well documented article “Climate Change- Treason Against Humanity”

    Trump deserves the strongest possible support on this issue from people World Wide! Weather is being used as a weapon. There is evidence that Hurricanes can and are being deliberately intensified and steered via geoengineering and via pulsed microwaves.
    Also see

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