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Colin Kaepernick Face of New Nike Ad Campaign

So, why has Colin Kaepernick been unveiled as the new face of Nike? Nike is a  Globalist company, and toes the line in its promotion of the Globalist agenda, as do companies like Target, Walmart, Twitter, Facebook, Kelloggs, Starbucks, NFL, McDonalds, Disney, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Ford, Apple, Microsoft and Google. All these companies, and more, promote the Globalist Agenda, which seeks to turn us into Global Citizens, in a multicultural society that rejects National borders, destroys local customs and traditions, and promote minority rights over majority rights, even while dividing us into more and more select minorities that are meaningless.

Above all else, Globalism seeks to destroy Western Culture because Western Culture is its greatest enemy.

What can we do? Keep two words in mind when deciding where to spend your money and your time: Boycott and Buycott. We know what boycotts are, and they can be effective. You get to choose where your money is spent. If you disagree with a company’s political stances, then don’t buy their products. Conversely, if you approve of a company’s public policies, or statements, you can Buycott them, meaning you can actively choose to support them with your purchases.

ESPN has lost a huge amount of its subscriber base over its support for the Anthem Kneelers and their support for Social Justice causes. They have had to layoff employees as this has happened, and they have been losing money all the while. Disney, which owns ESPN, could have chosen to reverse course and reject the Social Justice course of ESPN, but it has not done so, making them just as culpable.

Why would you support a company that espouses values that are contradictory to your own? It is your money. Choose who deserves to benefit from your purchases. The Left has been boycotting companies since the 1960s. It’s about time we got in the game.

If you want an alternative to Nike, keep in mind that Adidas and Puma both sought to have Kaepernick as their faces. New Balance, however, supports Trump. There ARE alternatives. Do some research.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Colin Kaepernick was put up for adoption by his biological mother. That not a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just fact. I can not find out his biological mother’s last name or his father’s last name as I am to busy with other things. A bit of relevant information that all folks can find, is he was at one point dating Nessa Diab whom claims she is Muslim, and shortly before he took a knee he quietly converted to Islam….. Again there is a lot of information to comb through….
    Check it out…….if you have the time

  2. Nike lost 38% of their approval rating. So their sales will undoubtedly drop and their shareholders… what’s left (pun) will lose.

  3. Nike has done the math and after using U.S. consumers to claw their way to the top of the global market has calculated it can afford to jettison a portion of those consumers as a mea culpa to the politically correct. Nike has been under pressure for years from social justice warriors regarding their over seas sweatshop manufacturing facilities and they hope that by virtue signally to the left they will escape their ire.

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