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You Still Can’t Believe Trump Won?

The Globalist minions are still in shock that Trump actually won. A year and a half after he swept to victory over the Globalist Hillary Clinton, they still plot and plan to vacate Trump’s win. Trump derangement syndrome is epidemic among the cultish Globalist “true believers”. They run to their “safe spaces” or gather in hordes to protest, often violently, because the reality is too unbelievable to them.

Why did Trump win? Could it be that Americans are waking up to the false promises of Globalism? No, that can’t be. The Russians did it! The Fake News Alternative did it! Anything but the cold hard reality they refuse to see.

Globalism has failed America, and the Western World, which is what it was meant to do, and Americans simply woke up to the reality that faces them every day, when they lose their jobs, their homes, as factories closed down continuously, and were sent to other lands, as health care costs skyrocketed, and their children were indoctrinated into the strange new culture of multiculturalism, where everything that was America was being refuted.

Americans are waking up to the plan of the Globalists to destroy America. They are rebelling against the Utopian Plan that the Globalists have followed for decades, Patriots everywhere are saying, NO!

Trump won because he told us that Globalism was destroying America. He stood with the people who wanted to save America. He is being constantly vilified because he opposes Globalism, just as we do. He is speaking the words we know to be true. The march towards Globalism is being reversed, and the Globalists are fighting us with everything they can muster, but we see what they are up to. Their hate-filled words mean nothing to us. Their power is waning, Ours is growing.

The battle is not over, but the tide of the war is turning. We cannot stop. We must be eternally vigilant.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. The NWO cabalists are getting closer by the day to losing their wealth and power, both domestic and foriegn are feeling the pain. The assassination attempts are becoming bolder; it demonstrates their knowing it’s almost over. Come January the military tribunal will reach out to those most treasonous and the song birds will sing a glorious tune as they eat each other to save their own neck… literally.

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