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Twitter Bans Conservative Commentator Gavin McInnes

And so the purge continues.

One of the latest to be purged, this time by Twitter, is Gavin McInnes.

The Globalist minions are desperate to control the narrative, as they continue to see their support dwindling. None other than Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned that the “New World Order” is at risk. Thus we see the purging of anti-Globalist Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. They seek to block all who oppose them. Yet, even as they block one person, like Alex Jones, the traffic at InfoWars has surged.

Though Facebook, Twitter, or any Globalist platform, may ban opposition speakers, they can still be found on other platforms or websites. Their attempts to censor are only causing outrage, while not preventing the messages of those banned from getting out. New platforms are arriving, or growing in popularity, like Real Video, which competes with YouTube. DTube, is another platform.

They are in a panic because the messages of the anti-Globalists cannot be stifled, short of hitting the Internet “Kill Switch”, which would bring down everything. They fear the Blue Wave is turning Red. They can see the public has turned against ANTIFA, realizing they are just a bunch of thugs intent on destroying America. Their minions on Mainstream News outlets are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The March against Globalism is surging.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Funny how those who never bought into the “share” everything life don’t seem to feel any loss or pain. I think snowflake mentality disease infected such users. Now they can’t function, but sure cry well. Just noise…

  2. Twitter>GAB, Facebook>RestoreTheUSA, Youtube>…Devil>God
    Pray, Fast, and Prepare…

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