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Tommy Robinson FREED

The English Nationalist Populist, Tommy Robinson, has been freed from prison! He was freed on bail pending an appeal for his conviction on a contempt of court charge.

The ridiculousness of the charges against him, and the obvious attempt to shut Tommy Robinson up has embarrassed the UK government and fueled the Nationalist Populist movement. Protests calling for Tommy’s release were staged not just in the UK, but in Canada, Australia, Israel, France and the US. Far from silencing a dissident voice, the UK created a martyr.

Theresa May’s Globalist government is floundering. Her Brexit attempts, which aren’t really Brexit attempts, along with the Tommy Robinson fiasco, have shown her to be a Globalist of the first order. It must be remembered that Theresa May opposed Brexit, and has been dragging her feet in negotiations with the EU in an attempt to derail Brexit, while claiming to fulfill the mandate of Brexit. A number of her ministers and Brexit negotiators resigned over her non-Brexit Brexit plan.

With Tommy’s release from prison signalling a victory for the Nationalist Populist Movement, the May government has attempted to reverse one of its faux pas, but it is doubtful that this move will improve her plummeting popularity.

The Globalists are fighting a ferocious rear-guard action, as they see their side losing elections throughout Europe and in the USA. They won’t relinquish power without a fight, of course, but their options are more, and more, limited. In this day of mass communication, their old standby, the controlled Mainstream Media, (MSM) no longer has the sway it once did. The ability of the MSM to propagandize and control the narrative is waning.


Shorty Dawkins