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The Three Foundations of Anti-Globalism

It is not enough to oppose something. It is necessary to offer an alternative. That is to say, if we are against Globalism, what are for? It can be summed up in three ideas that furnish a foundation for the movements that are sweeping Europe and the USA: Nationalism, Populism and Traditionalism.

Nationalism is the pride of being part of a sovereign nation. “This is my country”, or “This is my homeland”, are phrases of nationalists. Implicit in these statements is the belief in the borders of a specific region. A country is not a country if it has no borders. National sovereignty, the idea that my country rules within its borders, has been around for hundreds of years.

Populism, at least in the recent understanding, is simply the belief that a government must promote the economic well-being of its citizens.

Traditionalism embraces the uniqueness of a national culture. Every nation is different, with different traditions. Traditionalism cherishes and celebrates those differences. Those traditions may include music, art, language, a common history, religions and an economy that might be different from other nations.

Donald Trump won the Presidency because he embraced these three ideas, while Hillary Clinton opposed them. Trump proclaimed “America First”, an appeal to all three foundational legs. It promoted Nationalism, by saying this is my country and I place it first. It promoted Populism, by seeking to “Make America Great Again”, with his emphasis on bringing back manufacturing jobs and renegotiating unfair Trade Agreements. He embraced Traditionalism by standing proudly for the Constitution, the flag and the National Anthem, and by being unafraid to speak of his faith in God, and belief in the American Way.

Clinton, on the other hand, (a Globalist),wanted Open Borders; to keep existing trade deals, and to expand them, giving up sovereignty in the process; and she promoted multiculturalism, which would destroy the customs and traditions we cherish.

In Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Nationalist, Populist, Traditionalist governments were swept into power, while in Germany, France, and Sweden, among others, Nationalist, Populist, Traditionalist political parties surged in popularity.

This has all happened even as the Mainstream Media (MSM), which promotes, (and is controlled by Globalists), attempted to destroy the new Movement by branding them as radicals, fascists, extremists, or any number of pejoratives. All to little, or no, avail.

The power of the MSM is rapidly diminishing. The ability of the MSM to control the narrative and to propagandize is waning, which explains their attempts to censor anti-Globalist outlets. They speak of “hate speech” when they really mean anti-globalist speech, because they have to hide behind a veil in order to speak of censorship. Yet, it is blatant censorship. They are desperate to find a way to stop the spread of anti-globalism.

Here in the USA, the defeat of Clinton, the resignations, (or retirements), of Congressmen, the removal of Andrew McCabe and James Comey, along with a host of Hollywood executives and actors, has shaken the Globalist Left to the core. They are floundering, yet can only talk of Russian collusion or impeachment. They offer nothing new and cannot understand how they are losing control. The Plan is falling apart. To that I say, good riddance.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Great assessment Shorty. The Globalist/Deep State/Elites are crapping their britches. BUT, I have to point out that on the local level in many parts of our country, it appears as if Hillary won. For any of you that have ever butchered a turtle, and gone back into the refrigerator 2 hours later to find the legs still kicking…that is the Progressive. It will take a wooden stake!

    1. This is an American issue, I’m surprised some of the left resist this along with out of control immigration when the only winners are big business with their selfish greed for cheap foreign labor at the expense of the American middle-class and the poor, something the left says they are fighting for but don’t seem to understand how their open border policies have hurt the very same people they claim to care about and is another reason why social programs for legal American citizens who really need them not abuse but really need them can’t get things so easily anymore because there’s too much debt. Illegal immigration also drives down wages because big corporations want to pay the cheapest wage possible. The loopholes must also be closed so that companies can’t keep their money overseas and get out paying taxes like the rest of us do. No of course we don’t want to be overburdened with taxes but it’s not fair that many of these big corporations for years have paid nothing or very close to it. President Trump needs to take this one step further along with Congress/Senate to cut off all illegal immigrants from all of our social programs, not one penny as no other country tolerates what the U.S. has and any member of congress who refuses to enforce these laws and our immigration laws must be get voted out, get a new person to run against them in a primary to knock them out regardless of party. This has nothing to do with hate or discrimination it’s about common sense. Either we have a country or we don’t. Many in Canada wish there were more voices like this speaking up for Canadians too as Trudeau and the Liberal Party have ruined Canada. Canada needs saving too, please pray for Canadians too. Back to the U.S. more Americans need to get involved and one way is to send free faxes with strong messages to congress demanding they do their job to stop this illegal immigration madness. many also need to better understand the threats of terrorism when you have weak borders and don’t deport people who have broken our laws as it only encourages more bad illegal behavior and even worse what not enough don’t think of if illegal immigrants can get into the country so easy so can potential terrorists. Learn more:

    2. The final enemy is Big Tech, which is going after its enemy on-line by blackballing you tubers, talk shows, twitterers, and others. It has been suggested to go back to email and old fashioned websites to communicate. Getting the truth out is getting harder and harder. The target is this upcoming election. Don’t just get out the vote. WATCH the vote and the voters and the polling places. The Left needs only to corrupt a few districts to roll over us.

  2. Mr Dawkins, if any indoctrinated leftist, politically correct lackeys of the tyrannical elites read your essay the snowflake-white sheep will bleat their outrage while rushing off their closest safe-place seeking solace from other sheep by engaging in group hugs of a gender-neutral nature.

    Years of therapy may be required to return the dainty darlings to their normal delusional state of affairs. But, that’s okay. Maybe the buffoons will forget to vote.

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