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The Purge Has Begun!

The opening salvo was fired when Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter all banned InfoWars and Alex Jones on the same day. More will be banned, Indeed, it has begun. From

The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director

One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul Institute director, found their Twitter accounts suspended.

On Monday, Twitter suspended the editorial director of Scott Horton, former State Department employee Peter Van Buren, and Dan McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute.

Over the weekend, Candace Owens had her Twitter account suspended. It was later returned, but the fact that it was suspended for mimicking newly hired New York Times Editorial Board member Sarah Jeong’s racist Tweets, shows the double standard of the Globalists.

Dr. Steve Turley gives his thoughts on the Candace Owens suspension:

These are just the most high-profile examples of the Globalist attempts to control the narrative by censoring opposing viewpoints. There have been many others who were suspended for 30, 60, or 90 days.

The Globalists think they can silence opposing viewpoints by censoring them, but the Internet is not composed of only Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter. Their actions will merely cause conservative, libertarians and anti-Globalists to shift to other, more hospitable forums to get their messages out. For instance, a new competitor with YouTube has come online,, which is geared to the Liberty Movement.

In the next video, Dr. Steve Turley makes the observation that this purge will backfire, as it did with the Tommy Robinson affair, and galvanize the anti-Globalist movement even more.

This Globalist attempt is an indication of how afraid they are at the surge in anti-Globalist sentiment that is sweeping the Western world. Censorship on some platforms cannot be effective as long as there are other platforms available. True censorship can only happen by killing the Internet, which would devastate the economy, as too much of the economy is tied into it.

Banking and commerce, particularly, are almost totally dependent on the Internet. Kill the Internet, and you kill commerce. If they should kill the Internet, then riots, starvation and civil war will be the result. Maybe that is what they are planning for, but the awakened people will not be put down easily, and the results could be that the Globalists lose. Are they prepared to risk such a loss? Time will tell.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. GAB allows free speech. Their open-door policy resulted in:

    I have a page at GAB with 664 posts and that number increases daily. There are a LOT of freedom fighters out there who are doing all they can to counter the massive propaganda power held by a tyrannical elite class.

    GAB and WordPress and other venues assist my efforts. Places such as Pinterest ban many sites that are countering the mainstream elite-owned media so that makes Pinterest one of the enemy… in MY opinion. I counter the Pinterest plot by taking some of the content at a banned site that I want to disseminate and making a blog page that links to the content and having a graphic on the blog page and using it to appear on Pinterest. Eventually they will catch me and I will likely be banned again. Last time my ban was several months. ABC-com has had me banned for a few years now. And other places have done the deed but my efforts continue.

    We are currently in a war of words seeking to grab hearts and minds. That MAY be enough to eventually curb tyranny. Maybe not. Might be exciting days ahead. I will likely not be around for the excitement. I hope the modern-day patriots defeat the tyrants. Hopefully the new cadre of New Founders will guide the masses effectively. And I hope they do as much as possible to compel the tyrants’ enforcement arms to abandon those tyrannical scum and stand with the patriots. If enough do that the war will be won with nary a shot fired or mortar lobbed or tactical nuclear device detonated atop an elite-class stronghold.

    1. In the meantime the great and wealthy purveyors of online media have conspired to use their powers to suppress right wing conservative Republican speech. Alex Jones who has millions of fans is now deleted from Facebook, Youtube and more. This is an attack on the level of Civil War Slavery. John Brown the Abolitionist didn’t free blacks to have their speech restricted, as the silence of voices is in itself a kind of slavery. 1St Amendment Free Speech is the same as Equal Rights. or Equal Access to Mainstream Online Media to post our sides opinions in political debate. What a Coincidence that the same people that pandered Slavery during the civil war aka the Democrats are the same people trying to seize control of all online mainstream media and set themselves up as sole censorship judges to regulate what is supposed to be a “Social Media Toy” where people talk over movies and other frivolous things, when in reality Facebook is used for Political Debate and Religious Services and even Business deals. Facebook alone is an Atomic Bomb of Mass Communication. How sad that we cried foul against slavery for a century,but only when blood was shed by John Brown and friends did Congress open their ears to justice. Will the same apply as Facebook, Youtube, Apple and more upgrade their powers and end all speech that isn’t of their own cut of culture? If so then it will be time for a New John Brown to lead the march on Menlo Park or Facebook Central.

      1. “…purveyors of online media have conspired to use their powers to suppress right wing conservative Republican speech.”

        You mean the CIA, deep state, cabalists who have spent billions on A.I. etc.

  2. The Democrats again offer Slavery
    August 6, 2018

    In 1851 the American Civil War started. It was a war against Democrats who left the Union to preserve Slavery. And now today the same Democrats are pushing, selling and attempting to give us Americans a New Kind of Slavery. The Democrats, Liberals, Socialists and whatever name they go by are trying to Seize control of the World Wide Web, the Internet and the Computer you use to access the Net. They in the name of Censorship are pandering the “Right” to suspend, delete and remove all content you post online if it is deemed, judged by “Their” judges to be offensive and/or hate speech, also determined by their Democrat Party level of Political Mindset as hateful.

    Their argument is that all that has been created online is owned and is property, thus giving them a bypass from 1st amendment obligations to protect speech. Disregarding such obvious logic that since the Web and Internet is New Technology their property rights are highly questionable. Facebook alone is an Atomic Bomb of Mass Communication. It is not a childs toy for simple social and frivolous interactions. Millions use Facebook to express their political opinions, their religious affiliations and they use it for business.

    Allowing the Democrats to end freedom of speech online is a travesty of justice. John Brown the Abolitionist didn’t fight just to free black people, but also to protect Equal Rights. And equal rights is also the right to have, produce and distribute opinions and ideas that are contrary to anyone else’s fundamental political and religious belief systems. If we don’t act soon the same people that gave us the first civil war will be giving us an new kind of slavery. It’s time for a New John Brown to send a few thousand men and maybe women this time, to Menlo Park or Facebook Central and show Zuckerberg that we will not be slaves. Amen to all you fellow New John Browns, as I know and have faith in God that you are with me!

  3. …meanwhile the “share” banner is still at the bottom of the page featuring who? What gives with supporting these enemies of our republic?

  4. So at what point do we organize and stop this? This is exactly what this organization is about, right? This is a threat to the constitution. Period. No amount of complaining about this online will stop it and soon you wont even have the ability to do that. This requires action and it requires it now. They will, without a doubt, do whatever they can to sway the November elections so we need to get on this right now. I don’t know exactly how to attack this problem, but that’s why I am here. We, together, can figure this out, so lets start brainstorming ideas. Really, any idea, put it below, lets evaluate it, and take action.

    We also may have to consider the possibility of using snail mail in the future, as this is no longer a safe place to organize or act.

  5. The opinion is by some, to observe the current situation. It is not a surprise. The current focus is how long, and how far will these super tech tyrants go to suppress the TRUTH?? They have already identified themselves as “Private Corporations”. They have contradicted themselves. They have lied to the American people on the MSM evening news. The public stance taken by the super tech tyrants on MSM, is designed to portray the Corporation and CEO’S from illegally violating users constitutional rights, based on the ideology that as “Private Corporations”, they have not violated any laws, or legislation. We have to take into consideration that we are dealing with multi-billion dollar Corporations here. Lets see if Congress steps up to the the plate, to de-monopolize these silicon valley Corporations. We do have the mid term elections coming up as well. We have also observed only conservatives being shadow banned and/or censored thus far. This is epic corruption. This is also an opportunity for conservative talk radio hosts, independent media hosts, and conservative MSM hosts to embrace each other, ban together, put their differences aside, and move forward against the silicon valley super tech tyrants, with a epic class action lawsuit. We will see what happens!!

  6. While corporation may do whatever they want, within the law, with their own business I encourage everyone to download the InfoWars app to their phone in support of 1st. Amendment. Whether you like Alex Jones or not this is an overt act to curtail Free Speech. You can always delete the app later.

  7. Banning conservative viewpoints from corporate media is being done not only to get people acclimated to globalism for the future. Curbing the first amendment is timely to hinder the propagation of conservative, biblical, and nationalistic viewpoints now as the mid-term elections are approaching. These attempts to throw the elections to the left and globalists are happening only because the big tech media corporations are run by the globalists and left. Such widespread banning did not occur to hinder the campaigns of previous globalist candidates. Globalists are trying to ban the free speech of Americans and the free world. Lets encourage the use of alternative, free speech media. I hope Real,video and other media will support the U.S. Constitution.

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