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The Purge Continues

As could be expected, the banning of Alex Jones and Infowars has not stopped with YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter. It has spread to more platforms, (MailChimp, LinkedIn and Disqus) who claim it was because of “hate speech”. Hateful to whom, you might ask? To their agenda?

This is obviously censorship under the guise of protecting against “hate speech” which includes, in their warped minds. anything which goes against their Globalist Agenda.

Famed video game designer Mark Kern also spoke out against the censorship:

The backlash against this obvious censorship is building. Regardless of whether or not Alex Jones is reinstated, the Globalist censors have done themselves irreparable harm, as the nation can see through this blatant and obvious attempt to censor opposing opinions.

As Mark Kern points out, they chose an obvious target for the first volley, and if they succeed with Alex Jones, they will move on to the next target. They aim to control the narrative. What they haven’t foreseen is that it won’t work, because they can’t shut everyone up. They’ll try, but they won’t succeed. There are just too many of us. We are a force that can’t be stopped.

“Hate speech” is a vague term chosen for its vagueness. Free Speech is free speech. That you might not like what I have to say, does not give you the right to prevent me from saying it. If you don’t like what someone is saying, or writing, on the Internet, or on the Mainstream Media, for that matter, then ignore it. Go somewhere else, or change the channel. We all have a basic human right to here what we wish to here, and to say what we want to say. That is what Free Speech is all about.

By championing censorship, the Globalist minions are showing their opposition to the Constitution, which enshrines their right to speak as well as ours. They wish to throw away the First Amendment in favor of “Safe Spaces”. When the document that protects their Rights is destroyed, what will protect them when they find themselves in the minority opinion? Be careful what you wish for.

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, from Connecticut Tweeted:

He wants more websites taken down. What would he say if CNN, MSNBC or some other Globalist rag were taken down? He has abrogated the First Amendment Right of Free Speech by calling for censorship of more websites. Will he claim the opposite if CNN were to be shutdown? Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat/Globalist.

Free Speech is for all, not just the chosen few.


Shorty Dawkins



    1. I totally agree with you. Why hasn’t some wealthy conservative or better yet “Constitutionalist” start a media outlet and an alternative internet source for “normal” America loving Patriots to use. Are they afraid of the Leftist and the pummeling they might get? They shouldn’t and will not, they have the support of all of us Patriots. Remember the United States is 4-0 in all World Wars (1776,1812,1918,1945) we can take these socialist’s.

      1. “Why hasn’t some wealthy conservative or better yet “Constitutionalist” start a media outlet and an alternative internet source for “normal” America loving Patriots to use”

        They have. Let me see if I can find the links, if not, go to and he has a list there. Also, if you follow then list you will find corbettreport on many different alternative platforms. Maybe OathKeepers should consider doing the same?

        Remember before there was “Facebook” there was “Myspace”. IF there are not any that one likes, why not create more. Sorry am not more help at this time. But it will give you a place to start. It is time for “Facebook”, etc to end. When they talk about controlling our rights to speech then Those corporations are the problem.

    2. Johnny asks an excellent question and I’d add – why don’t we see Liberty-oriented media screaming to move to alternative social media sites such as ( or Real.Video ( The Tech Left hates you and everything you stand for all the while catering to the Chi-coms to retain access to their market. Let’s not line their pockets further but create new information flows and markets elsewhere. Vote with your dollars and hit them where it hurts…

  1. Free Alex Jones!!! Disqus is Censoring comments & suppressing video view counts on Mike Adams new platform Real.Video. Hope Mike drops Disqus soon as Alex is on there too.

  2. Hello Gentlemen my name is Kevin Scott and I from Chicago. As you know we are under siege hear from gang Banger and crack babies, the politicians wont help we are left on our own to die. We need to start a militia to protect ourselves. You have the experience and knowledge that we so desperately need. We are African-American man will help us.

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